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August 04, 2010


Hi a corvette lover I have to tell you that I am so jealous you got to drive a 2011! We have had several corvettes, a 1980, 1981 and a 1999. I wish we still did. Love the new ones. How fun that you were able to have one for a week! Charlie is adorable, but I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the picture of him sitting on it...LOL!!!! Can't wait to see you in the canary yellow camaro!

I love all your posts but some especially makes me smile -- like these last two. Tonight took me back nearly 30 years to a boyfriend with that silver anniversary edition Corvette. Thanks much!

Charlie is the perfect accessory for that car. The Corvette makes me think of my dad, who leased a couple of them. I might have driven one, although I kind of doubt he would have let me!

I'm trying real hard not to hate you! ;-)
I am simply pea-green with envy! ;-)

Dear Danny,
Well, look at you, hot shot ! You look right at home in that beautiful Corvette.
Nice to see some pics of our Charlie, too.
I would enjoy reading more frequent updates on what he's up to.

Hey Danny - I adore my Honda .. Hey! But I must say you and Charlie look deeevine in that swanky little car!
Plus - you deserve it! Yes indeedy.

You look very comfortable in that convertible, like you could get used to it. Your post reminds me of the early 1970s when my father drove around in a banana yellow Chevy Malibu convertible. Talk about attention getting. Riding in that car, with the roof down in the summer, always made me feel so happy.

Lucky you, how fun! :)

I'm sorry. I've said it before, but I'm not a car person. Mine's silvery. BUT, I saw the pictures of Charlie and you and had to leave a comment. [We've had a full summer so my blog reading as been light.] He's SO UNBELIEVABLY cute that I can't stand it. He looks like his mama [even though I've never met her] which I've read is very good luck. You look happy and healthy too, Danny. :)

Oh my God that kid is adorable!

Yellow Camaro? You mean you're getting Sunny? MY Sunny? I mean, I know she gets around, but I never thought she'd go back to LA without me. I'm heartbroken!

I can only hold back my jealousy with the thought that Charlie will know what it's like to ride in the "Bumblebee". When he sees that movie, you can show him pictures & tell him that he once met the Bumblbee's stand-in in person.

This was so fun Danny, I have both Corvette and Charlie Envy - that boy is adorable!

GM is lucky to have you writing about their products---This is the BEST AD I have ever seen for a Corvette....! It sure looks like fun, though I don't get a sense of a lot of safety with it being so close to the ground...But, it certainly sounds like it was fun to drive.

There is an update posted on Sweetie....Thanks for caring Danny.

Charlie looks fantastic in the Vette. I've loved those cars since I first saw them at Z Frank Chevrolet.

Julie didn't drive it, but I did! A little much for me, tho' the power was awesome. Maybe Charlie will get one for his 16th birthday.

Great post - and Charlie is really perfecting his role as a car model!

That’s my dream car! The Jetstream Blue Corvette Grand Sport Convertible! I saw that one the last time we went to a car show and since then, I’ve been bugging my parents to buy me that car. I’ll be the happiest girl in the world if I had one of those.

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