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August 17, 2010


Yum! Oh, and the food looks pretty good too.

Bring me back a pastrami and rye from Manny's please...looks fantastic!!! Charlie appears to be having the time of his life!

ahh the memories, but dont forget your dad's company was upstairs in the Karoll's building and how we got to watch the thanksgiving parade from up there!!!! and then having our lunch with your mom susie you and me at marshall fields with a table underneath the christmas tree!!!! ahhhhh can remember it like yesterday. hope you are enjoying your vacation and send my love to everyone

Wait, wait -- North Carolina???

You mean . . . I might actually get my auntly mitts on Charlie??????

fabulous! i just cracked up that u have the same dentist! i hope we can coordinate visits again, as i miss you all!charlie looks phenomenal, a real chicago boychik for sure!

How are you getting to NC? If you come down I-75 through Kentucky, I would love to meet Charlie for a cup of coffee(of course you and Kendall can come too;-). What ever way you go hope you all have a wonderful and safe trip!

Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. I feel the same way while walking through neighborhoods where I used to live years ago. Have a good driving trip.

Great pictures Danny. I'm sad you guys couldn't make it to the festival this weekend (it was spectacular), but it looks like you had a great time in Chicago. Next year -- I want to meet Charlie!

LOVE your pix, Danny! And, I'm with Leah - I now consider myself a part-time Chicagoan.
I think I have the same sense of historical awe when I am in the Windy City...and I don't really have the ties that you have. I took the architectural boat tour when I was there last, and it was a fabulous history lesson. I feel even more connected now.
You are fortunate to be able to have roots there. Maybe one day I'll plant some there - more than just a couple nights at a time at the Michigan Ave Hilton.
Can't wait to hang with the Miller clan again when you're back from NC! See you soon - happy trails in your Acadia!

You will love Solid Sound! I couldn't believe all the kids - newborns on up. We were next to a 7 month old while we watched Charlie's Uncle Jeff on Sunday afternoon and I had a hard time deciding who was more entertaining LOL! I felt so bad leaving our boys with Grandma and Grandpa. Next year, we're all going and you're just going to have to forgive me if we see you there and I ogle over Charlie. I check your blog about once a week from work - usually when I'm having a bad day. One peek at such a little miracle always brightens my day!

Loved the blog and photos of Chicagoland and family. Somehow, this Brooklyn girl who grew up on pastrami & corned beef doesn't get a deli sandwich on white club roll. Ugh, dude, don't they have rye bread?

It does a body good to see Charlie's killer smile. I'm so happy to see him looking so gorgeous & strong!

Loved the photos with Charlie reacting to the food! Superdawg and Mannys: Chicago necessities.
Love Sue's glasses too...

Dear Danny,
Leah may be lovely, but Charlie is ad material. You could shop some pics of his adorable mug around to ad agencies, and make a fortune !

Soild sound was the best thing since sliced bread, buck waters 4dollars brews,great food,mountainviews, the niceest people i think i have ever come across and great music i cant wait to next year.


I had to laugh about your trip to the dentist as I had a good and bad experience with the dentist recently. More important though, Charlie is just so darn cute!!1 Hey on your way to NC stop in so mom and I can see that baby we've been following on your blog since last winter. We love him! Oh and we're kinda sorta family. We are related to Jeff so just ask him for Robin and aunt Helens address and stop in so we can see that baby!!!LOL I know you won't but the offer is good.


Charlie's getting big! And so cute! Never mind the hot dogs and cinnamon rolls...I want to eat those chubby cheeks for lunch

PS Is that a gun on the floor next to Jeff?! I am calling Child Protective Services. Hand over the baby!!!!

Ah, Manny's and Superdawg. Classics. I'm pretty sure that the neon green pickle relish (which my brother insisted I eat lest he make a scene) has a half-life. Put it in a time capsule with a pack of Twinkies and check it out in 200 years.

Hey Danny,

If you guys go through Durham, North Carolina, you may want to say hi to Adam. Much love to all.

next time: please give photo credits, dad!
love you!

Your kids are just beautiful. But I, too, am a Brooklyn girl and I have to protest the injustice done to that corned beef. Woody Allen joked about this in Annie Hall. You know, that movie after which you named this blog.

SuperDawg in Wheeling? You were two minutes from my house. Dang.

Happy to see Chalie (and everyone else, including Jeff) looking good.

Aww! Such a cute baby! I can't help looking at his pictures over and over again. He's just so charming and adorable! I wish I could have a baby like him. Right now, I'm three months pregnant with my first child, so I'm just surfing around the net, looking for cute baby photos. Later, I'm heading off to go and see my OB and my dentist in Bloomington. Dentists are the ones I consult most often (second to my OB), because I want to keep my teeth still intact. And here in Bloomington, dentists are friendly and they're not even scary at all, and so as for my OB too! :)

Such wonder can be seen in the baby's eyes. Though he may not remember anything clearly when he'll grow up, one thing is for sure, the memories will remain in your baby's heart. Very wonderful pictures. And that wonderful smile!

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