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July 28, 2010


Wonderful stuff, Danny! Thanks for sharing!

I have the chills. Great mishpochah!

cant wait for solid sound, are you going

Can't wait for it to come out--going to be so great! Thanks for letting us know we have this to look forward to.

could you say KVELL? Oy it is beyond beyond marvelous! thanks Danny!

Dear Danny,
It's interesting that there are some people whom you just automatically take to. That's what I was thinking as I watched the Mavis Staples video with your brother in law. She's so sweet, I wanted to give her a hug. And, her singing is better now (at 71 years old) than when The Staple Singers first became famous.

Beautiful Danny! Loved this!

I am sooooo hoping she joins Jeff on stage Sunday at Solid Sound! Wow, what a treat that would be!!

Mavis has always been one of my faves. My friend, Jeff Turmes, plays in Mavis' touring band!

THEE Mavis Staples? OMG. I love her voice!
She's just an amazing and talented woman.
What an experience this has to be for Jeff.

What could possible be more exciting? His concert tonight! Very exciting for my kids. I won't say more, but it was a very sweet thing for him to do.

Great post, Danny. I've loved Mavis Staples since I first heard her sing I'll Take You There. I'm kinda glad she turned down Bob Dylan's proposal, because he genius and prophet though he is (and by all accounts a fine father) my gut feeling is that he's just not great husband material.

"Respect Yourself" was a hit I played over and over and over and... The lyrics, the music, the performance. Unforgettable era, song, talent. Thanks for triggering the golden memories.

Danny, I didn't know anything about Mavis Staples (I did know the song in the last video, I just didn't know who sang it). Thank you for sharing what must have been an exciting collaboration for Jeff.

Mavis Staples is the Tiny Desk Concert at NPR this week.

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