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July 01, 2010


My favorite de Havilland film is 'Robin Hood.' I thought she was both prettier and a better actress than her sister. It's probably past time for them to bury the hatchet.

Dear Danny,
What a bizarre musical number. George Tobias, who was hitting some pretty sour notes there, was much more enjoyable playing the part of Abner Kravitz, on "Bewitched." I never could stand Joan Fontaine. She always seemed to be playing herself, on screen. I can remember Olivia making an appearance at the Oscars, 5 or 10 years ago. She was the epitome of old Hollywood class and grace. Typical of people born under the sign of Cancer, Olivia can hold a grudge forever. LOL. Happy Birthday to one of Hollywood's all-time brightest stars.

Wonderful tribute. I had forgotten how old she was and that she and her sister are still with us. Perhaps they will reconcile one day? Doubtful, I suppose.

It's nice to read a tribute to someone who's living!

I also believe Olivia was both a better actress and prettier than her sister. In fact, I would argue that she was AS pretty as Vivian Leigh, but because Melanie was supposed to be a plain Jane when compared to Scarlett O'hara, Olivia wore just a little less make-up or something.

The fact that she holds her own with Montgomery Clift in The Heiress(another not-quite-plain Jane role) is a testament to her acting abilities

Excellent piece, Danny. I have to say the most riveting part of their story (which, I, too have followed along with stories about 30s stars, movies and foibles) was about the sibling rivalry between Olivia de Haviland and Joan Fontaine. I'll bet we've seen the the human nature and sibling rivalry themes that still play out between them play out in our own lives and/or close circles. Loved your line about that outliving each other is a prime motivator - hey, whatever it takes.

Actually,the first five words of Margaret Mitchell's novel are "Scarlett O'Hara was not beautiful".

I can't believe she's still alive. It's sad about the family feud, though.

Hey Danny- I also wrote to Olivia and received an answer. My dad took care of her during World War II while she was in Fiji and had gotten sick. The picture he had of the two of them was his pride and joy!

Did you know the story about Joan having Clark Gable's baby? My Mom was a friend to her (the love child) in the 50s in LA when his "first" child, a son, was born after his death and remembers talking about her reaction to all the media hoopla.

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