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June 17, 2010


What a talented young woman Leah is!!! What a proud papa you must be!

Bravo Leah!


I've been reading your wonderful blog for a while now... I'm not usually a commenter...but man oh man, that gave me goosebumps!! Wow!

Congrats to Leah on another successful performance! And to Charlie for being such an appreciative audience member!

Yay Leah!!! xxoo

Great performance Leah. I love the history you have with this movie too!

Another star is born production!!! Looks great. Charlie looked amazed at his sister's makeup. what a transformation!!

Wow. Leah looks AMAZING in her make-up. Bravo!

Lovely, talented young lady!

Well done, Leah!


Lion King was also the first performance my youngest daughter...then maybe aged 2... saw... with her bubbe (and me) ...
much naches from your beautiful and talented daughter... and the makeup and costume were superb!! Bravo!

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