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June 28, 2010


You TOTALLY had me going! I kept getting more and more weirded out, thinking, "But Danny COULDN'T have sanctioned this! Did he really not see what was wrong with this?! He's lost his mind!!" And then the penny dropped, and I felt like an idiot:( Over the years, people have accused me of being terribly naive, and you know, they may be on to something!...I really liked the book Sophie's Choice more than the movie, but maybe I should watch the movie again and give it another chance.

"Sophie's Choice" is one of my favorite films of all time, and I am relieved that it was not turned into a Rocky Horror-type event at the Bowl. I saw the movie with 2 American friends when I was living in France. During the German language parts, they kept asking me for translations, since the sub-titles were in French. I had to go back and see the movie again to actually get the whole thing (good excuse to see it again and affirm how fabulous a movie it was).

Well, Danny, you HAD me...Although, as it went on I DID think--This is too Bizarre. I know "movies" are beloved by many and I know how they have affected my life...But to go this far??? So...I was relieved when you said you made it all up. As to
"GREASE". Hmmmmm. I have nothing to say about it.

As to your Birthday Wishes...I thank you with all my heart.
As to your question about 'the wedding book'...No. I cannot get it back. It belongs to my dear departed siser Robin's children now that she is gone....And it would be GREAT if they could somehow scan in these pictures, BUT, it is a very Big Thick Photo Book, and I'm not sure how they would do that. The pictures were printed on the pages of the book itself.....
Anyway, it was a nice thought, my dear.....

"Ladies Who Lunch" happens Wednesday and then it will take me some days to do what I do. I'm looking forward to it, too. (lol)

You fooled me too...although I became suspicious when you mentioned the swastika armbands and yellow stars. I've never seen Sophie's Choice, but I think I have to now that I've read so much about it.

I would love to have gone to the Grease singalong. It sounds great.

You had me going too.

It's funny but I frequently think of both the book and the film of "Sophie's Choice." I loved them both and they touched me deeply.

Glad to hear that you and Leah got out for a sing-along in the Hollywood Bowl which I saw in a DVD of Columbo two nights ago with John Cassavettes as a murderous orchestra conductor.

If you come to visit me in central France I promise to make it available to you!


We were there, too. Which is why I caught onto the Sophie's Choice satire much quicker than I would have had I not been there.

I was wondering if you were there and thought to myself, "There's no way Danny would miss this!" But, alas, didn't see you.

Dear Danny,
Your depiction of the "Sing Along Sophie's Choice" was quite troubling. But, I suppose that's a testament to your great writing talents.

Danny, I have a weak heart. You almost did me in with that Sophie's Choice singalong. I mean it, my heart was pounding and I was gasping for breath. Good lord, only in LA, I thought. Well, phew. Only your nutty imagination could make up something that bizarre. So glad it isn't true. But as a mother of twins, you had me going. You rascal!

Wow, I was fooled too...but when you mentioned the concentration camp uniform...I have never heard of anyone keeping one. That was creepy.

You had me going too. I kept reading it and thinking, "Doesn't he realize what bad taste all this is in?"

Now see? This is disturbing. Not because I believed it too (which I did) but because I was a little disappointed when you pulled the plug. Only in the City of Angels. It's as much a testament to your Cronkite-esque credibility as it is to my Los Angeles bigotry (think 30% Snake Plissken, and 70% Alice in Wonderland - New York City, by the way, has exactly the reversed percentages for me).

You had me going too Danny! It's a bit scary how convincing you were. I kept cringing, thinking, "Oh no, they didn't!" Needless to say, I was relieved to read it was a Grease sing-along. After that, I was much better able to enjoy your post. Whew!

Okay, you got me on the Sophie's Choice bit. I , too, remember Streep being unable to watch her own work on Oprah. I've never been able to force myself to see the movie a second time.

As for Grease, I saw it and loved it on Broadway when it first opened and I never could stand the movie.

But really, the reason I'm writing is Fannie Flagg. Her first novel, Daisy Faye and the Miracle Man (aka Coming Attractions) is one of my all time favorite books. That it has never been made into a movie has been something I've never understood. It's an amazing piece of work and a natural for the screen.

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