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June 21, 2010


I love that clip from the Patty Duke show. I love your personal, insider insights. I loved Rue McClanahan for being older and shameless and unapologetically celebrating sex. Thanks, Danny.

Thanks so much... the clips brought back so many wonderful laughs and memories of my mom... who would howl when she watched it on TV...I found myself watching all the scenes with Rue from Nunsense last week... and I hadn't even heard the news... I loved her and all the girls.. she was fabulous!!

Thanks for some insights into Rue's work beyond Golden Girls and Maude. She will be missed.

This isn't quite on topic but it occurred to me you've never written about the Patty Duke show, have you? Were you too young? (Isn't that a nice thought?) It was one of my favorites and the twin dual/role theme in TVs and movies certainly was long lived.

Actually, Frances, I wrote (a bit) about "The Patty Duke Show" here. I was definitely a fan of the show and the proud owner of the board game!

Rue, you will be forever missed!

Rue was from Oklahoma. Yet another reason why Oklahoma isn't that half bad.

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