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June 09, 2010


Your boy Charlie is so gorgeous...what a joy to see him out and about!

SUCH great photos and a wonderful post! I'm SOOOO sorry I didn't get to meet the charming, chortling, and always chipper Charlie, the new Buick hood ornament. Next visit he will be permanently attached to my bosom.

I'm so glad I'm going to get to see him in August. He seems so unbelievably sweet.

I have been in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, with the Enclave since their release. However I haven't been able to afford one yet. Still trying to find a reasonably priced pre-owned one and they are as rare as hen's teeth! People in these parts hold on to their Buicks! ;-)
Seeing Charlie so big and healthy it's really hard to believe that he was so tiny and sick when he was born. He's just precious and so squeezeable! ;-)

I am convinced that Charlie is here to spread his joy. He's just such a beautiful, happy, mooshable, sociable boy. And you and Kendall are terrific parents. I truly love your family.

Like Heather, I also think the Enclave is one beautiful car. I first got a look at it during the Chicago auto show and thought wow -- I wish I'd had this when I was a young parent. Or now. Of course, I love the Camaro, too, but that's a sports car. If I could pick two cars for my dream garage, I'd have one of each.

Having seen your Honda, I'd rather have you and yours in a Buick. I worry about you driving that car in LA!

He is the cutest! It is an odd and wonderful feeling to feel such affection for a little boy and happy family I don't even know. You and Spencer both have blogs I read religiously.
Peace Out . . . and an early Happy Father's Day.

Danny, you totally get my GM vote for having Charlie as the prototype hood ornament for Buick - or at least the new "face" of Buick...and what a face it is!
I am so glad I finally got to meet you, Kendall and the oh-so-charming Charlie.
He's just so unbelievably lovable and happy. It's infectious ( a GOOD way, for once).
Thank you for your keen attention to detail about the Enclave's features. It's such a treat to read about someone delighting in your company's products - and in such an entertaining way! I always enjoy your posts.

So glad you enjoyed your trip, and that the Enclave added to your experience with your family.

Jane is spot-on: Charlie is most definitely here to spread joy - it put me in a terrific mood to just hold him and receive a fabulous, slobbery kiss from him. We are now going steady. Charlie just doesn't know it yet.

Yay! That post was such a treat. And now there is photographic evidence of his first deep dish pizza.

Has he been to Pink's yet for a hot dog?

I love that pic with your brother-in-law, Jeff. It seems the roles are reversed and it's Charlie, not Jeff, who is waving to his many fans. :)

I can't stand it! Marilyn & I will be over tomorrow.

Charlie is joyously beautiful and tell Buick your rave reviews have actually made me start thinking about a Buick. Because my car's been coughing discreetly into a tissue and we all know what that means.

I'd even drive on the freeway (which I don't normally do) to see you guys. Charlie obviously charmed the pants off all of Chicago. Love, Bubbe Marilyn

What a huge and photogenic crew you have! Although, Charlie would make anyone look great! Glad you had a lovely trip home, Danny.

Glad you had such a great time in Chicago. The pictures of Charlie are wonderful. Such a happy looking boy.

I think the reason you don't see too many of these Buicks on the road is because most people, at least most people I know, can't afford such luxury and the older cars, which I see a lot of around here, I don't think got good gas mileage. I'm still driving a 1994 Ford myself and have never even owned a car with power windows let alone any of the other luxuries you describe.

Play this right and you'll never have to pay for a rental car again :-)

But seriously, Buick is going to come out with a compact car (maybe even a hatchback) in a year or so, based on the Opel Astra, as part of expanding their line to fill the gap left by the end of Pontiac and Saturn.

They'll need as much exposure behind it as they can get - people certainly don't think "Buick" when they think "sporty Euro hatch, maybe I'll get the manual transmission". Maybe you'll score one to keep!

How wonderful to see your little hood ornament looking so happy and healthy! Great photos.

Hey, I wonder which GM vehicle would be best for, say, a trip to Monte Carlo. :)

That boy has the sweetest smile!

Okay now I am really crying, again! I miss you charlie and kendall, but i know deep in my heart that we will see each other again soon! It was a stupendous visit! I would buy a Buick in a heartbeat, but Chuck is loyal to the ubiquitous Subaru that is all over western washington, including our driveway. well, it is great for schlepping up to mt. baker!

Sheesh, Danny! If Buick doesn't full-out just GIVE you a new Buick after this love letter, then they're crazy!

It appears to be the perfect family car!

Man, I love that series of photos. I don't know that I've ever seen a happier baby (and I agree with the post by KAP - "odd and wonderful feeling"). Thanks for that!

I have to confess that I do not give a rat's tuches about Buicks. I just love the pictures of that radiant, lovable, yummy Charlie, and everyone's obvious joy at being with him. They make my day!

As a 3 car Buick family, let me say that I love my Buick(s). And as a typical Midwesterner I'll drive the car as long as I can. The '99 Regal is still on the road without major problems; the '03 Century (which I really love...why did they stop making them?) at 66 thousand miles hasn't had ANY major work (new tires).

Just wish that my hood ornament looked as cute as Charlie!

Yum! (to the Lou Malnati's pizza and to Charlie)

We want him back!!!11!!1!!!!!!11!1!!!!!!!!!

Gabe graduated last night. He looks forward to seeing Spencer at camp.

You've got yourself a simply delightful little fellow!

Cindy in Canada

There's no place like home! I am sure that charlie's first word will be car. He looks so much at home behind the wheel. He's so adorable. LOve all the photos!!!!

I have to confess, I'm not a car person. Mine's silver-ish... or grey... I don't know. Charlie always hooks me and should be the "face" of something, because he makes me want to buy a GM anything. Glad you had a good time with your family. Neat seeing how loved your boy is! That's how it should be.

Oh that kid seems pretty ,how cute he was.He will become a formula 1 champion.

Danny, I've been following your blog off and on for some time. I didn't respond earlier because most of the time I was too busy crying. But these latest pics of Charlie are absolutely adorable! He has the cutest expressions ever! And when I called my daughter over to see them she said, "Oh my gosh! He's gotten so fat! He's so cute!" He is a blessing for us all! Thanks for sharing.

Dear Danny,
What a great episode ! I'm not surprised that all your Chicago friends and relatives went nuts over Charlie. How could he just get cuter and cuter all the time ? Here's an idea. Shop those pics around the different advertising agencies and the film studios. You could have a star on your hands.

Years ago, I had a Buick Regal. I commuted up and down the freeway, 100 miles a day. I would just crank up the air conditioner and float down the highway. Besides being beautiful to look at, it was quiet and comfortable. I still think that they should GIVE one to you.

My God, that is one cute boy.

You are blessed. What a cute baby!

Charlie is so incredible cute. I love him so!

I needed that feast o'Charlie!!

How wonderful to see , its looking so happy and healthy! Great photos.

Baby Charlie made my day terrific! He's so adorable, especially in the picture where he was smiling while playing with the Enclave. It would be nice if Charlie could read all the comments of the people here who love his baby pictures. =)

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