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June 01, 2010


Meet you at Lou's! When will you be there?

Danny, have a great time! Lou Malnati's...I'm drooling.

Spencer is a cool cat!

Last Friday my boss went to his son's kindergarten graduation. Seems they mark every rite of passage in Pittsburgh these days. You know when I was in school, we had one graduation: high school and that was it.

Hope you all have a great time visiting Chicago! Will be interested to hear how Charlie's first plane ride went. get to drive a Buick Enclave before I do! And you get to meet Connie Burke in person, which I've already done many times, but it's always a thrill.

I didn't have any graduation, not from kindergarten, 8th grade, or high school. I was an autodidact like Kendall. My graduation came in the form of a pink Plymouth Rambler I bought on my own at 16, and a pair of real Levi 501's with flower power patches and peace signs. Man, I'm old.

Love you, Danny, and hope you and the family have a great time in Chicago!

Thanks, Danny. Now I can't get the damn tune out of my head. (I emailed post to Sonia Nelson and she said the same thing!) Seeing myself with long hair in that photo, as I mentioned in my email to you, I can just hear my mother yelling, "Get that hair OUT OF YOUR EYES!"

(A more pleasant memory than Mrs O'Connor's yelling, which she seemed to do every day of eighth grade. Is it possible she was younger in that photo than we are now??? Perish the thought.)

Have a piece of Malnati's for me. Had some with Susan Boland and her family in Chicago back in March. My mouth is watering at the memory......

It is really weird that Chicago makes such a big deal of 8th grade graduation. We even went to Milwaukee and toured breweries for our 8th grade grad field trip...Of course, that was in the 70's and we live in an almost all Irish suburb on the Southside.

I'm in the Chicago suburbs and when we moved here in 1985 it was the first I had heard about an 8th grade graduation. The story I've heard is that it dates back to when people often left school after 8th grade in the 19th century and early 20th. (My mother had an 8th grade graduation in 1932 in NJ and my grandmother did have to leave school after 8th grade to work in the office of a silk mill in Paterson NJ.) My kids in Naperville all had 8th grade graduations, although every year the school administration really seemed to want to cut them out. Parents who grew up in Chicago liked the tradition.

I know that Chicago is deemed "the windy city," but no doubt it will be Charlie who will blow everyone away.
Have a wonderful trip and "happy graduation" to your nephew.

Oh...Garrett's...I think I just drooled a little!

I cannot believe it has been 38 years! Now I can't get the tune out of my head. Hope you have a wonderful time in Chicago! Happy Graduation to you nephew!

I've heard that part of the reason 8th grade graduation is so big here is that many students don't have a HS or college graduation.

I'd rather think it is the k-8 schools and the closeness the kids feel with their classes, mixed with the bizarre "applying for high school" thing here.

Donna's right, Danny. I was perfectly content for 38 years knowing that I did not know any song called "Graduation Day." I was so certain of this that when Donna sent a link to your post, I read through the lyrics, I said, "nope, don't know it." So imagine my shock when "gra-ju-aaaa-shun daaaaay," then erupted from my throat, completely unbidden. And then I suddenly remembered the whole melody as well as all the words.

Worse, for the last 5 days, I suddenly and without warning find myself needing to sing, in all its schmaltzy glory, "at the seee-nior prom, we danced 'til three," or any of the other odd phrases of the song that have absolutely no relevance to my life. At times like this I am so grateful to live in the country!

Can I consider this virulent earworm your payback for all the times I overturned your desk?

And p.s. I love all your posts about Charlie, and wish your whole family all the best!

Good luck to your nephew. I know where he goes to school (he is at the same summer camp as my kids and they know him slightly) and I know that he is is the difficult position of most Chicago city kids who must transition to high school without most of their friends. I am sure he is going to a wonderful High School but still, it's got to be hard. It's another one of the adavantages of the Chicago burbs that we don't deal with any of that. For kids who do, a graduation makes sense!

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