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May 10, 2010


So beautiful. The way you tied your mother to Lena Horne was so effective. Well done.

Oh Danny, I kick myself that I never got to know your Mom even though i lived just a few short blocks away. i think i sensed that a fabulous incredible woman lived in that house! She was simply gorgeous, stunning, and i know that for a fact we would've hit it off! She was and is a goddess of the universe!

I am so glad I got the chance to meet your Mom. What a wonderful woman. Love to you and your sister and to all those who miss your Mom today.

Danny, Your post about your mother really touched me on many levels. Your mom was such a beautiful woman. When you talked about trying to figure out what happened but then saying she just got cancer and died, I really related. I lost my sister to breast cancer in 2001 and to this day I get so angry about it and wonder why her. She would of loved being a grandma and did not get to experience that joy.Thanks for sharing your stories.And that skit on Saturday Night Live, The Judy Miller show was one of my favorites back in the day.

Hi Danny,

Don't know if your remember me but I always enjoyed it when you came to Special Consensus gigs with Sue. I met your mother during a turbulent time for her, yet she maintained a poise and youthfulness that demanded that you accepted her on her terms. She seemed more like your sister than your mother, but a wise sister.

It's great that you have saved these memories. I look forward to reading more about her in the coming days and weeks.

Marc Edelstein

Such a beautiful post. My father passed away 3.5 years ago... when I was 4 months pregnant with my son... therefore it truly seems like he was from another lifetime ago. My dad also LOVED Lena Horne... when I heard she died today, my first thought was of him.

Your mother sounds like such a special lady -- she was so beautiful, too! Thank you for sharing your memories of her.

Wonderful tribute to you mom and to Lena Horne. Like you, I lost a parent to cancer at a young age. My father was just 45 when he died nearly 35 years ago and next year he would have been 80. I often feel that I can hardly remember the world he lived in or reconcile it with the one we live in now.

I met Lena Horne briefly when she and Vic Damone did a concert with the Pittsburgh Symphony Pops here in the late 1970s. She was actually screaming at the staff back stage in a very diva-like manner while I interviewed Vic Damone. Someone in one of her obits called her a "very angry woman" and that was certainly evident when I met her. I only hope she found more peace later in life.

I love your tributes to your mom. My mom died when she was 43, so I know exactly what you're saying when you write, "But as the years pass, I am growing weary of math calculations and 'what ifs.' "

It's not often that someone else's memoriam pisses me off so much that I didn't get to know the person who died. I'm really pissed off that your mother is gone. She looks like someone I'd be friends with (maybe we were!) and I'd love to know the stories of the Mary Richards pad. I had one of those Santa Monica. Where was hers???

Judy was a truly kind person and not just on her own terms--she was very aware of the feelings of those around her. I will always be grateful for her warmth, compassion and humor.
(My Dad on the other hand, was grateful for her mini-skirts.)

Such a small world: I lost my mom at too young an age (for either of us). It was cancer, and her birthday is this month as well. Her favorite movie was Funny Girl (...Cabaret was a close second).
I really get a lot out of reading your blog, Danny. So glad we connected.
Oh, and one more "small world" link: I'm in Chicago every week for work, and feel a certain pang of envy as I get to know more people who grew up as native Chicagoans.
I've decided that Chi-town people are just truly friendly, salt-of-the-earth types that could turn the world on with their smile (take THAT, Mary Richards).

My mom gave me the gift of valuing people over material things. It's obvious that your mom gave you many gifts, Danny - not the least of which is your profound talent for capturing the indelible spirit of each member of your wonderful family.
The Judy Miller show lives on in something that is far better than syndicated reruns...

I never knew your mom, Danny, but feel as though I did through your memories of her. She must have been a terrific person because she passed such wonderful qualities on to you. Hopefully, all those wonderful traits will continue on through her grandkids .... all of them.

Every time I read anything you write about your family, I want to throw myself in the adoption ring because along with the certain pain that's part of almost all families, there's a depth and richness to your experiences that I love reading about.

Your mom, in sideways fashion, did live to see 2000 and 2010. You keep her alive in spirit by sharing your memories.

I always love reading your blog and especially in the midst of stress in my life, reading your blog is always a pleasure. Even as I worried what was meant by season finale...don't ever stop writing about your mom! Each year may bring fresh insights.

Beautiful post as always Danny. Your take on things is encouragement for a lot of us. Keep up the good work. And a belated happy birthday to your mom!

Danny, I was in Chicago last month....walked by 507 and the Lakeshore(it has some new name now). I will always remember all those redheads on the second floor.

This post in all its beauty made me shudder at the start and that chill stayed with me. I remember the Judy Miller show on SNL and am amazed that that character reminded you of your mom. That character reminded me of me, which is to say of my mom. I didn't realize, or didn't want to admit how much of my mom is in me - until she died five months ago. Thank you for writing such a lovely post and modelling how to write and remember.

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