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May 15, 2010


You've GOT to watch The Wire. Best show ever. Really.

I'm with you on 7/10 of the shows, Danny.

What about "West Wing?" Can we do a top-10 of sitcoms, starting with "The Dick Van Dyke Show?"

how can we live w/out a tv? heehee! but i sure love reading about it!

The X-Files, as infuriating as it was. I still don't get what the conspiracy was all about, even though they supposedly explained it in the series finale.

I love you even more after reading this list. :)

The thought of you shouting 'GAME CHANGER' at the TV did make me laugh! I gave up with Lost after the first couple of seasons, if I could have articulated why it would have been something along the lines of your shout.

I absolutely loved Six Feet Under. I've recently bought all the DVDs and am planning on watching the whole thing again. Just going to have to time the watching of that final episode quite carefully as it simply devastated me. I'm even too chicken to watch the clip here.

Hi Danny,
I've been glued to Lost too - have you ever checked out the Doc Jensen recaps on - they are really cool, he goes into some amazing depth in trying to interpret the symbolism. It's the first thing I read on Thursday mornings. I also loved many of the shows you listed, especially 30 Something. I've been Netflix-ing HBO's In Treatment and was so happy to see Gary guest star on an episode and saw that Melissa directed a few episodes (including the one Gary was in).

I agree with Sheila. I'm curious to hear about the comedy side, too.

Do you remember Mickey playing a judge in one episode of "Hill Street Blues"?

Only LA Law and Upstairs, Downstairs from the past and Mad Men currently match my interests in "must-see" TV from those on your list. I'm re-watching Upstairs, Downstairs on DVD now. And LA Law: Loved it. I still think of the elevator scene from time to time and peak into our office elevator shaft before getting in. Corbin Bernsen is the son of actress Jeanne Cooper and appears along side her as a priest on The Young & The Restless from time to time these days. Whenever I see him, I think, "Oh, Arnie Becker what HAPPENED to you. A priest, seriously?!"

I watch no regular TV these days beyond Mad Men (and yeah the above-mentioned Y&R). I've never seen Lost and from what I've heard about it I wouldn't like it. But many people in my office spend nearly an entire day after it airs discussing its every nuance so it does resonate with a lot of people, I gather.

Dear Danny,
I'm not a great fan of TV. Nearly all of it is dreck. But, I absolutely loved "Six Feet Under." And, going back quite a few years, I loved, "I'll Fly Away." BTW, I have TIVO, so, even if I fall asleep, I don't miss anything...

I agree with everything. How about Moonlighting? Did you like it?

"Homicide Life on the Streets"...

Great post, Danny. I watched all the cops and robbers shows in your stead!

My favorites are: Once and Again, thirtysomething, Six Feet Under and Mad Men. Thanks for the start date for Mad Men. I have been wondering. Have you ever seen the series "My So Called Life" starring Claire Danes? Only one season, but a true treat.

Hey Danny, I'm a Mad Men addict who was drawn to your blog after that awesome blog post defending Betty Draper and I don't regret it! Never stop blogging!

Ach... the end of Six Feet Under. I start weeping the minute i hear even one note of that Sia song... I have never been so affected by anything on television, ever. (and that's saying something because I like me some television... basically everything on your list!)

Bonjour from Paris. I've never been much into TV dramas except for two (watched on DVD), which I love, love, love: Mad Men (#1) and Big Love (#2). This morning, just after reading your post on Lost, I jumped to the store and bought its 3 first seasons on DVD. Maybe I've been on a desert island all these years but I had no clue at all what this show is about. I just finished watching pilot-part 1 of season 1 and I must say, I'm not very impressed by what I just saw. But I trust your opinions on matters of film and TV as Pythia's on her tripod, so I will go on for a few episodes, and, hopefully, much more. Amities.

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