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May 06, 2010


Thanks, Danny, again I learned a lot. Even though I didn't know Lynn, I felt like I did. She was that type of person.

Another great post, moving in a subtle way. The early photo of the two sisters looks like a classic pose in sister photos, with Lynn seeming to look at Vanessa in awe and Vanessa looking out at an audience. Lynn looked stunning in that last photo with her short blonde hair, and I hope she knew it. I'll have to see Georgie Girl now.

Very very sad and shocking, too. I too thought she had beat the cancer...Such an unusual talented family--every one of them tip top, as they say. And she was so young. A terrible terrible year for this glorious family.(Have you ever seen Vanessa in "ISADORA"? Another great GREAT perfotmance.) I loved "SHAKESPEARE FOR MY FATHER"...Betty and I went together and saw Lynn backstage. She was so approachable and such a very brave person.

A BEAUITIFUL Tribute, Danny.

Wonderful tribute. I must rent & watch Georgy Girl again. Was very glad I got to see Lynn on stage in Shakespeare for My Father. So sorry to hear she is gone. Like you, I didn't realize she was that ill.

Great piece, Danny!

"Georgy Girl" is one of my favorite movies. I always thought the ending was supposed to be kind of arch, what with the bouncy lyric: "Though he's not a dream come true, at least he's a millionaire! So don't're rich, Georgy Girl!"

I always thought of Vanessa as the Crazy Redgrave and Lynn as the Sensible Redgrave. BTW, Vanessa's "Zionist Hoodlums" remark, from what I've heard, was directed towards threats from the JDL to bomb the theater if Vanessa's documentary on Palestinian refugee camps got an Oscar, which it did. So far, the only people I've heard of the JDL blowing up have been other Jews.

Have you ever seen "Smashing Time"? A hilarious time capsule of Swinging London. Also stars Rita Tushingham. Check out Lynnie singing in the clip below.


I saw Georgy Girl for the first time about a year ago and it instantly became one of my all-time favorites.


Lynn Redgrave was excellent in the drama "Turn Of The Screw".

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