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April 20, 2010


I enjoyed the Milton Berle clip. It's been a while since I've seen any old live TV clips and I forgot how fun they can be. Lawford and Berle seemed as though they could barely keep on straight faces. After you're done tooling around town in your Buick, how about more on old TV please. It's been a long time since your last post on old shows.

I too enjoyed watching Milton Berle and Peter Lawford. I really thought it was too old for '64. You may be right about commercials like that being catalysts for the women's movement. What exactly is there to understand about a car? Certainly most men are clueless about do it yourself car repairs. My husband was a great Dodge fan, and at one time had 5 Dodges which rusted away. Now we're into Subarus but have cut back to 3 so we always have a working car for our weekend escapes to the country from manhattan. You wouldn't believe it but once 2 cars were not working, leading my husband to note that it's lucky we had 3! FYI:For the snow, which you don't have to worry about, Subarus are the best.

OOPs forgot to mention that my son's first word was "car". Enjoy the rides!

Judy, I couldn't fix a car if my life depended on it. Oh, and to clarify, the Berle-Lawford clip is from 1953, the sexist commercial is from 1964.

Love the post, Danny. Have my own Buick story. Back on Division Street, thieves used our car for jobs each night. We didn't learn about it until Dad found a safe stuck in the back seat. Evidently, the goons stuffed it in, but couldn't get it back out.

Fake Grandma

Ouch! On a related note, I don't understand wanting to make driving an adventure. As a transplanted New Yorker, I didn't learn to drive until I moved to L.A. in my 20s and I still hate driving. For me, driving is an unpleasant necessity. I want it to be as unexciting and comfortable as possible, not an adventure.

Have fun with the car and the film festival. It sounds wonderful but way beyond my budget & travel allowance right now, too. I look forward to your reports. If any blogger in the LA area should be chosen to do this, it is you :)

Like you, I've had very few cars--four in the last 35 years--and am still driving the 1994 Ford I bought used about 11 years ago after my 1982 Chevy went to the junk yard. Buying a newer car is not possible right now either but I wouldn't consider a Buick. In this area, that's an "old man's car." You never see anyone much under the age of 70 driving one and it's always an older model. Never heard of a LaCrosse, though. Have fun with it!

wilco is finally coming to tokyo!!!

and i have a ticket to friday nights show..


brings back memories of my childhood - my dad was a Buick man - none of the models he bought were as attractive as the ones you write about - he had the hideous Skyhawk which tried to be sporty but was just really uncomfortable - my sisters and I used to fight over who had to have the 'hump' because it had bucket seats. Then when I was in high school he bought the only station wagon I've ever seen with pop-up headlights - it was hideous! It's nice to hear that Buick is taking a different approach to its design and perhaps coming out of an era of UGLY! Have a great time at the film festival, can't wait to read your reviews!

You'll be a great blogger for the TCM Festival. I've been watching the Robert Osborne commercials for the festival for months now and it sounds wonderful. Looking forward to hearing your observations about all the great old stars and responses to the films themselves.

The first car I drove was the family's 1976 Buick station wagon. It had a V-8 engine and was amazing to drive. Not exciting looking at all but powerful!

Great post, Danny! I'm pretty sure my newborn self was driven home in a Buick (in the front seat, even!).

So excited for this adventure!


Buick is an awesome car. I love its design, it reminds me 60's, time of my youth.

Hmmmm, I will definitely watch old Buick commercials over the internet so I can understand how 60s drivers used to be. My mother would enjoy watching those ads along with me.

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