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April 26, 2010


Thanks for the wonderful reporting, especially loved reading about Luise Rainer. I, too, hope they make this an annual event and that I'm able to attend in the future. By the way, I stayed at the host hotel, The Roosevelt, twice. The first time on my very first business trip to California in the 1970s when a magazine I worked for had an event there and the second time in October 2004, just for the heck of it, after it (and the surrounding neighborhood) had been cleaned up considerably. Both times, about thirty years apart, I had "ghostly" experiences. We dropped by the hotel again over New Years weekend 2006 to walk through the lobby and have a drink at the bar, but spotted no ghosts in that brief visit.

I don't know who had more fun ..... you or Charlie! Loved your comments about some of the "oldies" .... Midnight Cowboy - a classic; when Rizzo looks out of the window and sees the MONY sign and says, "geez, they're so dumb here they don't even know how to spell "money".

Drive safely in your Buick ... you've got precious cargo in the back.


Bubbe Marilyn

I find your blog fascinating. We grew up in the same part of Chicago. When i have time i plan to read more.
I can't find any information on you on this blog site. I'm just curious--what do you do for a living?

Wonderful writing about the Film Festival. I hope they do have it every year! Did the crowd seem to be mostly local, or had lots of people flown in for it? I would if I could! Went to the Roosevelt in 2008 for a drink when I visited LA - it was gorgeous. I think Buick should let you keep the car...can't they think of more things you could attend and write about? Surely there are Arts Festivals, Food Festivals, movie openings....

You are my hero, Danny Miller. You've done a fantastic job covering this event, and I knew you would because you are part of what keeps the vivid history of Hollywood alive for so many of us.

By the by, I also loved Cleopatra when I was a little girl, and I don't think it was only because of her heaving breasts.

The little man looks comfortable in his dad's new ride. More than that, he looks healthy and happy. He's my hero, too. :-)

Didn't Eddie Fisher leave Debbie Reynolds to rush to Liz's side when she had the tracheotomy. Clearly, he was out of his league there. But I did like his rendition of "Oh, My Papa".

Oh yes, my favorite little boy looks absolutely thrilled with the Buick. So does Charlie.

What a joy to read these posts. They certainly picked the right man for the job!

Such a fun post Danny! I read once that Richard Burton disparagingly referred to Elizabeth Taylor as "Miss Tits" before he met her. Ah, little did he know...

I am actually sad this film fest has come to an end - because I will miss your coverage! You are truly the historian extraordinaire...with passion thrown in for good measure.
I hope TCM has been paying attention to your blog. They could really benefit from a partnership with you, as we have.
It has been an absolute treat to work with you, Danny, and I will find every reason to do it again in the future!
Thanks for doing Buick proud. Much appreciated.

I'd planned on making a lengthy comment about how fantastic your film festival adventure was but then I saw that RIDICULOUSLY CUTE Charlie photo and can only focus on that. Look at him! Happy, happy birthday!

LOve this film festival ending. Good to see both Eli Wallach and read about Louise Rainer. Eli Wallach went to my high school in Brooklyn. Good to see both of them up and about. Then there is that lovely photo of Charlie finally in your Buick. I must remember to pick it out as my next rental car when I visit Florida this summer.

What a privilege to see Luise Rainer--I'm in awe...
and I love the pic of cute, cute little Charlie!

Really, does TCM know about you? Because, spit, spit, spit, one day Robert Osborne may need to retire, or at least take a day off, and I can't think of a better alternative host than you.

Dear Danny,
Buick couldn't have found a better spokesman for the film festival (and the car) than you. The cheapskates should have GIVEN the car to you. I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of your account of the movie marathon, the stars, and the gossip. And, thanks for the happy ending: a great pic of our beautiful Charlie, being chauffeured around town, and smiling from ear to ear.

What a fascinating account of the making of "Cleopatra"! Now I want to see it, if only to spot the problems with continuity.

Thanks for posting the sweet picture of Charlie. I miss him already! Happy birthday to my favorite one-year-old.

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