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April 15, 2010


My favorite? The American Airlines letter. I do believe you should send it anyway!

I heard Sarah Palin speak yesterday on Boston Common. I was standing in a sea of her followers and it was creepy. When Sarah uttered "Drill, Baby, Drill," the crowd started chanting the line. It all boils down to a class war. The Tea party appeals to working class people who are tired of getting dumped on.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Love it! Thanks for the tax day laughs! xo - Julie

Totally stealing the concept of this post. I loved it.


Love it. A lot.

So funny and so sad all at the same time.

You should submit these to

The American Airlines letter was worthy of Kurt Vonnegut.

That was hysterical. I held it together until I finally spit my water at the screen with the "hopey-changey" line. Brilliant stuff!

Thanks, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Now you've made me feel guilty about not answering a real letter that a friend in Germany sent me way back in January 2008 as well as letters I got from France & Australia last summer. Don't know why these people can't just be satisfied with being my Facebook friend or getting an occasional email like everyone else. Don't they realize it costs nearly $2 to send one type-written page to Western Europe these days? Who do I write to to complain about that?

Oh, your letter to Mel Gibson is the best. Thanks for putting those thoughts out there, or should I say here?

LOL! Wasn't that fun? And cathartic?

Yes it was, I could have gone on and on! (Can we also write dead people?)

Outrageously great.
Please please send that airlines letter.


Danny, I think I have a crush on your blog - it's that good! :)


You can write letters to dead people.

Particularly since they are only dead to those folks who never think about them.

And, writing only for myself, I think that you should write letters to dead people if only so that I may be granted the great joy of reading them! But that's just me being selfish.

I agree that the letter to the airlines should be sent, to it, and to a dozen of those "help-the-traveler" sites so that you can mortify the idiocy and insensitivity out of the frequent flyer program manager.

On another note:

The U.S. Census?

Tax Day?

Sarah Palin?

The Tea Party?

Mel Gibson?


The Karwhodians?

I've only been absent from the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave for 6 weeks (did my taxes on 2/26 & my census doc never arrived) and I have neglected to think about any of those things.

You will need to clean up those pens and write a letter for Charlie so that he will have at least one. I have exactly one from my own father...

Ha ha ha. I've just spat my drink all over my keyboard.
I second the motion that you should actually send the airline frequent flyer one. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Actually, Kendall DID send the airline a letter like that (minus the sarcasm). As she eloquently stated in that letter, "I can't imagine the person who would lie about the death of a child, but if a few do, then let them get away with it and spare bereaved parents the sorrow and humiliation of proving the truth of the one thing they so wish was not true."

Reading this while the TV blasts out blah blah by Kesha or whatever her name is. I am going nuts. But it was topical reading the keeping up with .... bit.
Very funny Danny Boy.

Hi Danny: Funny and meaningful. Check out Saul Bellow's "Herzog," about a fictional character who writes endless letters to living movers and shakers, similar to yours. Cousin Marc

please send them all! please! please! ox,m

that was awesome!

love the ode to letter writing (because really, there's not much more heart-warming than a hand written note!) and the much-needed laughs. thanks for both! :)

there goes your chances of visting the letal weapon xxv set

Wow, that was a satisfying read, and this stuff didn't even happen to me! Except for maybe the Kardashians and Sarah Palin. Those things are still "happening" everywhere, kind of like earthquakes. And festering boils.

Well said, Danny!

My first visit to your blog. I was googling Andy Hardy because our 5 year old saw his first Andy Hardy film on the weekend. LOL

Thank you, I'll be back. I thoroughly enjoyed your letters, especially the Airlines one. As a bereaved parent myself, I can relate to the crazy crap that comes ones way.

I've been invited to a "reading" party where we will get the chance to read things aloud to each other. I think I may take this post with me.

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