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April 05, 2010


What a fabulous post, Danny. Your childhood experience was so very different from mine. My grandparents were all shtetl dwellers, and they passed that whole weltanschauung on to my parents. So, the kosher shabbat dinners were all at our house! No Lighted Schoolhouse for me! Just many years of therapy.

Keep 'em coming!

I love your family memories and photos. Your grandparents lived only a couple of blocks from where John and I lived during our first few years in Chicago, so I can imagine your visits there.

By the way, Aunt Florence is rocking that dress!

Sue was really a redhead!

Although you didn't get as much time to talk to your family members as you would have liked you are luck to have the best family photos. They tell their own stories, and they're all good ones.

You know so much more than I do about our fore-folks and your interest runs so deep. I seem to remember that one of the tribes - the Levites? - were all redheads even from Biblical days. No? I'm not so sure it's a Viking thing.

My grandmother would have been 105 on March 9. She has been gone since 1992. I still have an old jar of cloves from the 1930s that was found in her house after her death. I keep it on my kitchen counter to remind me of how different our lives were. I did get to talk to her some before she died and even recorded one conversation but how I wish I had asked more and deeper questions.

I see Leah in the photos of your grandmother and mom. Wonderful legacy!

Oy, Danny even I remember your grandparents........I miss & think of Judy always...Loved those pictures of all of them...Love to all of you.."marsha from the mart"

Beautiful post, Danny.

My god, I never realized how much Judy looked like Anita later in life!

I remember her from our 6 years at 507 Roscoe. I was about 5 years old when she became pregnant. My parents tried to "explain" it to me, without much success.

Thanks so much for these beautiful memories.

this was a beautiful post! i love seeing the photos and you describe your relationship, your grandmother and your memories so vividly. those 12 hours you long for? you're right! that would be a gift today! it's such a shame that when we have that kind of time (as children) we don;t always know to treasure it or what to do with it! thanks for this.

wonderful pictures and stories -- I'm so glad that I stopped by today and read your blog --

What a lovely tribute to your grandmother. I love reading your stories and seeing your pictures Danny. Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with all of us readers.

This is fantastic. Such beautiful and loving remembrances. Makes me nostalgic for my own family history! Thanks for sharing so deeply from your heart <3

Oh my god.....Aunt Florence's Flinstones dress!!!
Love it!

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