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April 28, 2010


Happy 1st Birthday to Charlie, Kendall and Danny!!!! May you have many, many more happy and healthy years together. Enjoy this stage. As you know with Leah they grow up so fast! He is beautiful!

That post just made me cry like, well, a baby. How utterly beautiful. We love you guys!

Sarah, Kurt and Ben

Happy birthday to Charlie and blessed mourning and memories of Oliver for you and your beautiful family.

Aww Danny, such bittersweet memories. Charlie is just the sweetness of life personified. Thanks for sharing him with us.

This post made me sit here with my hand over my mouth, all wet-eyed. Happy birthday, Charlie. So much love. xo

I started welling up by the third sentence, had tears streaming down my face by the second paragraph, was sobbing while Leah was singing, and then was smiling through my tears seeing the pictures of that beautiful, beautiful baby boy.

I just love you guys so much.

Happy Birthday to Charlie, and Parents Day to you & Kendall.

Happy first birthday, Charlie! He has the most terrific little cheeks.

This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

I'm saying Kaddish as I write this. Now I'll finish by singing "Happy Birthday!"

Sharing all the sweetness and sorrow. I'm so happy you returned to the NICU--it means so much to the nurses (and doctors). The sadness of the day will never disappear, but joy will overtake it...

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Happy Birthday, Charlie! You've come a long way, baby.

And what a lovely way to memorialize Oliver.

Stunning. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Wonderful post Danny! I'm such a mix of emotions after just reading it I can't imagine what you guys are feeling. That picture of Charlie in the NICU is so scary. But what an stunning contrast on year later --e he looks so chubby, healthy and happy now.

Happy Birthday Charlie.

Happy Birthday, Charlie... I send so much love to you and your family. Always. amy k.r.

Happy Birthday Charlie and many. many more. May Oliver's memory be a blessing to you all.
With much love,
Bubbe Marilyn

Love to all of you, especially Charlie and Oliver.

Happy birthday to Charlie. he's come a long way, baby.

And my condolences about Oliver.

I've been waiting for this post, which brought the tears I expected, like so many of your posts did last year. Happy, happy birthday to Lovely Baby Charlie, and God bless Baby Oliver. God bless all of you, actually. I hope you don't mind if I paste this to my FB page. So many of my friends prayed for you-all last year, and I think they might like to see Charlie now.

Happy birthday, Charlie. He's a little miracle.

Happy first birthday, Charlie.

Yay! Congratulations! Happy birthday indeed, Charlie. And thank you, Danny and Kendall, for sharing this fantastic milestone. It's nothing short of beautiful.

happy birthday kido.

Wow, great post Danny. Thank you for sharing this. What an incredible Dad you are - if the world had more parents like you, we wouldn't have any social ills!
I just love those pix of Charlie. What a happy guy! Even through pictures, he is putting something really wonderful and positive out into the universe.
Happy Birthday to Charlie and to Oliver. I am sending my best to your amazing family.

Happy Birthday to all of you! Charlie looks wonderful, it's hard to imagine that he's the same baby you introduced us to a year ago. Can't tell you how much it has meant that you have shared your journey with us. Those pictures of Charlie visiting the NICU on his birthday looking so healthy and with his adorable smile bring tears of happiness to my eyes. Here's to many, many more happy milestones!

Happy first birthday to your beautiful son. I can't believe a year has passed since that day and even recall my own anxious checking of the blog for news in the months that followed as well as my elderly and nearly blind mom standing at my shoulder in this very room during her various visits to me last summer, always asking me what was happening and trying to view Charlie's progress.

Charlie looks so happy now. I'm glad to see this. And Oliver will remain in our hearts & minds always.

Happy Birtday Charlie!!!

Happy birthday Charlie xxoo

Happy Birthday Charlie.

Happy birthday, beautiful Charlie.

Happysad birthday! Will it always be that way? Charlie is so chubby and happy, he looks as if he's living for two.

He's a keeper ! Happy Birthday, Charlie !

What a joy to share in this special, special day! Happy Birthday, Charlie!

I did cry a lot reading your post, Danny, I guess in blessed memory of Oliver, and with emotion to celebrate Charlie's life. I hadn't remember their date of birth, so you were right to write this post, and may it have eased the pain of the sad memories, so that we just remember instead of just reliving. I wish you all many more happy celebrations and only simkhas.

I too was blown away by this post. Especially happy to see the smiles and joy on the faces of the nurses at the NICU and Charlie's smiles to them. What joy! I wondered if Charlie remembered them. The last photo especially was precious as he reminded me of your grandmother and her children...the glint of mischief in his eyes...quite precious and very Schulz-Karolnek looking. Happy, Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to Charlie. Please hug and kiss him for me!

Belated Birthday wishes to Charlie! He is truly one of the most gorgeous babies I have ever seen ( and I have 4 of my own!) I can't imagine what it is like to have a day that would bring you so much joy and at the same time so much pain for your loss of Oliver. Your writing is so pure and beautiful, thank you for sharing your feelings and your life, I am sure you will never know just how many people you have touched.

Such a beautiful post. Happy Birthday and Sto Lat to baby Charlie. Thoughts of love to Oliver.

Wishing a belated happy birthday to Charlie!! And to you guys as well.. what a year it's been, no doubt. As for Oliver.. I hope he and Parker had a wonderful day on Oliver's birthday, wherever it is that they are.

And Charlie.. what a charmer!!

A beautiful yet bittersweet post. Life is always about simcha and sorrow. May Oliver's memory be for a blessing, and may Charlie continue to thrive and happily celebrate many more birthdays for countless years to come. Happy Birthday, Charlie, and mazel tov to Mom, Dad & big sis.

WOW. I can't believe it has already been a year. Happy Birthday Charlie! What beautiful post. Thank you Danny for sharing the joy and sorrow so honestly.

What a beautiful tribute to Charlie and Oliver. Happy birthday, Charlie!

Charlie is my superhero! Sorry I missed you guys on his birthday. But the photos did make my day! Heard the coconut cake was yummy, so you have to send me the recipe for me to try it...


I want to eat Charlie. I can't take it.


An amazing post, with visuals to match. Happy birthday, Charlie!

I could eat him with a spoon (Sue will have to share). Happy birthday, all of you!

Happy Birthday, Charlie.

Happy Birthday, Charlie! You are the picture of health and happiness. Kinnehora (or however you spell it)

36 years ago I gave birth to a little girl close to the end of my seventh month. Her weight was 1.1 kilo. She was born in Tzfat in Israel. Back then there was no such thing as a NICO, especially up in the boondocks.
I named her Zohar. It means radiance. Zohar lived for such a short time. She had my husband's feet. I still remember and am able to relive every second of that time and often do. The sadness never leaves but I learned to feel blessed and grateful for my 3 children healthy children. Zohar came in and out of my life so quickly but she has never left my heart.
Charlie is your blessing and I wish him a Happy Birthday. In Hebrew we say "until 120", (like Abraham).

Happy Birthday, Charlie! Wow, you're a big boy now with two wonderful parents...and you're handsome on top of it. Maybe, it's because of my blood? Probably not!! Ethan Kai and Ana Sophia are a year old on May 3rd. They've all come a long way since the NICU. We'll have to have some play dates for the three of them.

Happy Birthday to the miracle guy. He looks so robust and jolly. Wishing all of you many more years of good health, pleasant surprises, adventure, and fulfillment. Love to all, Marc and Judy

(I can't believe I am so late to this post...)


Danny, Charlie looks fantastic. What a twinkle in his eye. I remember seeing that first picture of him days after he was born and just aching for him to grow and breathe and heal. And he has. He's amazing.

I send you both congratulations and comforting hugs on this complicated anniversary. I'm so grateful for the wonder that is Charlie.


I can't believe that it has already been a whole year.

Happy birthday sweet Charlie! He looks so good. I still struggle to reconcile those first few photos with those taken months down the line.

Leah sings beautifully. I'm crying watching that beautiful video. Remembering Oliver. Much love to you and your family. x

Such a beautiful tribute to your sons.

Charlie is so very precious! Happy first birthday to your miraculous boy.

Amazing. Mazal Tov. 'nuff said.

He's an amazing boy, and a gift to amazing parents. Happy Birthday, Charlie [a little belated], and peace to sweet Oliver... and you all.

It's belated, but I'm sure you could celebrate it all year long! Happy Birthday, Cherub Charlie and the whole mishpucha.


What a beautiful boy! And you are my favorite writer of all things family and nostalgic! God grant you many years, Charlie!

Happy birthday, Charlie! You are gorgeous!

Came to your blog through Wilco connections and I vividly remember your post from last year with the devastating news of the unexpected birth of your sons. I've followed your family's story throughout the past year. YOU MADE IT! Your son is absolutely adorable and he just radiates with health and happiness. So very happy for you and your wife. May your son Oliver rest in peace.

I'm late to the party, but all my best to Charlie and your family. You've been through so much pain and you deserve all the happiness that little cutie gives you.

Ooh, such a long year and yet it has changed my life in so many ways. Thank you for sharing so much. I am always surprised with your openness in sharing each detail. I loved your blog before and will continue to check in, however I'll admit that I am slacking off and catching up when I can now that Charlie is growing and so beautiful. Your loss is great, I hope the pain lessens but for now we'll all celebrate health, happiness and love.

Happy first B-Day to that lovely million dollar Baby. What a year you and your family have had. I'm so very happy to see Charlie is doing so good.

Danny, he is so beautiful! I can't get over how much he looks like Judy.


Happy 1st Birthday To Charlie Your Boy
By D.K. Milgrim-Heath©2010
Happy 1st birthday to Charlie your boy!
Your photogenic darling always Charlie - a real special joy!
I do understand last year’s real parental concern-
As my parents had the same with me being their turn.
Charlie was born one pd but a few oz. smaller than me-
But we were chosen for our life so precious to be.
My mom never seeing me being 1pd. 11oz. so small-
She didn’t want to remember me if I didn’t make it at all.
Obviously they took no photos when I was born that 1953 July-
I’m sorry that was protocol back then so that was why.
I saw preemie clothes last week being small as can be-
Having to wear doll clothes since preemie clothes weren’t around for me!
I still have my bassinet cover gently preserved-
That I used for my three children still that it served.
Obviously I did make it as your sweet Charlie did too-
Or I wouldn’t be writing you anything when I do!
Danny and Kendall such this important milestone you lovingly did share-
The hospital staff shared this with Charlie also because he was once there.
The old photos when you and your wife were just only year one-
Showing them to your kids -the newer generation has begun.
For your children seeing you in diapers yourself and not too tall-
Or even starting to walk on old home movies the thrills of it all!
Our children can’t believe that their parents were once babies too-
I’ve those photos, home movies and also so do you!!!!
When we go back on memory lane for just a short while-
Reliving personal,our children’s photo/movie memories in style.

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