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March 16, 2010


He was a special actor, it was a special show, and you've done a very special remembrance. Thanks, Danny.

Thanks for your post on Peter Graves' passing. I remember him on Fury but did not know he had made so many science-fiction films prior to TV. I wonder if the grasshopper one can actually be rented? Your quotes and clips really helped me learn more about him as I didn't even realize that he was the brother of James Arness until I read the obit in yesterday's New York Times.

Another class act gone. Farewell, Peter!

Danny, once again you have taught me about an actor I knew nothing about, in a very entertaining way.

You'll ne barred from future Stat Trek conventions if you confuse cockroaches with grasshoppers again.

That end of the world clip is a good find. I loved the way his co-star repeats "annihilation?"
Graves certainly contradicted many of the cliches about Hollywood actors. Thanks for letting us know more about him.

My brother and I never missed an episode of MI--and we started watching when Stephen Hill (of Law and Order fame) played Daniel Briggs, Jim Phelps's predecessor. What a great show, and what a classy guy Peter Graves was.

im glad he decided to take the mission, rip peter. this message will self destruct in 5 seconds

LOVED watching "Mission Impossible" as a kid. I remember us gathered in front of our tiny (in those days) black and white tv, knowing if you missed the first two minutes you had no idea what was going on for the rest of the show.

Thanks for recalling the great sci-fi film in which the grasshoppers ate Chicago. While watching this movie as a youngster in the 50s I remember having the concern that the army would not be able to stop the grasshoppers before they could reach Rogers Park.
I previously had little knowledge of Peter Graves, but thanks to you I now have an appreciation for his great career.

I think it's cool that he was married to his childhood sweetheart for so many years. Learned so much more about a talented actor, thanks to you. I wish the people you payed tribute to could read your words moments before turning off the light.

My. Friend. Flika.????

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