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March 24, 2010


Bravo, Leah. Another great post, Daddy. Won-der-ful solo performance from an audience member, Charlie.

What a talented family!


Thanks for the memories, and for the opportunity to see Leah perform -- what great fun she seems to be having, and what a voice! I loved "Fame," still remember the first time I saw it (I was sixteen and having one of those exciting weekends in which I was visiting my sister in college, and she and her friends took me to see it, which was oh-so-cool). My shy, talentless (3rd-grade-dancing-school-dropout) self wished I could sing and dance and could go to New York's High School for the Performing Arts. Oh well, at least I eventually made it to New York.

What a pro! Leah has been in so many shows, she should qualify for SAG membership. I love that Charlie sang along with her.

Wow! More clips, please.

What a multi talented beautiful young girl. How blessed she is to have you as her proud, supportive father.I've been visiting your blog since Charlie was in the NICU.I pray that Leah continues to follow her dreams in life.I have grown to love all the members in your beautiful family and look forward to more video's.

Leah has grown into such a stunningly beautiful and talented young woman.

Holy cow, great solo!

Great video. Thanks for sharing!

Isn't it great that our kids can go out there and sing and perform and love it? I have horrible stage, so I'm fascinated that they do it.

Leah makes a fabulous Miss Coco Hernandez! Loved her solos! I watched the video twice hoping to hear Charlie's duet with her... you must have kept that "in the family". :-)

My fake I.D. when I was young and ornery was a Hispanic girl named Lupita Garcia. Bouncers just rolled their eyes at me. I don't have red hair, but my blue eyes and light brown hair was a bit of disconnect with the picture.

My four year-old was watching the new Electric Company today. It's great!

Back to Leah... Bravo!!!

Leah is fabulous. I would have totally worn what she's wearing back in the day! And Charlie is still cute as can be. I'd love a video of him singing with Leah!

What a fun video...lovely talent.."i want to live forever"...who doesn't want that?
Hope you do a piece on Baby June.

I love watching musical theater! There's this feeling that you are involved with the drama even if you are just watching from the audience. Maybe it's because it is a live performance.

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