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March 15, 2010


The men's ad could have said, "Don't BE a douche, smell like one instead!"

I recall my mother having summers eve containers under our bathroom sink when I was a young girl. I am so glad that "fad" passed well before I ever even knew what it was.
Great write up. I always enjoy reading your stuff...and hearing about Charlie~

I used to think my mother took a lot of enemas .... that was the bag that hung behind the bathroom door! Boy, was I naive!

Bubbe Marilyn

I guess the advent of sexual freedom was thought to bring about "more smells." LOL. I was a teenage girl back then and never thought of it as an advertising ploy at the time. It seemed to be part of the "duty" to be clean, or so my mother told me. How we were influenced! My mom had the bag the other poster speaks of so the idea of it did pre-date the feminist days. I think she was glad they invented the plastic throw-away models. Who knows who uses them today? I remember the warnings about overuse in the 1980s, too.

They still make this stuff. You see the ads during the soaps sometimes. The sales pitch isn't as "heavy," though.

wow... just wow... my poor mother...

I remember falling for those ads, and bought a bag. However, I think I gave it up after one try. It was not for me. I don't recall having any problems but I didn't like the whole process. I never like using deodorants either.

I came here looking for a tribute to Peter Graves and you write about how I (we) smell. It made me chuckle. Feminine hygiene products upset the healthy balance of most female genitalia, but I suspect the sharp uprise of men performing cunnilingus contributed to the decrease in feminine product use; because the products leave a very strong and unpleasant chemical taste in any area to which they are applied. I just thought you might need to know that for your day to be complete *wink *wink. Now, where is the Peter Graves tribute?

I remember asking my older sister once what a douche was. She explained it to me and then said, "...But you don't need one. Your body does the same thing on its own," That was in the late 70's though. I'm glad I was born when I was.

It's funny how all of this coincided with women finally getting something semi-close to equal rights. Like, "Sure, you can work outside the home and vote but don't forget that you smell like hot garbage."

Great post!

What bizarre, unhealthy products. I remember a summer's eve box under the bathroom counter, too. What kills me is that if I'd been old enough to be in on this weirdness, I probably would have bought into it hook, line and sinker. Maybe *that's* what's making me unpopular! Sheesh. The stuff advertisers can do to insecure people.

Sorry to be late to this post, but this topic reminds me of a current fad that I find just as bad. Excessive Shaving of that area. Why are grown women now expected to look pre-pubescent down there? Very troubling. I have a young daughter, and sooner rather than later this issue is bound to come up. I'm thankful I've escaped this nonsense for myself, but younger women have the most insane regimens to deal with.
Can't Nature ever just take it's course?

Reading this brought back a long buried memory. I was 18 and getting married (early '60's). I was alone in my bedroom when the door burst open and my older sister (then 28) and my mother stood in the doorway & handied me a box. "What"s this?" I asked. In the blink of an eye they ran for the hills.
The reply? "Don't worry, you'll find out."
Jeez, I didn't even know what a vagina was let alone that it got dirty. Vagina a.k.a "down there".

Thanks for the most insightful -- and first, to be honest -- post I've ever read on feminine hygiene products. I hit puberty in the 1980s, after douching had gone out of vogue, but I still remember the FDS commercials and the catchy, little accompanying jingle. What a strange phenomenon.

And DebbieW, yes, the excessive shaving thing is equally weird.

As a kid growing up in the '50s, I remember "the bag" hanging on the back of the bathroom door. My mother didn't talk about it until much later, but she actually douched with vinegar. No wonder the bathroom smelled like a Claussen's pickle packing plant.

I somehow escaped being indoctrinated into this feminine ritual and pretty much ignored the ads in the '70s, although they were rampant as you've shown. Somehow I can't imagine guys worrying about their naughty bits in quite the same way.

At the risk of extreme TMI, I'VE never known any woman who douched. For reals!

France swallowed me so I missed this until today. I laughed out loud at the rancid smelling penis phobe.

I still can't smell apple vinegar without seeing a red and black douche bulb. Fortunately I did a strike on women's magazines starting in 1970 so I totally missed out on the streamroller of fishy smelling twat phobia.

Great article. Now being read from central France.


What is the best feminine cleanser to use?

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