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March 31, 2010


Can I invite myself to your seder next year?

What a lovely post-- Happy Passover to you and your family.

PS I like Charlie's outfit. :)

I LOVE the Passover Seder. Unfortunately, I now live far away from all my Jewish friends who used to invite Bob and me to join them for this wonderful event. Thanks so much for sharing yours.

What on earth have you been feeding Mr Thunderthighs? He is the epitome of a chubster and so adorable I just want to eat him up.

We had a cruddy Seder this year. My son has been in the hospital for 5 weeks and could only get a pass on Tuesday. I was so wiped out that I could barely cook and we ended up with me being the only adult with a table full of uncooperative teenagers. Not that fun.

Thank you Danny for the wonderful post and the beautiful pictures of Charlie. I can't wait to meet him in person. Can you tell me where you found your Haggadah on line? We will be having our Seder this Saturday. Sarah and her best friend will be driving up from Berkeley to join us. I know it is not at the right time, but it is convenient.

What s beautiful sedar you and your family had. I was at my great neice's where she had 25 people and it suddenly dawned on me the next day that I was the oldest one there. Oy!

Happy Pesach to you all!

Bubbe Marilyn

Wonderful post and pictures. I attended a Seder this year for the first time in many and enjoyed it very much. Happy Passover to you and the family.

We spent the first night of Passover at Myron & Phil's. (A restaurant. I.D. for non-Chicagoans, who might have thought they were relatives.) Your post has given me a real taste of the holiday.

Love seeing pics of Leah and Charlie.

Thanks, Danny!

Fake Grandma

Moadim l'simcha to all of you!

We love Pesach here too. My stories are so different from yours, and at the same time I can completely relate to each and every word of your telling, how magical is that? I guess this is what it means, and why it is so meaningful to hold a seder for our children to be told it over and over and create those eternal memories.

I posted the video of our last year's seder. I may edit a shorter one for what we did this year, but maybe not. I managed to edit Pesach in twelve seconds, that's a challenge!

Thank you, Danny, Kendall and Charlie, for making our second Seder an absolute delight! We are all in love with Charlie, who is the yummiest baby ever! Next year in LA!

Love, Sheila, Alan and Sarah

Those photos are amazing!

Mogan David is that the same stuff i drank in collage md 20/20?????? i hope not,

Charlie is so cute,

Happy First Passover to Charlie, who is definitely appropriately chubby. Those cheeks are just crying to be squooshed.

I loved seeing the pictures of Charlie and Leah and I Love hearing your rich story telling and sharing your faith. It is apparent you have strong family values which is so refreshing these days.The picture of you, Charlie and his great grandfather is priceless. Charlie and Leah are blessed that they will know so much of their family history. Your ancestors would be so proud.

lovely post and description of seders past and present. i felt like i was right there with you-- tasting those salty potatoes and ouch-ing at the bloody nose! thank you also for sharing your adorable photos. and, last but not least, may your son;s memory be for a blessing. it saddened my heart to read about that and seeing your love cuddled with you warmed it right back up. thank you for a glimpse into your pesach!

For some reason the Mogen David tasted especially good this year. Pesach is my favorite Jewish holiday. Yes, I would like a copy of the Haggadah you used, as well.

Every time I see Charlie I love him just a little bit more. My heart is so full looking at these beautiful pictures and reading your tender words. I truly think he's just the most precious boy in the world.

I agree with Kendall--I love blackberry Mogen David!

Awww! Look at Charlie in his yarmulke -- he is just SO adorable, Danny.

Charlie is so adorable. Oh, Lord! I want to adopt him, but I know you won't give him away...

Charlie is the definition of "roly-poly glory". He's adorable.

Sometimes I worry that Charlie will feel haunted by his "perfect" brother.

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