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February 16, 2010


Believe me, I'm not painting the Conservative Right with this tainted brush—I have to believe that the majority of people on the right, even those who despise Obama, would not call for his death."

Thank you for saying that. And you're absolutely correct (at least I hope you are)- I'm a right-wing Conservative (Jew) who is not a fan of Obama- but to pray for his death? Ye gods. That's horrifying.

And for the record, I am 100% in favor of gay rights and can't stand the type of anti-gay rantings these weirdos engage in. We right-wing Conservatives don't march in lockstep on everything. Love your blog, BTW.

See? that right there is why I don't believe in organized religion. It seems to turn from love to hate too quickly. I know not all religions are like that, but the ones that are can really taint everything. I really do feel sorry for those people who are so full of hate and negativity. They're creating their own hell on earth with all that bitter bile.

Danny you should know by know that guys like this fuelfor attention, and the best way to upset them is to ####### ingnore them, Channel are energy to positive things and thinking

You'd be hard pressed to find someone who passionately dislikes Dick Cheney as much as I do but, Jesus, I'd never wish brain cancer on him... or anyone else. Besides, we need Cheney alive so he can stand trial in The Hague.

If I were the kind of person who wished for someone's death, I can think of two guys who'd be in the running.

As a Christian I often wonder about those who preach hate. Instead of bringing people to our faith, they are turning people away from it. I have to wonder then whose work they are truly doing?

He is so damn CUTE! Kudos and mucho happiness to you and yours.

Check out "tinkering school" among other things. My girlios think Rockhawk would love Tinkering Camp/School.

Peace love and all things Evil Kneivel (sp????)

Yay Charlie!!!!!


Oops, thought I was posting on the 2/21 thread.

So, to not take away from the gravitas....

For what it's worth, don't let these fools keep us from discovering our commonality and from loving each other. Modern day bread and circus, here solely to divide, distract and destroy. Love is all we have, and it's all that matters.

With love,


Late again... been a busy month. :-) "Bat-shit crazy ravings" -- exactly. This was excellent!

Jeepers - I feel real fear for that wee babe in arms in the picture that his one shot at life is under the wing of such hatred. Unbelievable.


PS Loving the Charlie pictures. What a sweet little face.

There are plenty of examples of hate and death
threats from people on the Left ( heard the latest
rant from a former Black Panther leader, lately ? )
Hate is hate , and no one should ever wish that an elected
American politician would die , but if I had a dime for
every death threat I've ever read against George Bush
or Dick Cheney , I'd have a nice little sum .

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