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February 21, 2010


God, look at him!!! He shines!

I'd let Charlie throw up on me anytime. :-)

Your story brings to mind that writers really never know who they're effecting. I watched a comedy show many years ago that made me cry because the comic made a joke about something that was highly personal and devastating to me.

I can't imagine having cancer and watching a show about someone dying of the same, nor can I imagine going through all you've gone through and seeing this show give a child like yours no hope.

Sending love your way.

This is one of those many times as a parent you get to shout facts and correct information to all who will listen. You've done that with this post. Charlie looks amazing and I love watching him grow through your photos and other updates.

This isn't the first time Private Practice has dealt with premature birth in a completely inaccurate and infuriating way. I had to stop watching last year after I spent an entire episode yelling at the TV - much like you did here! I'm very glad I missed this one!

Has your child's projectile vomit ever ended up in your own mouth? Now THAT was an all-time parenting low for me.

OOh, I love the outfit Charlie is wearing in the first pic. Somebody awesome must have gotten that for him at Janie and Jack. ;-)

As for the show... It was obviously written by someone naive to NICU experiences and premature babies. I think it's probably a subject people feel very strongly about until they actually have to face it themselves. Honestly, I wouldn't have thought much of the episode had it not been for Charlie.

Charlie just gets more and more handsome everyday. I'm so glad Charlie has heroic parents and amazing doctors at Ceders who were willing to fight for his life. What a lucky boy.

I wish I could say something coherent about the fact that I completely agree with what you said (because I do) but I am dazzled by Charlie's ridiculous cuteness. Give that handsome little dude the world's biggest hug for me. xx

Love the picture!

Charlie's shirt has made me hungry for lunch way too early in the day!

I'm glad Addison wasn't Charlie's Dr either. Look at him. He's so beautiful.

OMG .... the picture of Charlie lying on you is worth 1,000,000 words (even if he did puke right after it was taken) .... I watched the episode you discussed and felt the same way you did .... if it wasn't for Charlie, I may have felt differently, but seeing him now, he showed them all! Poo, poo, poo.
Bubbe Marilyn

Oh Danny.. you said it all, and a lot more eloquently than I did. I'm still pretty astounded at the way she was portrayed manipulating those parents into what is the biggest decision a person can make. And her eye rolling each time the parents expressed hope for their child.. how nice.

Our docs aren't always optimistic or hopeful. They offer options that we couldn't dream of taking. But they offer black and white facts, not emotionally charged reasoning that leads us to the decision THEY believe in.

And I agree.. Charlie is simply adorable.

I'm so glad I don't watch stupid doctors on tv. It just proves the need for second opinions from doctors, even 3rd opinions to break a tie, or insisting your child gets the best care in the best facility around, no matter what the problem faced.
Love that photo too.

Thanks for talking about a very important topic! I am always learning something from your blog..even if it is about actors/actresses...or Charlie who is pretty cool :)

Every time I open this blog I love you even more.
The way TV dramas handle most medical issues are bullshitty at best, but at worst -- like in the case of PP -- they can do real harm.
Charlie is so gorgeous. He's a real miracle and it appears that he's just thriving.

Auntie Lori

I used to watch more medical shows. Then I went through too many real-life medical crises with my mom (who has now since passed away) and so if a story line came on dealing with what she went through it would be just too hard to watch. Maybe sometime I will watch them again, but I doubt it! Nice pictures of Charlie--my sister lives in Oak Park and I love the Superdawg shirt!

As the mother of a child with severe epilepsy, I always marvel at the number of seizures depicted on medical shows and how it always seems like the highest drama. Rarely, do they get it right.

Great post and those pictures of your Charlie are divine!

First, I can't get enough of Charlie. The cutest baby EVER. Makes me bite my tongue every time I see a photo.

I would have been with Kendall -- no can do when it comes to plotlines that hit too close to home. You're tough!

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