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February 07, 2010


YEAH! Thanks Danny. Love you guyzzszsszsszsz.

Gorgeous, and beautifully captured... Spencer's got a great eye.
Happiness, right here.

awesome danny! you would never know that charlie was in NICU! he looks phenomenal- happy, healthy, robust, darling and sweet! you and kendall are obviously doing a fabulous job w/ him! much love! Susie

Great pics! Amazing photographer! Amazing camera! Wonderful subject!

Gorgeous pics... amazing! Send Spencer here... I need a good photographer!

Charlie looks like such a happy and active little guy. His smile lights up my monitor! =)

That's all right, please keep posting pictures of Charlie. I can't get enough of that delightful smile, it makes my day!

I have been to Spencer's blog and really enjoy his "moving pictures." He has a very fine eye, the photos are great! I particularly love the one with Charlie & iCharlie, Leah with camera, and, of course, the last photo.

Spencer is quite lucky to have you to sing his praises and you are lucky to have an in-house photographer.

Everyone looks very well, even the conspicuously absent papa!

BTW, I saw "It Always Rains On Sunday" yesterday at the Nuart and I really wished you were there to interpret for me because there was this whole subtext on Jews-in-London going on that was quite intriguing and I was out of my depth. I could hear the words and see the images but I couldn't get the pointed point–tongue-in-cheek; an affectionate send-up; cultural stereotyping?

You must see it, if you have not.


The dancing baby cracked me up. Great photos, but then again Charlie is a natural.
He is looking so big!

what more could one say?...great photos,especially the last dancing baby..a miracle i could get it on my work computer!
love all the photos on your blog!!

Charlie's got hair! When did this happen?

Is Charlie dancing 'cause he has a full diaper? :)

Great pics -- all of them!

Spencer's "Animated Charlie Baby" is the BEST!!!!

Those are some amazing photos of a beautiful baby boy.

Hi Danny,

Wow. Your nephew is a very talented photographer indeed! But Charlie is an absolutely adorable baby and I am so happy for you after your ordeal.
I am de-lurking here - have been reading your blog for awhile - originally a few years back because I am a fellow film fanatic (my late father was actually a film critic, so I grew up steeped in everything "movies")
I'm also a mom to two teenage boys.

Great pictures and I always enjoy your commentary.


I really like the color photo of Charlie that is third from the last and the one of Charlie's toesies. He leads such an exciting life already!

Your nephew Spencer did a great job with the photos - how fun, especially the animated one of Charlie! Very nice photography, and yes definitely a supermodel subject! :)

Spencer is quite gifted. Adorable Charlie is lucky to have a cousin who loves him so much. It's great that you get to go to all of Wilco's TV appearances--and that you get to spend so much time with the Miller/Tweedy family.

The last photo of the "moving Charlie" moved me deeply. What a darling child! How blessed you all are, Danny.

As always, wonderful. Am I odd to think that the scars are lovely? Kind of Lyndon Johnson/Andy Warhol-esque? Real beauty.

I'm delurking to ask permission to take a nice big bite of Charlie's pudgy feet. Or chin, if the feet are spoken for. He's gorgeous, and I also think there is something very cool about his scars. I'm sure they'll come in handy when his dating years begin, because there's nothing better than a cute boy with a cool scar.

Wonderful photos. Television City holds many memories for me, too. And in some ways it still looks much the same as it did back in the 60s & 70s. Fun. As usual, Charlie is a great photographic subject!

Who needs to hire a pro photographer when you have your nephew? And Charlie is so beautiful and looking so thrilled to be here. I saw Wilco the other night and really just kept thinking about Charlie and your family. I wanted them to play "I'll Fight"--my son Jonah asked me what it was about (lots of fighting, killing, and dying in the lyrics, and he is five, so) and I said it was about parents doing everything we can to protect our kids. I know, I know, the irrelevancy of authorial intention and all that, I'm an English teacher and spout this line oftn, but I had to wonder if I was onto something. Then I thought: "No, I know! This one's about Charlie."

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