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February 02, 2010


Absolutely precious and adorable. There is nothing sweeter than a baby's laugh and Charlie's is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

Cutest. Video. Ever.

I'm dizzy with death-defying degrees of separation!!!

Charlie and Kendall had me laughing, too! And that's not easy to do... OK, just joking!

Oscars, shmoscars. Charlie wins hands down with his award-winning laugh.

Bubbe Marilyn

OMG! That was great! Charlie!!!!! His mama sure knows how to tickle his funny bones! Fabulous!

Kendall has always been great at getting kids to laugh, but this takes the cake!

Other Bubbe Cynthia

So jealous of Patricia Neal, getting to meet sweet Charlie!

That laugh! Oh my god, I'm sitting here grinning my head off. What a sweetheart!

Wonderful video. Charlie is precious. Great start to my morning and great story about Patricia Neal, too.

That belly laugh made my morning! He is beyond adorable! Thanks for sharing it.

What is it about Sandra Bullock's acting that people like? I just don't get it?

Sidibe's performance was incredible! And after seeing her on GMA and realizing that she seems more like a comedic character actress, her Precious role seems all the more remarkable.

Hearing/seeing Charlie laugh made my afternoon!!! Such a cutie.. I can't wait to hear Hunter laugh like that someday!

Baby laughs are the best. Patricia Neal? Wow. That's so cool. I always knew she had great taste.

I agree with you about The Hurt Locker. Very intense film. I have yet to see Precious or Up in the Air, but I really want to.

A Jewish cowboy--so why not. Charlie is sooo cute. I can't help smiling when I see his beautiful face. Getting Neal's blessing is better then the chief rabbi.
I still can't get through Hurt Locker--but 3rd time is a charm. I favor "Avatar" because of what an amazing achievement it is. It is changing film and expanding the art. But the actors don't care for Cameron and they have the largest vote.
I think the Academy really went for 10 films to be more inclusive of all the diverse films out there. It wasn't so much to allow the studios better advertising. Too bad it went for it in a year where there were so few good films because of lack of funding.

Yippee for Charlie's laugh!

I believe it's time to get Charlie an agent...for voiceover work. Great laugh, great smile -- great parents. Continue to have a lot of naches from him.

And bonus about Patricia Neal's and Charlie's close encounter!

Dear Danny,
I haven't seen any of the nominated films. So, I declare that the Oscar goes to .................. Charlie ! What makes a baby laugh and giggle, even at that very young age ? Pretty darned cute.

Will Kendall do that to me?

Ha ha! What a cutey-pie. Great laugh. He's so lovable, Danny.

Oh my gosh. What a beautiful laugh. Charlie definitely should get the Oscar! And the photograph at the top is absolutely stunning and he can certainly attract the stars!

Was definitely going to give 'Avatar' and 'Inglorious Basterds" a miss but I'm now reconsidering having read your opinion here. Anyhow we are desperately far behind in the UK (and I'm behind the nation as a whole!) and I haven't seen any of these films yet.

OMG! Can't believe I didn't see this until now. So cute! Look at those chubby cheeks!

"What a cowboy!" is right! I'm blowing through my Reader, cherry-picking the cute photos. Charlie wins every possible award for all things cute, precious and loveable. Great laugh!

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