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January 25, 2010


I always enjoyed her in movies, also, although I think she will be most remembered for those overblown epics. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if half the people on Facebook or Twitter have no idea who this is, thinking it is the singer from Kiss.

Did you also hear of the passing of the actor who played Palmer Cortland in AMC?

My favorite performance of hers is Ophelia. I have a thing for unhinged noblewomen.

she is so gorgeous and brilliant in this film, thank you for posting it, to remind me i must watch it again!

Yes, I loved Simmons in Great Expecatations and Hamlet. I have not seen any of the others.

The New York Times obituary contained interesting information about her refusal to have sex with Howard Hughes(She was married to Stewart Granger at the time) and as a result, he tried to ruin her career. A
truly disgusting man!

DANNY - Can you please e-mail me at, so I can have your e-mail address?
My grandfather was Lewis BISSET, of Bisset's Dept. Store in Chicago. I googled Bisset's and found your post saying your father was over that store. Any more info. you may have?

This is a wonderful tribute. I haven't seen her in Great Expectations--it's one of my favorite novels and so I've been afraid to have my imagination taken over by the images of the film--but maybe now I will. I remember her most in Angel Face--so gorgeous and so evil, and she didn't have to sing a note.

My favorite is Great Expectations, but I haven't seen all the ones you mentioned. Thanks for the list.

Hi Danny
This is a bit random, not connected to this post at all sorry. But I am in LA next weekend (and only the weekend free) and would really appreciate some tips/advice from you as to where you think I should go/see/visit etc. Are any of the Hollywood tours any good. I'm not sure if I am that interested in seeing people's gates?
Thanks so much

Try to go to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery--lots of old movie stars and there is Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery--check them out online.

Thank you Helena! I'm excited to be there soon!

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