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January 05, 2010


Danny, Congrats on 5 years of blogging....You have taken us to so many places with your words....Here's to another 50 years - eventually you might want to retire!
Happy New Year to you and your family.

Happy 5th blogoversary! Here is to 50 more...

You're one of the bloggers that made me want to be a blogger. And still do. Thanks for setting an example of what honest writing mixed with irresistible wit can produce. Happy Big Five.


Thank you for inspiring me to start my own blog. I am loving it! Happy 5th.

Congratulations Danny, here's to five more years!

I have learned so much from your blog--not only about you and your family, but about current events, history, music, theater, movies, and Judaism. I'm sure I've forgotten a category. The pictures of Charlie, drooling or not, are the icing on the cake. OK, the pictures are the best part, but the writing comes in a close second.


Danny, you and your blog make the world a better place. Thanks for these past five years. L'chaim.

Wow! Danny, what can I say? If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have written my first book, or my own blog these past five years. So congratulations and thank you from my most grateful heart and mind. Blogging has opened all sorts of doors in my soul and life, and more importantly it has helped me to process some very important issues in my life. It also helped me formulate my ideas, and complete my second book!

Thanks, too, for the Jessica Lange piece. Oh, and that reminds me ... I probably should blog about my own fifth blogging anniversary at some point this month!

Here's wishing that the next five years are fulfilling and peaceful for you and your whole dear, and amazing family!

Wishing you many more years of blogging.

I appreciate reading you faithfully, and I know that the art of blogging has also brought a lot to me, both from the writing and reading points of view. Commenting is another topic altogether, but I just needed to leave my card on this anniversary :-)

As for the topic of sadness and feeling happy, I had never thought of it in these ways, how interesting! I wonder if this culture of being tought to tell how one feels is so useful after all!

God or evolution (I'm staying out of THAT argument) gave us the ability to feel sad, so it must serve some purpose.

Congratulations on five years.

"Spitting mad ?"
"Spitting image ?"
Or practicing, "poo, poo, poo !"

Congrats on your blog anniversary. It's taken me years not to feel bad about having negative emotions. They pass so much more quickly once I accepted them and didn't beat myself up for having them in the first place.

Happy Anniversary to you...Imagine this being sung, but not by me, of course. That would put a drag on the occasion.

Love keeping in touch with our blogs, Facebook, and...What's the word when you know what someone else is feeling, even if you're miles away? That, too.


It is sooo true, Danny. I know I feel a lot like Jessica Lange, basically. But, that doesn't mean I don't have wonderfully happy times. Denying or supressing those feelings is not a good thing for me to do, at all...!
And, I believe aa you do--if I undrstood you correctly---that allowing for ALL these feelings, also gives me a greater access to the "happy" and "joyous" times!

Happy Fifth Anniversary, my mentor....I wouldn't be blogging if it weren't for you and Kendall.
It would be love;y to see you both 'in person' once again....! Call me!

Danny, you are clearly an inspiration! And, Charlie looks very serious about his drooling. At his age, that should be his top priority!

Happy 5th, and we all hope for many more to come!

Amen, brother.

Neat that you've been blogging for five years -- consistently! I think of quitting on occasion [not even two years for me], but I enjoy some of my goofy, personal posts... memories for me or my kids one day.

Sad Jessica Lange... interesting. My mother and I frequently discuss who my brother SHOULD have married [shame on us] and our favorite is a gal we refer to as Sad Tina. This post made me think of her. I loved Sad Tina. I wish my brother would have...

I loved this post as it resonated for me. Sad Jessica Lang, cool. Your thoughts feeling expected to be happy all the time reminds me of a scene in The Player in which the girlfriend doesn't cry at her lover's funeral. I heard the actress in an interview explain that it dawned on her that reality is that not everyone reacts by crying at a funeral.

I've done 5 years straight and it means a lot to me.

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