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January 16, 2010


I'm toast in Long Beach after 10 weeks in the Yucatán. All I can say is I'm glad you have been here keeping up with the important stuff in my absence. I know that I will be able to leave LA in your capable hands when I defect to France in the near future, where I had internet installed simply so I could keep reading "Jew Eat Yet?"

I love your blog but, under the circumstances, you will never receive a Christmas letter from me.

danny, i could give a flyin" f.... about late night, however the footage of the family is priceless! I adore the shot of susie feeding charlie, and of course all the kiddos! Awesome!

I've never understood the Leno fascination. He just isn't funny. Even if he were laugh-a-minute fun, though, I think NBC's treatment of Conan has been really distasteful.

Great video! Glad Charlie is on Conan's side.

Jay Leno is about as funny as a skin graft.

And more Charlie videos! He is insanely cute.

...or Zsa Zsa AND Art Linkletter !

Charlie has great taste. I never liked Leno on theTonight show and was very happy when I was able to watch Letterman and then Conan.The DVR was coming in handy the past few months. I'll never watch Leno and can't wait for Conan to resurface on Fox.

Leno has never been funny. Since NBC put on his 10PM show, I avoid watching NBC completely so I won't have to see him, or if I do happen to be watching NBC I scramble to change the channel at 10 before he comes on.

I'm also a Conan fan. He's awesomely awkward.

I haven't watched any late night TV since Johnny Carson's reign ended years ago. When they switched Leno to 10 p.m. eastern (my usual weeknight bed time) I tried but couldn't get through five minutes of this show. From a business perspective I find the contract negotiations and buyout proposed interesting, along with the dunderheaded blundering by the NBC execs, which seems to be par for the course across American companies these days: Bad decisions coupled with unprofessional babbling statements.

Love the family videos.

Actually, I think Andy Richter is the real reason to watch Conan.

oooooo,take the money and run.

I think Patrice Munsel is free and available for the position. She is STILL as lively and as much fun as ever too. Hell, just this past holiday, she wanted to hit the Venice boardwalk for henna tattoos!

What about you Danny, are you free and available for a new and fun position? Enquiring philanthropic friends of your sweet sis wanna know...


Conan's our house favorite, too. I've never enjoyed Jay Leno. I don't get it. I read somewhere that Conan is purposeful in his avoidance of making jokes at the expense of others.

Charlie's precious, as usual! Every time we received a photo of a baby in a holiday card, my sons would ask if it was Charlie. :-)

I totally agree with Charlie (smart kid, that one). And with Rosie, who said something on the order of--The Tonight Show is a bus and when your turn driving it is over, you go nicely. You don't slice the tires...

Hey Danny - Hope all is well. I enjoyed the video and just had to tell u that I think that Charlie looks like your grandpa Sam. He is just adorable! Hope he is doing great and so are you, Kendall and Leah. Lots of love - jb

Hi Danny.

A bit of correction from a "know-it-all" former NuYawker .... Steve Allen (who I loved) was not the first late night host. It was Jerry Lester from N.Y. where my best friend and me sat on the steps of the studio (against all fire laws) because it was always a full house. It was called Broadway Open House and featured Dagmar, Milton DeLugg plus many others who I have forgotten, but it was a terrific show. So there!!! Did you ever think of hosting a show? You would be fantastic.

Kisses to Charlie.
Bubbe Marilyn

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