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January 22, 2010


What a great post! The entirety of my sex education consisted of going to the gym in 5th grade with all the other girls and learning about how fun having a period is and how cramps can be relieved with simple exercises. LIES. No mention of the dreaded penis or the havoc it could wreak.

Speaking of, Ben's first movie was dangerously close to being "Bruno".

I'm older than you and our sex education consisted of warnings that kissing led to pregnancy. I had several days of panic after that and stopped the practice of my dad kissing me goodnight on the cheek.

They had sex education classes when I was in the fifth grade, too. This was 1972-73. It was called Human Relations Scence or something like that. There were about three classes, and they were so mind-numbingly boring (even the film strips; the venus fly trap comparison was apt) I pretty much had to learn sex all over again in the streets.

I actually find this video pretty progressive for the time! I had "sex ed" in 5th grade. To be part of the course you had to have a signed permission slip and I remember that many parents were upset that the school was going to have the class. They separated the boys and girls so I'm not sure what video the boys were subjected to, but the video the girls watched was a film from the 70's talking about periods, pads, and tampons and showed us images of ovaries. No mention of sex, masturbation, or giving birth and this was in 1992.

I should also add that for far too long I thought that ANYTHING entering a vagina could cause pregnancy, that the penis was merely one culprit. Needless to say, tampons confused me.

I think the burden of sex ed falls on the parents rather than the public schools. I found that giving my 4th grader a book called Understanding the Facts of Life (Usborne is the publisher), followed by Q and A was a gentle way to do it. I blog on this at Entry: The Birds and Bees Talk. Other readers also offer up their favorite sex ed books for their kids. Hope this helps.

Pragmatic Mom

how much does the infant popcorn cost.

I originally came upon your blog because of Charlie but I had no idea what a treasure I'd found! This little film is awesome! The other day, as my kids were watching The Sound of Music, I came here to see if you'd ever written about it and found yet another great post. I don't read many blogs but what I especially like about yours is that you're clearly writing from the heart, for yourself and your family, and not for your audience (though thank you for allowing us strangers in). This is what makes your writing such a pleasure for me, and I thank you for that. Anita

I seem to vaguely recall that "period" film in 6th grade, given my identity as a female, that is.

However, the greater revelation was the synchronization, in my mind, of the old Pepto-Bismol commercial with the first fiber-optics presentation I ever saw of the human esophagus. Now that was a surprise! I had previously been under the impression that all of our organs were just dangling in the air until that fantastic voyage.

My indelible memories of cinema include "Rear Window" and "Vertigo," both experienced, no doubt in an Oklahoma drive-in with my parents at a very impressionable age. No matter how many times I see them, it's the original experience that continues to undergird my feelings about the mystery of cinema and life.

It's nice to imagine you with your two babies at the movies.

Danny, your "truths" sometimes bring tears to my eyes. I wish I could hug you.

Great post, Danny. I laughed at (not Spencer's dad) Jeff's infant popcorn comment which is actually a very good question.

Where I live, Cinemark charges for babies, AMC does not. As a matter of fact, if the baby chooses not to cooperate and you have to leave, you get a rain check for another day, any movie that never expires.

Thanks for another wonderful read...

I so clearly remember counting those paragraphs, anticipating which part I would have to read aloud...

For the 300th time, Mrs. Pink did not say that.
With great unease she told me that she would explain after class. I went to her after class and she said, with even greater unease, "they use their hands." It was not totally a need to put an adult on the spot--I really had no idea.
I had sex-ed with Mrs. Sideman.She told us about her husband's wet dreams and had me so confused that by the end of the day I was sure you got your period once in your lifetime and it came gushing out of an opening in your lower back.

Oh right, I always get that story wrong. But as God is my witness, someone at Peterson school told us "they rub each other until it feels good." Mrs. Rosenstein? Mrs. Stone? Mr. Krane?

I'm still imagining Charlie at the movie with you and cute! Hope he got his money's worth!

The video is hilarious. I had sex ed from 5th to 8th grade and don't remember any films like that. I do remember that in 7th or 8th grade we had a sex-ed teacher named Leni Wildflower. I wonder if Kendall remembers her. We had to pass around different forms of birth control, including a condom that all the kids insisted had already been used (this was a coed class).


I was hoping for a tribute to Jean Simmons,but was equally pleased to read this hilarious post.

Check out the 50's version of Molly Grows Up on youtube and the guy version from the same company. "Golly!"

I went to a moderately religious Jewish day school, and aside from the early bloomers giving us "inside info" during recess and lunch hours, I can recall an animated movie about the facts of life being shown in grade 6 -- the boys and girls separately. My friend, who chose to sit beside me, warned me, "I'll pinch you at the parts that gross me out." Let me tell you, Danny, by the end of that 30+ minute cartoon film, my upper arm was black and blue!

I love this post, and I love the comments! I'm reasonably certain that our 5th grade class at Peterson was the first to experience sex ed. Picture it: all the girls in one classroom with Ms. Baresky, and the boys in another with, I believe, Mrs. Geib. The year? 1967! In my case, sex ed was a far better choice than anything I could ever get out of my mother. My father, who was an MD, thought it was too dumbed down. My brother, who is 8 years older than I, took it upon himself to give me inside scoop. Ah, those were the days!

I am shocked -- shocked! -- that you took Charlie to that movie.

No, really, the whole thing is priceless. It's a wonder our generation knows how to procreate.

I remember getting "THE TALK" not from my mom but my granma. I was told never let a boy touch you you could end up pregnant. Sitting on the front steps as we did in Chicago one of the neighbor boys about 7 years younger than me brushed up against me to sit down. I can't tell you how many sleepless nights I had thinking I at 12 was going to have a baby. Talk about misinformation. I wonder how my father got here at all. Thank goodness for better sex ed. since then.

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