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December 15, 2009



wonderful!!! yah leah! and good audience member charlie!

I have seen many photos of Leah over the past year but I find this one to be particularly compelling. And, of course, it is delightful to see Charlie all dressed up with somewhere to go.

I love you, Danny.


Thanks for sharing this. Sorry I can't see it in person. Leah is a blossoming talent and Charlie looked adorable in those Christmas PJs. He sounds better behaved than some adults I've taken to the theatre with me this year!


I'm calling the authorities immediately and having you arrested for filming the production. I know, I cry everytime I watch the 1951 version of "ACC", there's hope for even the most Scroogiest of us all. Charlie looks absolutely precious in his p.j.'s (wasn't that the name of your dog?) And I'm never calling Leah anything but "Martha" again. So sorry I can't see the play in person but your cell phone version was excellent despite the bald man's head in some of the shots.

She's gonna be a star. Gettin' gorgeouser and gorgeouser. So impressed. Please tell her so.

Leah was great! Congrats to her.

And more Charlie pictures, please! I can't believe how big he's getting.

A "star is born" (Leah) and a "star-gazer" (Charlie) is the cutest member of the audience "totally".

Bubbe Marilyn

Enjoy taking those photos now cos when she works with Equity players, you could be in deep s..t for taking photos. I tried to get a curtain call photo and was almost booted out of the regional theater for good. Leah could be the next Meryl Streep as she seems to totally lose herself in her characters(from what i could tell by the photos and snipets of video you take). Maybe Charlie will follow in his sister's footsteps too.

That's so wonderful. My ex-husband is an actor, so my girls have practically grown-up on stage. I think it's a great confidence builder. I can't get up in front of people AT ALL, so I'm glad they can.

Have you seen the George C. Scott version? Very underrated, I think.

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