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December 09, 2009


Fantastic and fascinating danny! J'adore the photo of your two wonderful kiddos! I am a lifelong sucker of holiday aka christmas movies, watch em faithfully every year! AND and a proud member of a blended family who celebrates joyfully all the holidays! luv and happiness, seasons greetings to you and yours, wishing you peace, joy and love! happy chrismahanakwanzakaa!

Loved your blog BC (Before Charlie) and AD (After Danny [...began posting photos of big sis and lil bro]).

The ways in which this particular post touch me are too numerous to count, so I won't even try.

The children look great and you sound like a man who's been hoein' a hard row and could use a rest.

con cariño,

Those Christmas specials were a staple of my childhood, too. It wasn't Christmas without the Crosbys. My mom idolized Bing Crosby and fell into quite a funk when he died. Gary's book really came as a shock to her as she had adored Bing since her own childhood. I have a copy but never read it. I'm sure you know that Jack Klugman is now married to Gary Crosby's ex-wife and that Peggy and Gary had at least one son together that I'm aware of who also has a modest singing career.

Great picture of Leah and Charlie.

I guess I've always been too much of a beat/hippie ever to have loved Bing Crosby. He was never my cup of tea...Judy Garland always a favorite. Yet this season, I wonder why is it that I know all the words of these christmas songs, me, a Jewish girl from Brooklyn. How unfair to have those words swirling around my head as I walk the streets and hear melodies from Salvation Army people or coming out of stores. "Oh come all ye faithful, joyous and triumphant"...
I too love the picture of Charlie in his snuggly held by his sister!

I think there are good and bad things about parenting when you're younger and older. i don't know a lot about Bing Crosby, but I wonder If he had a drinking problem early on that he may have come to terms with by the time he had his second family. There are so many variables that can affect our parenting, though. That's for sure.

Parenting doesn't come with instructions. Everybody just flies along on a wing and a prayer, doing the best that they know how to do.

Happy holidays to Leah, Charlie, Kendall, and Danny.

It's so funny -- when I come here, before reading your post I always scroll down through it for my Charlie fix.

You will have to put Charlie somewhere in every post from now on, the way Hirschfeld hid "NINA," or Hitchcock made an appearance in each of his films.

I don't think there is any doubt that the first Crosby kids were treated horrifically. And all of them ended badly and in a lot of pain. I think Bing had a bit of a drinking problem at one point too, so....their parents really screwed them over, royally. I'm sure Mr. Crosby mellowed and all that, but....there is something deeply deeply tragic about the old ways of Hollywood. The "picture perfect" family life that was presented to all of us in the Movie Magazines, etc., etc. Too good to be true? Most of the time, and certainly in the case of Dixie Lee & Bing.

It is doubtful that Leah will ever write such a book about you Danny, and one can see she is on such a definite path already at her young age...BRAVO to you and to your Ex...!
As to that adorable Charlie....He lights up the screen of my computer in every picture...What a great great gift at this point in your life.

It seems I've read where Dixie started drinking to drink "with" Bing and he eventually stopped (or cut back) drinking after she became such a bad alcoholic.

I always think of Nathaniel Crosby as having a mouth FULL of braces. I thought he was hot though!!!

You did not mention Duncan Jones, f.k.a. Zowie Bowie, whose parents weren't exactly problem free either. Yet Duncan is a very well respected director (Have you seen Moon? It's fantastic). He seemed to avoid all the normal tragedies his upbringing would have seemed to lead to and led a rather academically rigorous life and has embarked on a lovely career. Some people seemed blessed with the ability to get on with things and this guy seems like one of those types.

I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas
By D.K. Milgrim-Heath
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas in Manhattan town-
The gaiety of my childhood uptown and down.
With beautiful white snow everywhere-
I must see Rockefeller's Centre's tree trimmed with care!
Since I was a child I always wanted peace on earth-
Haven't these words said something for it's worth?
Relating an important holiday message we need-
Let peace happen for our 2010 world indeed!

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