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December 28, 2009


Aww! Happy Birthday to your daughter! My youngest sister is 15 and I'm 30. It's an interesting age gap. Here's to another great year for your beautiful daughter.

That was really sweet, and so thoughtful.

Wonderful video. Happy Birthday, Leah!

K"H, poo, poo. Once I hired a photographer for the twins' (now over 30) bar mitzvah, and he couldn't believe how much we put into our kids. She's probably dying of embarrassment, but we hope not :)
Happy Birthday, Leah!

The photos of the Miller and Tweedy kids are permanent evidence of the enormous love these fortunate children are showered with. How lucky to grow up with parents who are head-over-heels about their kids. Of course, I'm in that category, too, and am happy to be part of that blubbering group.

Fake Grandma

Oh, Danny. I'm crying. Such a video.

Happy birthday, Leah! You're lucky to have a dad who loves you so much.


Beautiful video, Danny. Beautiful memories.

Beautiful daughter, pu, pu, pu.

Leah has such poise and emanates strength and beauty of character (her own, not the one she's playing at the time!)inside and out. A very special young woman.

Happy Birthday, Leah.

What a cool outing - painting mugs for the birthday girl! Mazal tov.

Happy Birthday, Leah!

And fantastic video, Danny. Such a delight to watch Leah grow, showered with love and attention.

For the longest time now I've been convinced that observing love in action can heal wounds that one did not even know one had. I can say that no such video fan letter to me from my father exists, thus I am healed by yours to Leah. For that I thank you both.


Great archival work! She has your mom's magnetism (and hair), but is her own person, that's for sure. And Charlie's looking great. Happy New Year to you all.

Happy Birthday, Leah!

Happy Birthday Leah! I loved the video.

Happy Birthday to Leah--your tribute and birthday wishes made me teary. Your words remind me of my own dad's kindness and pride in his offspring. Every Christmas he says, "I already have the best present I could ever want because I have your mother and your sister and you" and messes up my hair. I'm 37.

Awwww. That was an amazing video tribute to your daughter. I bet she loved it. Your children have your eyes...Lucky them.

SO sweet! Happy Birthday, Leah!!

Happy Birthday to your redheaded girl! We have lots of redheads in our family :) And I have a 15 year old boy. :)

Feliz Quinceañeros Leah!!

HBD apples dont fall to far from the tree

and i bet a excellent babysitter

Oh, Danny! You and Leah always make me cry in the best way.

Happy birthday, Leah; what a glorious young lady you are!

Soon she'll be under the huppa.

Happy 15th birthday Leah!! :) What a lucky girl you are - you are so very loved by all your family!

Fantastic Happy Birthday Leah. Hope your b-day was great

Happy Birthday Leah and many, many more to share with your wonderful family. The love you all have for each other comes pouring out. You are the luckiest girl in the world to have a dad like yours .... he is very special as are you.

Bubbe Marilyn

I am so jealous of Leah's hair! I dye my hair her color, it's beautiful!

She must be really patient and awesome to let you post pictures and videos of her on here, or at least not make faces. Happy Birthday, Leah!

A Belated Very Happy Birthday to Leah....15 years old! WOW! Lovely Video, proud Papa....

Wishing you all the most WONDERFUL New Year. May 2010 be everything you hope and wish for, and then some. GOOD HEALTH, MUCH HAPPINESS, AND AN ABUNDANCA OF PROSPERITY....!

what a great video - they really do grow up in the blink of an eye, don't they? Wishing all of you lots of good health and happiness in the coming year.

Ohhh, what a beautiful video! Happy Birthday Leah!! And I wish you a wonderful new year Danny, to you and all your lovely family!

AWESOME! I know I'm late [as usual], but please wish the lovely Leah a belated happy birthday from a gal who LOVES her hair in Utah.

What a gift you have in Leah, and what a gift she has in you. So neat!

Enjoyed watching the video and seeing your girl growing up. Wishing her all the best today and always.

I remember 15 vividly. It was pivotal for me. It was The Year. When Five for Fighting sings the song 100 Years, I'm completely into the refrain. And I'm probably the only middle-aged person who relates to Taylor Swift's single "Fifteen."

Your Daughter's Fifteenth Year
By D.K.Milgrim-Heath

Your daughter's fifteenth year-
Is mentioned in this poem here!

When my Sabrina was fifteen as well-
She got her poem by me that was swell.

Fifteen is that year you're nearly grown-
Not old enough being seriously on your own.

Leah so beautiful by your flaming red hair-
Proud your parents are of you-you're aware!

If Daddy wasn't proud he'd never write-
About you forever really a delight!

My two daughters already were fifteen-
Being a special age being that teen!

Enjoy this year becoming older and wise- You'll be that adult soon as time does fly!

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