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November 10, 2009


Hi Danny,

There is definitely a generation gap between us as I never watched any of the shows you enjoyed as a kid although I heard of them all. I guess I was too busy keeping my sanity with 3 kids less than 4 years apart so whatever "free" time I had, I snuck in a nap. I do agree with you and Kendall, however, on Mad Men. It is probably one of the best things on tv and I look forward to seeing it for a long time.

Charlie gets cuter looking every day and I hope he gets over his cold soon so you can relax a little and keep us up to date on his progress (and yours).

Gramma Marilyn

Hi Danny,

I am totally hooked on Mad Men and absolutely loved the final episode of the season last Sunday night. Watching the episode about Kennedy's assassination really brought back memories. I didn't have time to watch all your you tube clips yet, but I definitely will. My favorite of all the shows you have listed was "The Courtship of Eddie's father" I loved Mrs. Livingston.

Your school days and sick days sound just about like mine...imagine that! Love to you all. Julie fave TV show when I was sick as a little girl was "Susie, Private Secretary" starring Ann Sothern and Donald Porter (along with Jessie White). That show made me what I've become today!

I LOVE how Betty Draper is so cold to her kids. Just like real life.

Hi, Danny,
I'm a bit freaked out by how many of these shows I watched (read: all), and yes, we too are hooked on Mad Men.
I remember that on Tuesday nights at 7:31, Dorothy (Nimz) and I would call one another and discuss The Mod Squad. Not a sitcom at the time, but I think it would qualify now! If I caught Sarah doing that today, I'd send her to her room (where shed call her friends on her cell phone, anyway).
Hope Charlie gets over his cold soon. We got "a little something" for him in China, so we must get together soon!

Love Mad Men. I was just talking to someone about how Betty Draper reminded me of my mother with that cold "shut up and go away" attitude! I still recall my mom pushing me away and scolding me once for getting tears on her fur. As for the shows of the past, I consoled myself with many of them, like Julia, The Mothers In Law, and My World and Welcome To It. Also the silly Nanny and The Professor and Dark Shadows.

Who could forget Charles on Ghost and Mrs. Muir? I had a crush on Edward Mulhare and tried to meet him once when he was doing theatre here with no success!

It's criminal the TV I'd watch right this minute if I had a TV and I'm 57!!! And, BTW, I'm totally jealous that you got virgin Play-Doh on your sick days. My gawd your mother was a saint and from what I've read she wasn't even Catholic!!! My version of your Play-Doh was the jumbo box of Crayolas. I have to have two boxes at all times because one of them has to stay a virgin. That's what one gets for being an old-fashioned neurotic.


omigod! i LOVED the courtship of eddie's father and the ghost and mrs. muir! i have not thought of those shows in YEARS but you brought it all back INSTANTLY!


Okay, so now we're back to the posts where everything you write is torn right from my own life, as if we were secretly siblings. With the exception of "My Living Doll," (which I never heard of), I was a fan of every show you mentioned.

And a sick day for me in junior high school (circa 1972)?

Everyone leaves the house. I set up some pillows and a quilt on the rattan couch in the den (our only TV) and start with a morning of "Bewitched," "That Girl," "Beverly Hillbillies," "Pettitcoat Junction," some incarnation of Lucy, "Gilligan's Island," "Andy Griffith"... and then an afternoon of soap operas, leading into Dark Shadows, leading into manually turning the dial between Mike, Merv and Dinah. Breaking for dinner. And if it was a Friday night? Moving right into "The Brady Bunch," "The Partridge Family," "Room 222," "The Odd Couple," and "Love American Style." Followed by Johnny Carson, and when I was in high school, Tom Snyder. Do you, by the way, remember a show that was only on for about half a season called "The New People"? Loved it.

Betty Draper is such a selfish bitch but I love
all the shows you posted.

Danny, I was a master of faking being sick so I could stay home and do nothing but watch TV! I still am inclined on occasion to repeat this old behavior, but refer to this as taking a"mental health day"! My maternal grandmother got me hooked on soaps, so had to feed THAT addiction for years, i was an avid fan of AMC throughout HS and college! Oy! I am proud to currently be a "selective" viewer, whose current obsessions are MM, Curb, Bored to Death, 90210, project runway and top chef. If we ever get together live and in person, promise me a tv marathon day! PS why were you not over at alan spector;s house with me watching the Flinstones? PPS. my Uncle Ben Aronin invented the magic door! Luv, Susie


I love that picture of Charlie!

I know all the words to the Courtship of Eddie's Father warped is it that I still remember that? Of course, I also used to dream that Mrs. Livingston would adopt me. And that I looked like Buffy from Family Affair.

I remember every one of these obscure shows, and I loved them all, except for "My World...," which sounds only slightly familiar. What about the Danny Thomas Show. Not really obscure, but forgotten? I can't believe how many shows I watched. I can't believe I remember the day and time these shows aired. In high school I really liked that NBC movie series that alternated McMillan and Wife, Columbo and McCloud.

This post rocked -- I didn't know a few of the ones that you listed as I was born in 1963, but many were favorites as well. I, too, remember the pleasures of being sick at home from school when I was a kid. I mostly remember lying in bed with stacks of library books and a tray with my meals on it. But there were game shows to watch from my parents' bed and Dark Shadows in the afternoon. Thanks for the nostalgia -- it was warm and wonderful.

Most importantly, I hope that you boy is better soon.

I loved The Courtship of Eddie's Father. I wouldn't mind watching it again. They used the theme song on an MTV show recently and it got me all nostalgic.

I watched the shows listed from "The Mothers-in-Law" and down. I'm clueless as to the other ones.
How about "Lost In Space", "the Time Tunnel", "Land of the Giants", "That Girl", "The Flying Nun", "Family Affair", "My Three Sons" just to name a few others I watched from that time period. Were they on your radar, too?

Ouch. I love tv too much. I suppose it doesn't help that my dad was a tv producer back in the day. I'm older than you, so my childhood faves included Topper, The Stu Erwin Show, The Bob Cummings Show, My Little Margie, Gunsmoke, Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, My Friend Flicka, The Micky Mouse Club, Father Knows Best, Maverick.

Sick days at home meant soap operas, which were not my favorites but had to do.

I didn't love The Goldbergs at the time, but I appreciate it now and loved the documentary Yoo Hoo Mrs Goldberg.

Best to Charlie.

We moved to the US in 1973 when I was 10, so I missed the shows you list. But even so, I too was glued to the TV—basically how I learned English. In Sweden the programming started late in the afternoon, there were two stations, and there was no funny stuff. When we moved here, my parents were so out of control, I really think TV and comedies saved my life: I Love Lucy, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore.

I'm hoping that Charlie has a speedy recovery, and is already feeling better!

wow, I just watched the Courtship of Eddie's Father clip and when the YouTube panel came up at the end, I saw a familiar face, it was Jodie Foster guest starring at about age 7. Watching those old shows is like watching old family movies, they spark the same childhood memories. I also spent hours after school watching Mike Douglass, Merv Griffin, Virginia Graham, et al. I 'visited' with these actors much more than I did with my actual relatives.

I don't know if he'd want to be remembered this way, but Charles Nelson Reilly was at his best not on The Ghost and Mrs Muir but as a panelist on Match Game, especially when he was kvetching with Brett Sommers.

Um, as a gentile fan of this blog, I sure hope I used the word "kvetching" the right way.

tv is not like the old days for sure

I remember every single show you mentioned, and loved them all! I have another one from the same period that no one, not even my husband can remember. It was called Mona McKluskey and it starred Juliet Prowse as, I recall, a German military bride adjusting to life in the US.

In general I find that many of the sitcoms of that era were either completely rubbish, or had some sly sophistication that producers and writers today are not allowed to get away with anymore.

ooooooh, ooooooh, I also remember (this ties in to Mad Men) a very short-lived, experimental show whose name escapes me. It was an original one-hour weekly musical about a newlywed couple. Each week was like a new show taking this couple on a new step in their lives. The stars were Robert Morse and EJ Peaker. It only lasted a few weeks, and I remember watching it while babysitting, so it must have been on Saturday nights,

Debbie, I loved that show which was called "That's Life" from 1968. It was like an original mini-musical each week and a bit ahead of its time. I think of it every time I see Robert Morse on "Mad Men!" I would've included it on my list but I couldn't find any YouTube clips.

I always thought my father ruled the television when I was younger but now I see that I did indeed watch quite a bit because except for the early 60's shows you discuss, I watched them ALL. Sad but true and I can't believe you remember them all so well. I am pleasantly surprised to be reminded of "My World and Welcome to It", that one was DEEP down in my grey matter. I can't thank you enough.

As i read through your list, I thought of adding "My world and welcome to it"... but you did! I can't believe that show was only on for 1 season because it was so memorable to me..

Some obscure shows I remember were "The Bill Cosby Show",where he played a gym teacher,The Governor and JJ,Nancy,Apples Way,Batman,Mannix,Hawaii 5-0,Mr. Terrific,Captain Nice,It's About Time,The Monkees, and the animated "Wait til Your Father Gets Home".

These clips brought back a lot of memories. Thanks!!!

Well, it took me a while, but I found it...For some reason none of the clips are there...BAH HUMBUG! But, it was nice to see that someone remembers "PLEASE DON'T EAT THE DAISY'S" and Pat Crowley. I will have to tell her that! It's always nice to hear these things and you and Kendall are so great about your loyalty to these older shows!!
I LOVE LOBE LOVE "MAD MEN" too, and just hate these these so called 'seasons' are so damn short...! Not like the old days there, is it? LOL!

Hi Danny,

Though you grew up in the city, and I grew up in the suburbs, I still envision us growing up in the same house, with the same relatives, and the same angst! (I guess Jewish angst is universal!).

Thank you for conjuring up all these memories, and reminding me of what I love to read and write about the most.

My World was also one of my favorite shows. Unfortunately, like so many other ground makers, it was "Too hip for the room" ! I hate to think of someone remaking it...and ultimately ruining it.

Thanks for sharing!


so what did you say ?

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