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November 29, 2009


Yes indeedy.

And Pearl- is such a cool name.

Love the orange siblings!

Your daughter always strikes me as so grown up, so it's funny a picture of her holding her baby brother makes her seem the most child-like to me. It is a beautiful photo, Danny.


I'm also fascinated with my family history. I've been plugging away at my family tree for well over a year now. I've made contact with relatives all over the world that I never knew existed. My 4th great grandfather on my fathers side was a "Chief Rabbi". Who knew?

Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours.

Love you, my friend.

Wonderful photos as always. Like you, I wish I could go back and chat with those long gone. When I was younger I was always a little scared of our dour older German relatives and didn't like to be around them. Now, of course, they are all dead, many years ago already. Even my grandmother, who died about 15 years ago at age 87. If only I had taken them time to ask more questions! Have tried this with my 82-yr.-old mom but it's a trial. She likes to repeat the same things over and over again and tends to get irritable if you try to probe too much. You get the feeling some things she just won't discuss or doesn't care to remember. Yet every now and then something interesting pops out--completely out of context, of course.

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

It wasn't until i read your blog about pogroms did I completely understand why my grandmother came to america with her five brothers. I had never asked her about life in romania and she died before i was interested in her life before becoming a grnadmother and have always regretted it. I asked my father's mother about her life in russia and her trip to America. all she would say was "terrible" and refused to continue.
I am conscious of creating memories now, as we celebrate together small nuclear family, missing those who used to come to celebrate with us but content with our own company.

Also notice that the handwriting on all the old photos of my great-grandparents says "Goldkin" - no "D".

I know, Alan, my "Goldkind" argument is getting weaker by the minute. We need to see the name written in Yiddish on some Polish tombstone for the final verdict.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Happy albiet a little late Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family! Miss you and have lots to tell you. Wish we were coming out there soon - can't wait to meet and hold Charlie.

Dear Danny,
Isn't it great to discover old photographs of our long gone relatives ? Just a few days ago, I received a picture of about 20 family members gathered together for Christmas................ in 1916 !

LOVE this post, Danny. Your current family photos are great...Leah and Charlie definitely look related.

Thanksgiving for Jews....we always have appetizers of chopped herring and chopped liver w/rye bread! Add to the traditional dinner a bowl of kasha mit varnishkes and it's poifect!

The photo of my father-in-law Dave could be a photo of Asher's youngest Ira, or even his son Mickey. Amazing...

Hi Danny,

How sad that most of us weren't that interested in where our grandparents and great grandparents came from and what their lives were like. Like some of your family, my father's family did not come to America when he and his brothers did in the early 1900's, so I never knew them. I would give anything now as a 75 year old to have known about them. I know your Charlie. because of you, will always know about his ancestors. Keep telling him about them. Looking forward to seeing you, Kendall and Charlie very soon.

Bubbie Marilyn

Beautiful post! Love reading about your family's history.

Look at that adorable little boy of yours! Oh my goodness... Charlie has gotten sooo big! Love the leg rolls! What a cutie! =)

Glad you all had a wonderful T'giving!

Coulda,Woulda,Soulda I know what you mean about embrassing the family's past history. As we get older our roots seem more important, we want to know as much as possible. I would give anything to be able to have a long chat with the family members gone past. When we were younger and had the opportunity it didn't seem important. Maybe we thought these people would be in our lives forever they weren't going anywhere. When we got older we appreciate their insights. I wish I could have the time back. I have one aunt left 3000 miles away. Looks like a trip could be in order.

Thanks for the family history lesson. I love these old stories and photos... Even when my great-uncle Davey was a kid he wore his pants to his pipick!

To introduce myself: I am your cousin Jillian Korolnek, Steve's daughter. Not too sure how exactly we are related but we have the same great-grandparents.

Glad I found your blog! And if you ever manage to resurrect the dead for interviews I'd love to be there.

Take care,

My grandmothers name was Goldie too.
My grandmother used to use the word "dreck".
You sometimes use the word "dreck" in your blog.
It makes me happy when I hear the word "dreck" used in a sentence.
And I loved the way she said it too. It Ruled!

Did you see the movie "Avalon"? (from past reads of your blog, something tells me the answer is yes. In fact, you probably already have some sort of amusing anecdote about it somewhere.)
The opening scene where they were having the Thanksgiving dinner?

Uncle-The father never drank the water
Nephew-Wait..when exactly did you say he drank water?
Uncle-He NEVER drank water!
Nephew-I'm just saying at some point, he MUST have had some water.
Uncle-The father NEVER drank the water!

Or something to that effect. I don't know. It just kinda popped into my head.

I am just catching up on your blog. I'm glad the family is doing well. Thanks for sharing the photos! Have a healthy New Year!

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