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October 06, 2009


Chag Sameakh Danny!

My son asked about Charlie last shabbat because he had noticed my mentioning his name in my list of people I pray for at Mi Sheberach, so he wanted to know who was this Charlie and what did he have to be healed for.

Also, you know that the Lulav shake as you say :-) is a very spiritual and deep operation, that can definitely reground you in the essential movements with your emotions, especially in those very,well, shaky times that you have been going through.

I am not a very observant person myself, I don't want to mislead people who read me and would believe that just from all I speak about. I have a deep love for our rituals though, and wish I was taking the time to perform them more dutifully. They contain all the wisdom that we tend to forget about, sometimes just because we simply treat them as rituals, blindly, and forget about the meanings within.

Danny, he is just getting cuter and stronger by the minute! So happy you are enjoying him!!!

I think it is perfect that his yarmulke can double as a beret when he goes to poetry readings in the La Brea area after shul.

I am a Jehovah's Witness magnet. Magnet, I tell you. I end the conversation by asking them if they know my stepmom who happens to keep me awash in The Watchtower. Say what you will, you can't knock devotion.

Dear Danny,

I'm jealous. It looks like Jewish people get to have a lot of fun. Regarding the words of the song in the video that you posted, I wonder how many youngsters know what is meant by, "shake it like a Polaroid picture ?"

Glad to hear that our little Charlie is doing well.

What a great post--it combines cute pictures of Charlie, good news about his appointment, and interesting information about my culture that I never knew about.

Danny, you have the most fantastic attitude on the planet. I'm so grateful that you're sharing your story here. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Chag Sameach, Danny. Our sukkah is only ____ miles away from your house, but the Miller family presence could only enhance its decor. Maybe one day we'll get to see you 'round these parts...

Great photo. Interesting to hear about the rituals. I saw this holiday listed on my calendar and was trying to remember what it involved. Hope Charlie continues to do well.

Charlie has a strong Miller look to him. You know how babies look like old people in a way? A grown-up version of him would fit right into those pictures you've posted of your aunts and uncles.

Which is to say: he looks great.

Chag Sameach.

Look at those beautiful big eyes! Danny, he is just the sweetest little guy. I am so happy that he's really home now. The yarmulke pic cracked me up -- definitely the one you should blow up huge and have people sign during his Bar Mitzvah. :)

Awww. I love those photos of Charlie and I'm glad everything is going so well with him. That video is hilarious too

Great photo and even better news about Charlie. I've learned more about my religion from your posts than I did from Hebrew School.

Hi Danny, Kendall, Leah and Charlie, who also looks like his grandpa, Peter. We spent the break-fast dinner with your Dad, and your Uncle Bill and Aunt Avra. Naturally, we talked about your family, and you were all much in our thoughts. Have a happy holiday, and shake that lulav vigorously, eight to the bar. Marc and Judy.

I must say, Charlie has so much life showing in his beautiful eyes.

Love it, especially Charlie's photos. Yum.

Fake Grandma

In looking at the Video those things thry are shaking are not like any Palm Fronds I have ever true Date Palm Frond is quite big! I recall they used the Big ones at our Temple in Great Neck...Of course that was a Very Very VERY long time ago...! I don't what it is they are using in the ideo but it must be from some teeny tiny itty bitty Palms...!

Charlie looks wonderful! So sweeet and so very beautiful. I LOVE his double duty Hat....He will fit right in, In France, too!

First of all I'm so happy to hear good news about Charlie!!! I'll keep you all in my prayers. And speaking of religion...well kind of. I'm so glad you had the experience with the young Lubavitcher.

I was just talking to a friend recently and mentioned that I wish I could be a better Christian. I admire those who live their lives in total devotion to their God. I wish I were as dedicated and more practicing of the rituals of my faith.

So i'm living a little vicariously through your experience in the parking lot. Different faith yes, but faith none-the-less.

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