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October 20, 2009


One of the best assignments I remember from school was to interview a parent and a grandparent. My grandparents were very modest about their lives - they worked hard on the farm, served their country and that's just the way things were. When I think about how much they saw the world change in their lifetimes, it's almost hard to comprehend. It's so cool that you have a recording of your great-grandfater. What a neat thing to be able to share with your kids! By the way, that's a beautiful smile on that boy of yours :)

I hope that Charlie continues to smile; gotta say it, though, he looks an awful lot like Kendall (IMHO). What do others say?

Dear Danny,

You left out Dame Elizabeth Taylor...

I check in here often, and I get perturbed when I don't see a new addition to your blog, every day ! LOL. That's how much I enjoy reading it. But, I know that you have more important things on your mind, these days.

It seems as if all the drama and fears, the roller coaster of emotions, and all the concern of the past months has suddenly faded away, and a magical healthy baby boy has appeared. Nice work.


Dear Danny,

Your latest missive only makes me wonder what your Charlie, Leah and my 3 grandkids will have in their lives 30 or 40 years from now that they don't already have. I would like to be a fly on the wall to be able to observe them. The only thing we can do is as you say "live in the moment" and enjoy every moment we have with our kids, and yes, hopefully one day you and Kendall will be called "gramma and grampa"

Charlie looks great .... poo, poo, poo!


He looks sooooooo cute and happy!!!

Great post, Danny, and great reminder. Now where's my brown paper bag for keeping me from hyperventilating?

OY is right!!
Charlie is such a cutie pie. He's still in my nightly prayers.

What a beautiful picture. He's a character.

I remember one night feeding my son in his rocking chair when he was just a few days old, and thinking that becoming a parent makes you feel like you're at the frontier of the human race. Instead of grinding against time, pushing onwards, I felt like the future had suddenly opened up to me. Harper lay in my arms looking up at the ceiling benignly, probably trying to figure out the shadows moving across it, and I felt this swell of all the people who had come before me living and breathing and making decisions that led to this moment. They were all in the room with me, watching this happening. I thought about all the forks in the road that were taken, all the flowing down of history (like Alexander's ascension to the throne of Russia leading to your family leaving) that made us who and where we are. I thought about the amazing life this kid in my arms would have, all the things he had the power to achieve. And now I'm thinking those things about Charlie - about how many lives he has touched, about tripping over this blog one day and discovering your story and how it has touched me all the way over here in a country right at the end of the road that runs around the world. Long may it continue.

Charlie is absolutely gorgeous!!

What a beautiful photo! I, too, think about those overlapping generations a lot these days as I'm in a period where many of my friends parents are passing away. My ex-father-in-law died in June, for example. He of the WWII generation. I also consider myself fortunate to have worked at Filmland Journal thirty years ago when so many of our film favorites were still alive and I was lucky to have interviewed a few of them. Thanks for the thoughtful post.

Hey! There is nothing wrong with Winona Ryder!

There's a resemblance of Charlie and your grandfather in the two photos! What an incredible smile! Continue to Stay in the Moment~

I remember seeing my daughter born and thinking she looked exactly like my father who had died 2 1/2 years before she was born. And I never thought of him as being anyway fem! When my kids were born I felt like I had more in common with all the mothers in the world than I ever imagined I would feel. All is a present in the present...all gratitude for everything is a constant prayer of mine. thanks for your great posts, and another lovely picture of Charlie!

So is 70 the new 40? I'll take it! Also, the kid looks luscious. Give that cheek a pinch for me.

Fake Grandma

As Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood, Faye Dunaway, Goldie Hawn, Warren Beatty, Dennis Hopper, Burt Renyolds, Sally Field, James Garner, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Robert de Niro, Robert Redford, Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Rachel Welch, Donald Sutherland, Elliot Gould, and Harvey Keitel are all now over 60, some even over 70, I guess they should really be considered screen elders, though, as one who grew up in the 70s, it's disconceting for me to think of them as such.

I really should of appreciated Melvyn Douglas while he was still around.

That's "have appreciated"

Terrific photo!

Charlie is perfectly adorable, as usual! Chris [my husband] and I have wondered what assisted living communities will look like in 60 years. Will there be several Brittany's and Tanner's mulling about with drooping tattoos? [My husband and I both have tattoos so we'll be part of that scene someday.]

Your parting thought is the most important one. We all need to relax and recognize "all is well in the world" right now.

That is one beautiful baby picture.

I'm so sad that my girls never got to meet my mom or my grandmother. What a loss for all of them.

Nice post, and even better pictures!

That is such a gorgeous photo. He looks like he's soaked up all the energy from all his previous generations and is ready to teach us a thing or two about joy.

What GREAT {ictures of Charlie...! I can see the Miller in Charlie, for sure, but I also can see the Hailey in him too! It is uncanny how these things meld in the DNA or wherever it is they meld.....But there they are, together. What a Heritage dear Charlie has....It Is so rich and WONDERFUL in every way.

When I saw this picture of Charlie I thought of how much he looks like your grandmother - Anita. What do you think?

What a wonderful picture of Charlie! What a bundle of joy! Congats again on being home.

Oy! The punim! I'm in love!

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