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October 12, 2009


Way to go.

Such a pleasure through and through...

xoxo to all!

Fake Grandma

Love the entire video, but the last shot of Leah and Charlie is wonderful.

SO sweet!

Danny, you've got to stop making me cry. Seriously.

In that photo it looks like Charlie just understood his very first off-color joke! I loved the video too.

Just the perfect blendship...

I didn't cry until the very end - that moment with Leah pushed me over the edge. So great to see your Dad with Charlie and also to see Kendall, with her beautiful smiling face.

Thanks for answering the question plaguing me today--Whassup with Danny & Charlie & the gang?

Delighted to see the snuggle fest!


Beautiful post. i so want to leave work right now and go get my little boy and squeeze him to bits.
K x

The video was sweet, really sweet. Glad to see that our boy is doing so well. Thanks.

Beautiful boy!

When can I babysit? I won't let any boys come over, I promise.

What a great video! It made my day.


lovely . . . sending love to all of you

What a beautiful boy!

sooo cute he is . and it was great to see your dad holding him. wow sam bobrick havent heard that name in decades!!!
keep up the great pics and videos

after a VERY long discussion with one of my friends who is one of my biggest supporters, we both decided Charlie is one heck of a boy and is going to live a long and prosperous life. and we would like to send him something special. email me personally please if you aren't scared of what we might send. it's a happy, feel-good box if you will.

and if you want to send your little man my way for a weekend, i for sure wouldn't mind.

i'm so very happy for you guys.

Makes me happy to see so much happiness spreading with that little boy of yours.Just cannot wait till I ever get out there to see you all in person.

Just chiming in to say I'm absolutely gaga.

Wonderful video. I'm sure the love of all these people has helped Charlie in his journey thus far and will continue to guide him. Just great that your dad finally got to meet his grandson.

What a sweet post. I'm so glad your dad and Charlie got to finally meet. That top photo is priceless.

Such a touching post about your Dad with his Grandson. And Charlie continues to look more and more healthy and BIG every post! Macey and I watched the video together and she kept saying "dada". Apparently we need to work on "baby" next :)

Leah with her baby brother - precious!!! Sometimes I wish my younger brother was still a baby, tell her to really enjoy him.

Bravo Bravo...standing ovation. xoxo

What a joy to read this post, to see the adorable photo of Charlie and your father, and to view the happy video! I wish you and your family so much continued nachas!!

very cute

Just caught up on your recent news after being back east for a while and am so happy things are going well re Charlie. He gets cuter every time I see pictures of him. Charlie might like to know Gramma Marilyn shook her lulav at the American Arts and Crafts Museum (which is a must see) in New York and had the same experience you did Danny. It brought me back to my childhood when we did it, but this time with the Chabadniks made it special. I know Charlie will remember his first time as well.

Keep the good news coming and hope to see you guys soon.


Your father's story is humbling. It's truly amazing to learn what people have endured. I imagine it's difficult living so far away from him.

Charlie looks FANTASTIC in the video! His thighs are bubblicious. I'm so glad he's doing well and that he's loved by so many people. He's a beautiful baby. You're so blessed!

Charlie looks exactly like your dad! We are in Israel and are bringing Charlie back gifts from the Land of Milk and Honey. We miss you but finally got internet access so at least I could see Jew Eat Yet. You probably have lots of fans in Israel.We are at a "health farm" lots of women in mumus eating sesame encrusted high-fat dairy items. Ideas of health are apparently a little different here. Gary adapts perfectly to every new environment and I am going a little crazy.

I keep forgetting to watch the video at home because at work, nothing works but I do love that picture of your dad and Charlie. It's always fun to read your blogs.

i am the jewish grandmother from estero fl. who got hooked on your web from my son who is a wilco fan...i can't believe how wonderful charlie is doing..he is a beautiful boy...seeing your dad with him brought tears to my eyes as so many of your other blogs did...i feel like i know your family...the picture of leah and charlie was also a tearjerker...i can only wish charlie a long and healthy life...
marjorie d.

He is just too cute and that picture with your dad is absolutely precious.

I am so glad that your sweet and handsome boy is now home!

More pictures please!!!

Brilliant. The ending, big sister and little brother, is the sweetest thing ever.

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