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October 31, 2009


love the post dad! really articulate!! xoxo

Okay first thing...Leah looks like your beautiful mom. 2nd thing...Charlie still looks like you. Isn't that the face you would make if we put you in a pumpkin suit?

I love Halloween too. Am I a heathen because I honestly think my fondest memories of my kids' childhood are from halloween? I'm not a very crafty cutie mom but I did Halloween up to the max too. We had Halloween parties every year for the kids and their friends. It always surprised me that nobody else in the neighborhood ever did. I have a traditional glow in the dark halloween t-shirt that I wore every year with a witch's hat. Don't know where the hat is but I've still got the t-shirt and am wearing it tonight. Fortunately, our new baltimore neighborhood is trick or treat heaven so I'm going to be in my element. Jordan, by the way, may have reached legal drinking age but part of the reason I'm feeling so full of halloween cheer is cause I spent the last week making him his Max costume so in that spirit...Let the wild rumpus start.

Charlie is so fat and healthy!

And your daughter is a knockout.

Thanks for the "spirited" post! If we weren't 3000 miles away, my kids would be first in line for Kendall's full-size candy bars. We already went trick-or-treating at the mall and will go out again tonight.

I love the photos. Both kids look adorable in their costumes. But Leah's fashion shoot--wow! She looks stunning.

I hope you all have fun tonight!

You have such a beautiful family Danny!
All generations.
And I feel bad for giving out mean old little treat-size chocolates. I'll have to take a leaf from Kendall's book!

Leah is just BEAUTIFUL!!
And be sure to tell her I said so, teen age girls need to hear that as often as possible from everyone possible. And I so agree about the Sodom & Gomorrah aspect of this holiday! Little girls just aren't little for very long anymore, but I won't get on that soapbox here in your comments.
Charlie is just a doll baby!
Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

Ohmigod! Lock your door to the onslaught of boys -- far scarier than the ghoulies and ghosties! Seriously, though, your daughter is stunningly beautiful.

charlie is so adorable and wow leah is breathtaking in those pictures. she could be a model. and the pics of your mom bring backs suuuuuch memories. i still tell everyone about her being the witch, and absolutely didnt come back till we our bags were filmed to the brim. that was the best.isnt that picture of your mom on the phone in your dad's office on drake. and look at that big ashtray!!! amazing how thank G-d we dont see those in most homes anymore. the good old dayssss! ahhhhhh!!!

have a spook-tac-ular day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Didn't your Mom once pretend to slash her wrists at the kitchen sink?

I do remember the witch costume year after year Slashing her wrists? Do not remember that one or maybe I do not want to remember. Ewww.

The fake wrist-slashing was an April Fool's joke. Oy. Only ketchup was involved!

I guess Charlie felt undignified in his pumpkin suit but so cute. Leah looks quite the actress with her dramatic hair! We've no young people in our immediate family any longer. I went "trick-or-treating" for beer with a bunch of grownups this year. Somehow it was just not the same as those kiddie parties of yore that you described that were a staple of my 1960s/70s youth.

Charlie is going to be mayor, of somewhere, someday. And Leah is and will be a star.

And we'll all say we knew you when!

Your mother was beautiful. Your daughter is beautiful. Your wife is beautiful. Your son is beautiful. You are beautiful.

Now I know where Susie gets her penchant for zany Halloween get-ups.

Hope you had a happy day!

Fake Grandma

Awww, both Charlie and Leah look so cute in their costumes! Leah does look like quite the model in her photo shoot, and she certainly does seem to resemble her pretty grandmother.

Thank you for sharing your Halloween past and present! :)

I know everyone has already said it, but WOW! Leah looks amazing in those photos...And Charlie's not so bad himself. Happy belated Halloween!

You know, I thought for sure there was something in Kendall's book about full sized candy bars at Halloween, but a cursory browse turned nothing up. I need Command+F to work in hard cover. (Of course, I might very well be making it up.)

I'm sort of new to your blog -- have read it off and on for a while. I loved this post and the one after it -- the notions of children and their aging and all that is gained and all that is lost. I have a 14 year old daughter with severe special needs and am no stranger to the hard realization that she, too,is on her own journey.

Your children are both gorgeous -- the hair, the smiles-- wow!

Good God, Danny, both of your children are absolutely beautiful. You can definitely be a very proud papa!

(my daughter had lice when she was about 10, and it was a nightmare. Lice, I read, are now getting resistant to products meant to kill them. It can't be good to use those products on kids either...)

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