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September 28, 2009


ahhhhhh....I feel atoned by reading this and no longer need to attend temple. Thank you.

Fabulous news. Charlie looks great!

He's making me laugh--a good thing to do on Yom Kippur afternoon, yeah?

Yippeee indeed!

mazel tov danny! Charlie looks positively peachy! May it be a sweet, healthy new year for all of you!

" prevent any sociopaths from waltzing..." brought to mind a choreographed number from a Mel Brooks movie.

Congrats on the homecoming. I loved the last line of your post. It felt to me very full circle.

What a lovely speedy recovery. Glad that Charlie is home again, enjoying the sunshine and the canine companionship. He's looking lovely. Would love to hear about your writing projects. You have written about your family's experience with such eloquence.

Happy belated five month birthday to Charlie. Remembering Oliver.

... and you have much go be thankful for. Charlie looks GREAT ! Welcome home.

Such wonderful news... a phenomenal start to the New Year. Mazel Tov and all the best of health and happiness to Charlie, Kendall, and you. Sending big hugs and hope to see you guys (and meet Charlie in the flesh) sometime soon.
xoxo darian and mike

I think he looks like your sister in that first shot.
Mazel Tov on the homecoming.

Hurray! What a triumph. Best wishes for you, Kendall, Charlie and Leah as you finally start your new home lives together!

G-d Bless!

Mazel tov and Happy New Year!

Congratulations. What a trevail. I've been following your heartbreak and progress from afar, and sending every good thought. Your son is adorable and I didn't think it were possible to have a 'wry' smile at his young age. Obviously an old soul. In addition to the warm sun and loving parents, you seem to have a great dog. (Looks like Petey from The Little Rascals!) Be sure to include 'Petey.' Nothing heals quite like dog-therapy. Best wishes from Montana.

Mazel tov on Charlie's return home .... when the real Thanksgiving comes around very soon, I know it will be the best one yet for all the Millers. In the meantime, just keep kissing him and one big one from me.


such great news! ox,m

So glad you're home again! Yay!!

The very best kind of news. Thank you.

The pictures are amazing, what a sweet, cute baby! It is times like this that we remember that taking things triumph by triumph is the best way. Go Charlie go!!!

erg, please forgive the above grammar, I got carried away....

Great news! I knew your dogs would be great with Charlie. I'm so happy for you guys--again.


Yea! Welcome home for good to Charlie. So happy for all of you! And dogS? I wasn't aware (for some reason) that you had more than one.

Keep up the good work, Charlie.

Oh, I'm almost teary reading this. What a wonderful way to start off the New Year with Charlie home.

Please keep us all posted in the blogosphere on how he's adjusting to life back at home sweet home.

Love the pics... he's getting to be such a big boy... and SOOO cute! =)

what a great way on a special day. look charlie even has his yamukah on. may the new year bring you all the very best and happiness and very special moments for your family
Happy New Year!

In every picture Charlie is speaking with his eyes - they are so lively and alert. He looks like a wise little man!

Wow, this is amazing! I am smiling from ear to ear. Bless all three of you!

I would be surprised if you couldn't get at least a series of articles, if not a whole book from this experience. It would be a wonderful resource for others whose little ones came early.

He's all smiles . . . I can't get over it!

Bodes well . . . bodes well.

Mazel tov!!!!

I'm SOOOOOO happy for you guys! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy New Year, Danny - to *all* of you. I wish you many many days of regular and typical exhaustion from feeding Charlie into the night! :-)
And love to everyone. May this year be sweet, sweet and sweet.

Wonderful that Charlie is home and things went so smoothly. May this continue to be the case and may your return to "real life" be everything you're hoping for.

Ahh, exhaustion! Blessed exhaustion. Giggling. Now you'll look more like a proper new parent. Not with tear-streaked cheeks but with hollowed-out eyes that look like two pissholes in the snow. A slim distinction but an important one. Joy! xo

beautiful. just beautiful.

Yippee! I'm glad you're back home. Charlie looks great!

Congratulations!!!!! so happy for you and the cordless Charlie!

Oh, hurray! I'm sure you will have a million things to write about with such wonderful children and a beautiful wife. Life is good and just beginning anew. How exciting.

Wonderful news! Congratulations, Charlie looks terrific!

Welcome back home, Charlie and family!

Got my Danny and Charlie fix. Can now move on to other things. Thanks for the happy update.

Fake Grandma

Charlie is beautiful. You must be thrilled. Time for regular life to begin and dream of what dear Charlie will do as his first act of "normal kid at home". The possibilities are endless...
I love telling everyone your story and now I can say "Charlie is great and at home" bring on the old Hollywood with lots of updates on the entire family!

Yay! Charlie's back home where he belongs! :)

I'm thrilled for you guys, just thrilled. And wow, look at that adorable smile! Charlie is so cute. Happy New Year, my friend.

"Cordless Charlie," LOL!! Charlie Unplugged!


What happy news! He's adorable!

i do believe you have a life-time of non-atonement. I'm so glad he's home!

Great news! We're so happy for you all!

I was at Shul when this was posted, but I added Chaim Yehuda to the Prayer list ...didn't know Kendall's hebrew name so they used Sarah. good to see his smiling face. May this next year be sweet with Good health and peace for all.

Great news, adorable pix.

It is strange to re-enter "normal" life when you've been through so much. Hoping you find a new normal soon, find work, and feel grounded soon.

Happy to see photos of your round-cheeked boy. Today is my daughter's 12th birthday. Good memories, happy days.

Congratulations to you on having Charlie home. I have not kept up regularly on your blog, but am updated almost daily from Laurie and Sarah who are devoit followers of your blog. Best wishes for the new year!


Danny, ShanaTova for sure......What a great way to start the New Year...Love to all of you Marsha

He looks like he knows he's home! Smart boy.

Been following Charlie's every little step, forward and back, but never comment. This post made me want to jump up and click my heels and sing as badly as I do. I don't need to know you all in person to know how happy you must be. I love you all (even though we don't know each other)

Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Charlie is really blossoming and it shows in your most recent photos. High five that!


Yay! Hubby walked in as I was looking at your post and said, "look at those cheeks!!" I'll say it again: the yummiest baby ever!
I think you need to compile all of your baby/Charlie/NICU/homecoming postings into a book - it would be amazing. It's so 'bashert' that Charlie came home on Yom Kippur - this is going to be one fantastic year for all of you.

Charlie looks great. I am happy to knew that Charlie is fine after his surgery. I wish for him, god bless him. My best wishes always with him. Thanks for this great post here.

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