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September 01, 2009


That photo made my day/night!! (Not sure which it is at 3:25 a.m. Eastern time). He is so gorgeous! I'm thrilled for you & Kendall that he's finally getting closer to coming home with you.

By the way, my 16-year-old is devouring Kendall's book, shocked at how another girl's way of thinking was just like hers, 15 years before she was even born. Apparently it has stood the test of time.

This is such great news. I feel like such a creepy stalker leaving comments on your blog seeing as we don't even know each other, or live in the same hemisphere, but if the good vibes help ...
*hoping that the next post will be about charlie's homecoming*
All the best, K xx

I celebrate your joy and happiness! You ALL deserve this moment. [And, as usual, and by the way, very much enjoyed (and learned from) your movie reviews!]

Good luck to Leah as well! My, my, my - so much to be thankful for.
Hugs and smiles for a glorious homecoming of your darling little Charlie

Yay that is such brilliant news. Well done Charlie, he is looking so good especially sans cannula! I hope, hope, hope that he makes it home next week. Sending thoughts, prayers and positive vibes across the ocean.

I'm still not over my attempts to force excessive amounts of calories into J. I did smile at Charlie protesting at the overfeeding.

And you've confirmed my suspicion that District 9 is probably not for me and Julie & Julia probably will be.

Look at his gorgeous little face! Wow, what a difference. This absolutely made my day!

Great news about Charlie coming home soon and Leah beginning high school. WOW. Appreciate the film reviews, too. I also found Taking Woodstock disappointing but enjoyed Julie and Julia very much. The Amy Adams part didn't bother me as much as it did some others. Saw Inglorious Basterds only because my brother was in town for a rare visit two weeks ago and he practically dragged me to the theater. Neither one of us cared for it, to put it mildly. I also saw Woody Allen's Whatever Works with Larry David and thought it was OK. Likewise the documentary about A Chorus Line at a special benefit where Marvin Hamlisch spoke at the beginning of July.

It's true: we should let go of our preconceived notions. Often they hold us back.

BTW, happy birthday and best wishes for Charlie coming home soon!

Fantastic news and what a cutie-pie! I knew from the photos that Charlie's been developing chubby cheeks, but now that he isn't hiding behind any tubes he looks like a perfect little cherub.


I'll go see "Inglorious Basterds" only on your word. I had given up the idea of going but you've single-handedly resurrected it.

Charlie looks alert and rarin' to go. Leah, as ever, is beautiful. High school--so I hear musicals in the background?

I have fashions for Charlie but I just couldn't get to LA with France looming on the horizon. Address? Email with address?

Later 'gator,

Yay, Danny so happy for you. And omigod...Charlie is just his own little person, isn't he? What an adorable baby! And thanks for the movie reviews. You've convinced me to give Inglorious Basterds a chance.

Oh, two other things:
1. Leah is gorgeous!
2. Are those horrible fires close to you guys? Hope you and your family stay safe...

That you have the time and werewithal to write so intelligently about so many movies -- not to mention the energy to see them -- speaks volumes about both you and Charlie. My eyes well up just thinking about you and Kendall walking through that door with him in your arms.

And also thinking about this kid's indomitable will to live. He's a star, who's got a little lesson for all of us.

Mazal Tov to the whole family.

Them's some good looking kids you spawned. So glad you'll soon be able to all be home together!

What a face! (both Charlie & Leah!)

I think you need to moonlight as a movie reviewer (since you have so much extra time on your hands....)

Ditto David's comment. A post filled with goodness.

Yay! Glad that handsome little face is going home.

Oh that little cute face! I just want to squeeze him and put him in my pocket!

So glad to hear this most difficult stage of your lives will soon be behind you. You four keep hanging in there and take each day as it comes. Charlie is so damn lucky to have you two as parents.

Oh my God, your baby sooooo adorable. I was stopped in my tracks by his gorgeous eyes...Haven't yet read your post on my movie, Irene In Time, but wanted to respond immediately to your spectacular looking newborn. Congratulations, enjoy every moment of it!
Henry Jaglom

Danny -

Charlie is so wonderful and pudgy and adorable...After 1 lb., "pudgy" I hope is a compliment to you. The transformation is such a miracle.

I have LOVED reading your blogs - and have relived my own 3 months in the NICU through you. We went home when Wesley was 6 lbs also - a week after his due date...

And I so related to your feelings of wanting to stay in the NICU with all that expert care - and extended family (families you've bonded with.) I've met so many great people through that experience..and I guess not so strangely I think I will always have fond memories of that time I was daily in the NICU -- in retrospect!

I look forward to seeing you and Kendall when you get home. I have lots of baby stuff if you want it, and would love to meet Charlie.

Charlie is THE MOST gorgeous baby ever....have been reading your blogs constantly & praying...Our darling Judy is watching over ...My heartfelt love to all...marsha

Yay!!! What a beautiful little boy!

Also - yay to you seeing and loving Inglourious Basterds! Great film.

It's hard for me to stop staring at Charlie's pictures. Yum! I'm hoping for only more positive developments over the next week.


Hurray! I am so happy for you, Kendall and Charlie that things are going along in the right direction. Charlie looks amazing -- he's so alert and interested in that photo -- and I look forward to reading the news that you guys have all gotten to go home and start your normal family life at last!!!


Still praying for all of you. That is one cute and precious baby boy, and Miss Leah is a heartbreaker, straightend hair or curly!

Thanks so much, everyone, and oh my God, I'm almost 100 percent sure that the above comment is not really from Henry Jaglom but from one of my mischievous friends but it's mortifying to think of any celebrity reading my negative comments on here (are you listening, Jennifer and Ashton?). It reminds me of my first few months of blogging when Kendall made me delete a reference to a less-than-flattering comment she had made about an ancient former superstar because of the extremely unlikely event that the person in question would one day see it on my blog and get hurt. Oh, the perils of blogging!

OMG, look at that chunky monkey! He looks like he's ready to get going and hit the world with some unrelenting cuteness...go, Charlie, go!

To Leah - I've lived my whole life with straight hair and would die for those gorgeous curls!

Candi, I couldn't help but notice that when Leah was getting her curls straightened, there was a woman next to her who was taking the same amount of time (almost two hours) to get curls just like Leah has put into her straight hair. Why do we always want what we don't have?

And P.S. to Sarah: No, we're nowhere near the fires but can certainly see them in the distance and my car was covered in ash this morning. I worry about Charlie being released into that toxic air. A good friend of Leah's had her house burn to the ground over the weekend. Actually, her parents are divorced and they lost BOTH houses. The only thing that survived was the father's wine collection he threw into the pool as they evacuated. Oy.

I've also looked at the pictures from then to now, and am astonished that this cherubic-faced little boy with the great big curious eyes was once a little wrinkled space alien riding a precarious roller coaster.

By the time I make it to LA, you and Kendall should have the bubble wrap removed, and he should be ready for some Converse and extra holding. :-)

Mazel Tov, Charlie!

In the comment section on someone else's blog, I once dissed a comment by Larry Gelbert, thinking it couldn't possibly be the Larry Gelbert of MASH and YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS fame. Turns out it was. You just never know.

Charlie looks great.

He's a beautiful, million dollar, miricle baby. So alert, so amazing he's a heartbreaker. He's come so far. We are all looking forward to his "WELCOME HOME". I will be so happy for you all.

Wow! Charlie possibly home for your birthday, Danny. I couldn't wish for a better gift for the most special dad. Thanks for the movie reviews; some I agree with and some I don't, but the important thing is that Charlie may be coming home soon! pu, pu, pu


I love the moral of this blog post. I'm so excited that Charlie will be going home soon. He looks so great!

Charlie is absolutely edible, Danny. And your movie reviews made me sad that I don't live in LA, close to the source, anymore. But I will defend Julie (of Julia and Julie): as a blogger, I found her part of the film much more interesting than the Julia part. I guess I went into the movie with my critical faculties suspended, so Streep's acting didn't mean that much (yes, yes, we know she can act...and do voices...and schtick). Having watched Child on TV, Streep was, for me, just an impersonation whereas Julie actually "got" what this blogging thing is about.

My thoughts are with your beautiful baby boy who looks as healthy as vitamin C itself in the above picture! Preparing to welcome him into his new home sounds like a most joyous occasion indeed.
On a less serious note: Since my grandmother passed, your blog is the *only* place I can come to hear the word "Drek" used in a sentence, which is almost as joyous to me as I'm certain holding your son in your arms in his very own home where he should be, is to you and your wife.
Mazel Tov!

Charlie's the kind of precious that requires you to restrain yourself from squeezing too tightly and kissing too firmly. The kind of precious you love so much, you might hurt the child if you unbridled your affection.

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to read your recent posts. [The Ted Kennedy post was wonderful too.] Leah's GORGEOUS with curly hair or straight hair. She's lucky to have intelligent, loving parents. Good luck in HS, Leah!

I'm glad you were able to watch some movies. You deserve it.

Things are looking up in this moment. Take it!

Charlie looks WONDERFUL and SO HEALTHY! What amazing news that he may be home next week. So excited for you all!!! =)

Loved your movie critiques. I have to agree that Meryl Streep was amazing as Julia Child -- and Amy Adams was only so-so.

Regarding "500 Days of Summer"... I didn't feel it lived up to its hype, however I really liked Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I saw Zooey Deschanel on Jimmy Kimmel last week --she really is that annoying!

My husband has been begging me to see "Inglorious Bastards"... after reading your review, I may see it. My father was a Holocaust survivor so it's difficult for me to see Holocaust films, so we'll see.

Anyway -- big xoxo to your big boy!!! What a cutie!!!

Ahhhh, I remember the first time I got to see my daughter's shana punim without any wires or tubes... Charlie looks gorgeous and I'm so pleased to hear the exciting news that he's heading home soon. I also remember how surreal it felt when we were actually approaching the time she'd come home, it had seemed like it would never happen and yet, we were almost there. It's been so nice following Charlie's progress and I'll be looking out for the news that he's home where he belongs. Best of luck to all of you!
(I had decided not to see Inglorious Basterds in spite of the fact that I do like QT and making fun of Nazis, but you've convinced me to give it a shot -- thanks for the review!)

charlie looks adorable! i don't write comments much, but i've been following charlie's progress since he was still inside kendall's belly and i'm so excited for you! i'll also be sure to spit 3x so as not to tempt the evil eye.

RE paper heart - i haven't seen it yet, but supposedly yi and cera never actually dated, they were just "good friends." i guess the interviews are real documentary but the relationship between yi and cera is fabricated for the film. supposedly, anyway, according to all their newspaper interviews...

OK...I'm getting excited now for Charlie's homecoming. Yes, I know it's hot weather now, but C. is going to need that baby sweater and matching hat soon. E-mail me for deets: ellblo at aol dot com!

Looks like Charlie's trying to say something in that second picture. Could it be, "happy birthday, Daddy?" I know it's tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll forget to call or post.

The pictures are amazing! Charlie's adorable and look at the gaze of his. I'm thrilled to read the hope and excitement. And movies! What a wonderful post. I will continue to send good thoughts and hopeful prayers your way.

Looking good, Charlie! What a miracle he is.

can not wait to see the video when you bring him home. truly.

To say that I am happy for your family upon hearing the good news about Charlie would be an understatement. Thrilled? Now THAT'S more like it! :)

I keep going back to see little Charlie's adorable picture "just one more time" - it makes my heart smile!


Danny, how do you do it? How do you stay so good and true and "keep yer pecker up" (as Gramps used to say) AND go see movies? No, really: how? HOW?

Happy birthday. And Charlie is gorgeous, and a champion. And Leah is gorgeous, and a champion.

I am so mad-crazy for this blog, it kills me.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANNY--it was just yesterday that it was 1972.
I am so happy about Charlie.
Sue G.

I have been reading your blog for a few months...seeing Charlie's face unencumbered prompted me to write to tell you how delighted this 'someone' you don't know is so thrilled for you and your family.

Plus, I too just saw Inglorious Basterds and could not agree more with your initial trepidation and your reaction...great movie!

Thank Charlie for being such an inspiration!


Such good news about Mr. Charles Oliver Thomas Miller! My God he's just adorable!

I'll have to have a long "movie conversation " with you down the road. You're observations are so close to mine I'm wondering if I'm a secret family member!!

Love to you, Kendall and Mr. Charlie!! Judy/Mom

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