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September 04, 2009


Happy Birthday! Your big present (getting Charlie home for keeps) is clearly coming up.

Hey, at least Steve Martin DID have a baby in "Father of the Bride 2" at your age!

Dear Danny,

Happy Birthday! Did Charlie get you anything besides his wonderful self?
And Mazel Tov, or whatever you say after a bris.
Give Kendall my love. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you.


Happy Birthday! I also turned 50 this year and I have to say that I don't feel any different. 50 is the new 30!

Great day for a birthday at any age.
Hope the Cut dinner was great.
Glad you made it this far.

Happy 50th!!! Sounds like it will be a wonderful year for you with your little guy coming home soon. Mazel Tov on Charlie's Bris, too!

Love the movie references! Such thoughtful critiques!

Dear Danny,
Happy birthday! I hope you and Kendall had a wonderful dinner.I love your description of the NICU experience with the other two dads.


Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Danny; just think, I'm half your age or is it 1-1/2 times your age? I was never too good at math. Don't you feel better now knowing there is someone much older than you?

Mazel-tov on Charlie's bris and I can't wait to see him soon.


Dear Danny,
Our little Charlie will keep you young.................or completely wear you out !
Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday, Danny! Paris wishes you a bon 50eme anniversaire aussi!


Happy Birthday Danny. Charlie's departure from the NICU will be the best gift. You'll remember it forever!

I turn 50 in a few weeks and I've been having a little trouble dealing with the thought of it. But your take on it has giving me some encouragement to embrace it!

Have a great day and a great birthday dinner

You are like a walking (writing?) Wikipedia of film. It makes me wonder what Charlie's first memorable film will be. Mine was Planet of the Apes. :-)

I am so excited that Charlie's coming home! Can't wait to see the video of that day. :-)

Happy Birthday Danny. And may every one after this be specially blessed.

Happy Birthday and hope the meal was memorable. I'm only two years behind you! Like you, I'm always thinking he or she is this much older/younger than I am now. I jokingly refer to myself as "An OLD" at the office and even note that "retirement is only about 19 years away!" The "YOUNGS" at our office probably think I'm crazy for always saying that with such cheer as if it is next year and not 2028.

And when my ex-husband turned 50 in 2006 I was so shocked. Couldn't believe someone I was once married to was 50! For the first time since our divorce I sent him a comic cartoon card that read something along the lines of, "Someone said you're turning 50?" on the front with "Let's never speak of it again!" written on the inside and "Forget 50" printed in Pig-Latin, of all things on the back. Well, I'm glad he had a sense of humor about it. I think I was more devastated than he was!

Enjoyed your reviews of the best films of 1950 and hope the gift of your young son's homecoming will happen soon.


What a dear, dear man you are! How lucky Leah and Charlie and Oliver are to have you as their father, and how lucky is Kendall to have you as her loving husband? And how lucky am I to have found your blog?

It's been a bitter sweet experience for me to read about this horrible, grand, shocking, eviscerating experience you've all been going through, because I had a child with retinoblastoma. I can still smell Children's Memorial Hospital when i read your posts.

There is no non-trite way to say this, but your courage and absolutely pure loving heart has been so inspiring to me. God Bless you and your family.

A friend you've never met down Chicago-ish way,


Happy birthday Danny! I am so happy for you that you have Charlie's homecoming to look forward to as a very wonderful birthday present!

I was very touched by your description of your late night NICU experience with the other two fathers. A parent's love for their child is the same in any religion.

A very sincere and happy birthday to you!! I agree with the person who commented right before me.... a parent's love is the same in every religion. I was also touched by that late night description of all three fathers doing what they needed to do to cope at that very moment.

Here is an informative article for you and your wife to read now, and for your son when he becomes an adult.

--URL of anti-circ article deleted by Danny. Help, even when I beg the anti-circ people to leave me alone they can't stop googling and commenting (I also received several private emails). And what good would that article have done us after our son's circumcision is already done?

Blessings to Danny and his family on this day. Happy birthday.

-- Heidi

Happy Birthday, Danny. Many, many more in the company (at home) of your son...and the rest of the family, too, of course.

Happy Birthday, Danny!!

(And hey, PJ, SCRAM.)

Happy Birthday! Your knowledge of film history is savant-like. SO interesting!

Great news about Charlie! Everything... Also loved picturing you and the two other fathers praying/singing for the babies.

Hope your day was joyful and all the best to you in the year ahead.

Happy Birthday Danny!

Happy belated birthday! And equally important, congratulations on the impending homecoming for Charlie. I'm thrilled to hear (read) that.

Happy Birthday!

A belated, but nonetheless happier, happy 50th birthday to you, dear Danny! (BTW, how can you POSSIBLY be 50? Isn't that how old our parents, those uncool, unhip old-fogies, are supposed to be?)! I am very eagerly awaiting the day when you announce that Charlie is home with you. Like you, I cannot think of a more perfect present.

Happy birthday -- Elisabeth and Neil sent me. Your blog is unbelievable. Prayers to you that your baby gets to go home with you soon.

Danny, belated happy birthday! I've been following Charlie's progress, celebrating every milestone and suffering the setbacks with you for some time now. Your stories and songs and videos have even sustained me during personal challenges, and I'm thrilled by the prospect of your taking Charlie home soon.

I've heard about the amazing Leah from Lois, and now I'm a huge fan of hers, too. I look forward to following her wherever her talents lead. My very best to all your family whom I've never met but have grown to love and admire. (And remember that I "met" Kendall through her dazzling book shortly after it was published--long before I met you. I can see it on the book shelf from here.)

Crying for happy and kvelling with auntly pride!

God, he's beautiful -- alert, focused, and wiser than his months ... The expression on his face can't help but make you very hopeful and optimistic about the brain behind it.

Having done some time bedside in a NICU myself, I can really appreciate how Charlie's long anticipated homecoming overshadows any aging concerns or birthday fancies. SO GLAD to hear the good news. I'll be checking in to see and hear when that great day happens. And a belated happy birthday too!

I'm a little late but happy belated birthday Danny. Fifty Schmifty, age is a state of mind and clearly the numbers haven't affected you that much if you are going to see Ashton Kutcher movies (even if you hate them.)

Charlie is an absolute doll. What a great gift.. maybe, the best gift ever.

A Belated Happy Birthday, my dear Danny! GREAT Post! (I saw Judy Holiday do "BORN YESTERDAY" on Broadway...!)
I hope you had a WONDERFUL Celebration at the Bev Wil, as was said in "PRETTY WOMAN"....Oh My God! The MOVIES! I Thank God for them, as I know you and Kendall do too....WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT THEM?

Great to read that dear sweet little adorable Charlie will be coming home, very very soon, my dears...! Mazel Tov!


Belated Happy Birthday, Danny!!!

Happy Birthday Danny!

We made a film for Charlie. Hope you like it. We will upload it to your blog. Live, from the KALD blog gang.


Avery & Lowry

Yea! What good news that Charlie's homecoming is imminent. And thank you for your honest emotion and quirky humor. I, and Mike, continue to hold you all in our hearts.

Happy birthday, Danny!!! I'll be in LA in two weeks. Perhaps we can meet up briefly? I'd love to see you.

happy birthday, may you get the best present yet sooner than you think, all the best, K

That would be great, Jennifer. Let's talk closer to your arrival!

Happy belated birthday and Charlie-homecoming to you, my friend. And many more. Cheers!

Happy belated birthday Danny. I can't wait for you to get the best birthday present ever!

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Danny...

Happy birthday to you!

And for the record I DID sing it.

Happy Belated 50th, DAnny! I've been staying off the blogosphere over the weekend, so I missed this when you wrote it.

I love it that singing show tunes are a form of prayer to you. I also love it that your boys is going home soon!

Happy belated birthday! That's great that Charlie gets to come home in a week. The little dude has come a long way!

Happy Birthday, Danny. I paved the way for you last December... 50's not so bad... if you don't mind feeling really, really old! Can't wait to meet that kid. Get him home, awready!

It's been a bitter sweet experience for me to read about this horrible, grand, shocking, eviscerating experience you've all been going through, because I had a child with retinoblastoma. I can still smell Children's Memorial Hospital when i read your posts.

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