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September 18, 2009


That poem's making me teary. Neat 'n tidy, Charlie. Keep it neat.

Hope the day has sweetness for you all to keep you a-goin.

Will be keeping a goin' thanks to your son's inspirational fight.

Shana Tova to all of you.

Fake Grandma

Hi Danny,
Sorry to hear about the setback, but it sounds like Charlie is recovering well. We will be thinking of you and looking forward to when you can blog from home again with Charlie by your side!

By leaving the NICU, you've stepped off the biggest ride in the park, but there's still a few more rides - smaller ones - that Charlie needs to try out. Soon enough you can return those season tickets for good, but for now you'll need to keep them in your pocket. It's a big park and will take a while to find the funnel cake.

Shana Tova and hope all continues to go well for Charlie. Mary Travers, whom I saw in concert once many years ago, and Henry Gibson were childhood icons to me as well. Enjoyed the poem, which I didn't remember. Also been thinking of Army Archerd, Larry Gelbart, and Dominick Dunne, all of whom died recently and whose work I enjoyed. Continued good wishes to you and yours.

I seriously do not know how you manage to go through all this and still keep me so thoroughly entertained (I, too, was a HUGE fan of TV crossovers as a child). I'm glad to hear Charlie's surgery went well. He is SUCH a trooper.

Keep a-goin', Charlie. Keep a'goin, Danny and family.

I can see both you and Kendall in Charlie's face.

P.S. I love the way you see everything through the lens of show biz. Someday when you've reach safe shore (as safe as shore ever is in this life of ours), you have to turn this into a book, Danny.

Don't have the words, but doing all I can for Charlie on the mitzvah end of things.

Charlie looks so sweet in those pictures. Thank you for the update and the tributes. Happy new year.


Charlie is truly an amazing little person! When I think of all he's gone through...WOW! I pray he continues on the road to recovery and that you and Kendall will gain great strength from his incredible spirit!

It does seem like there have been so very many losses these last few weeks---Larry Gelbart and George Eckstein---George was still married to Annie Guilbert when I first met him; And dear Larry Gelbart's wife Pat Marshall, has done STAGE umpteen times. Larry was always there for each performance and backstage before each performance too---a Testement to their long and wonderful marriage...Both these men were Superb Writers....) I met Mary Travers many years ago at friends, one Thanksgiving...She was quite an amazing talent. And Henry Gibson...So Vety Very talented....It's all too much. And I was saddened to read that Army Archerd had died, too....I have been reading him since the early 1950's....!

And there is that sweet little face of your dear son---looking at us all---a true survivor---Shana Tova to you all, my dear dear Millers!

Oh - that poor guy's had far more surgeries in his life than I've had in my 40 years. You all are in my thoughts. Like Emily Barton, I too am amazed at your strength to keep a goin' and doing it with such verve. Happy new year!

By golly Danny, you sure grew a cute baby!

love from the fam,
Spencer :)

A blessing on his head!
Git yuntiv und a git yur!

you have one cute son, wish you happiness, i love maude

Take good care of yourselves, Danny.

I'm happy that members of your old cast of characters has crossed over to your new set. It must make it a bit more reassuring.

Happy and quick healing to Charlie in all his glory!

Beyond the external shunt, the drowsy face and the new challenges, I think he may have gotten cuter over the weekend. Seriously! Happy New Year and wishes for quick healing in the PICU. Hang in there, Charlie!

More good wishes and prayers, Charlie seems to be growing strong in spite of all the tweaking required to build him up. Happy New Year and many many more for you and yours.
p.s. Charlie is getting cuter and cuter, the photos are just amazing to watch as his little personality develops. Having never met him, I can still imagine his will and determination, spirit and soul. Thanks for all the stories and photos.

Keep a-goin sounds good to me,
Keep a-goin Chaim Charlie there's lots more to see
Keep a-goin Miller Family
and we'll all keep a-goin
along with thee,
love and prayers

It sounds like Charlie is doing really well post-surgery. I'm so happy.

I had one of those EVDs at Cedars, but I never knew why they were doing that level thing. Just that it drove me crazy that they were so incredibly fussy about it being level. Who knew?!

I think he may have gotten cuter over the weekend. Seriously! Happy New Year and wishes for quick healing in the hospital.

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