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September 14, 2009


What a beautiful photo.

Danny.......What a precious picture of you and Charlie. Good days ahead for all of you. I couldn't be happier for all of you. God Bless.

What an absolutely gorgeous photo!

I promised myself I wouldn't cry...

Looking oh so good. I love the pics. Sweet baby Charlie. Hugs and kisses.

Congratulations - I am so beyond happy for you, Kendall and Leah to have baby Charlie home. You look so at home napping side by side - like he is where he belongs.

That is a great, well deserved picture. What a wonderful way to start the new year, L'shanah Tovah to all of you.

I'm bursting with joy for you, Kendall, and your extended family. Here's to a lot more sweet naps!


Love that photo of you two.... so precious!!! So happy that everything is going well and that Charlie is growing like a champ. What an adorable little guy! Please continue posting on how he's doing!

I have a pact with myself.....never to have makeup on when I read your I read them after work or very early in the morning.......before the makeup goes on...............charlie is a happy baby!

Charlie is the cutest! Love the picture of you two napping, it must be the best feeling in the world! I sure hope you continue updating us on Charlie and your family - that kid has me hooked!

Bliss! Such beautiful pictures -- never has "normal" (napping on the bed with your son in exhausted new-parent mode) looked so miraculous.

Danny, you look so young in the last photo!


This is too precious and priceless!

It's gonna be a happy new year in your home - and in the homes of those who care about you and yours. Shana tova.

Beautiful photo. So glad things are going well. Still praying for all of you.

That sweet photo should be framed, pronto!

Hallie and Franny are adorable too. Apparently it runs in the family.

Very precious .... you and Charlie napping together .... how about one of Kendall and Charlie napping? Here's to the three of you napping together .... have Leah snap it! So happy for all of you.


Like father, like son....
That first picture of Charlie at the top of your post is amazing - those eyes!!! He is SO yummy! I can't believe that you have the time (and the energy) to blog - you guys are something else!

My heart is full, my eyes once again watering. Danny, I share your joy and am so happy to read the wonderful news of Charlie's recovery and amazing progress. Thanks for your eloquent and moving chronicle of his life. So much love.
Kevin Davis and Family.

That picture is heartstopping.

I hope you'll keep letting us know how you're doing. Maybe another milestone will be when hearing about Charlie and his family becomes hohum.

"That's my boy !"
Great picture (the last one).
I hope you'll keep the latest news coming. I still don't think I can relax until that kid is at least up and walking. LOL.

I just added the photo of you and Charlie to my iPhoto. Sure, you guys are cute, but man, that looks like a comfortable pillow! Seriously tho, folks, so thrilled for you all.

Holey moley, BatDaddyDanny!

I'd might just give some thought to having that little duet napping photo tattooed on my forehead, if I were you.

I'd also give "normal" a swift kick to the curb. Blossom Dearie, if memory serves, had her uvula accidentally removed by a, what?, hack, during a routine tonsillectomy, thus depriving her of a "normal" vibrato and she went on to improvise a great jazz singing career. Or was it Anita O'Day? No, Blossom, I do believe. (Google validates my memory! Score one for the gimp!)

In any event, normal schnormal. Enjoy the temporary quiet and visualize Charlie doing what comes naturally to Charlie, in all his glory.

Bises et felicitations!

I am surprised you don't have him wrapped in bubble wrap with a big glass shield covering him. :-) You have to be so nervous and excited both to have him home. Home.... doesn't that sound wonderful.

Much love and many good thoughts to you all.

FYI-(just about) every family has a picture of the Dad napping with the new baby. That is NORMALCY right there! Congrats you DaddyBlogger, you! Love, Julie

I can't quit smiling at the sight of that last photo. Hello there, boys. Nice sneaking, mama.

Beautiful photos. Best wishes!

Fantastic! And that last photo is a classic.

SOOOOOO beautiful and peaceful!!!

I love that photo of the two of you. You should have it framed. Again, I'm so happy for you guys!

Does anyone know how to get tear splashes out of a Mac keyboard?

Oh, those pictures.

Fake Grandma

ah, I'm so happy for you! You need to frame that picture big and proud. Many more to come...

Beautiful pic...that last one. I think you and Charlie should have that pose officially snapped every day "till 120"!

I'm really happy for Charlie, and for you and Kendall. This is just beautiful.

Danny as far as pictures of one sleeping go, that's a pretty good one. For one thing, your mouth is closed! And Charlie is a veritable cornucopia of cute in that picture -- from the dimple on his elbow to the adorable tilt of his head!

One word: Awwwww... :)


that photo is just gorgeous. that's what having a baby is all about.

If this is not inspiring, I don't know what is. I have been thinking of all of you all weekend, remembering our own bringing home of our babies. The joy among all of you comes across loud and clear! How glorious.

OH my, I think all those visitors must tire you out as much as the waking up! How does Charlie like LA so far?

Danny, that picture of you and Charlie is sweet!!! So happy that he is home and adjusting well.


I went off on a two week long road trip to return to the wonderful news. Congratulations! I look forward to still reading updates on your lives.
Unbelievable. Simply wonderful.

Congratulations to you and your family on the birth and homecoming of your son. May the coming year bring you health and happiness.

Danny, I'm so happy for you all and I don't even know you! Enjoy cuddling with your little precious one at home where he belongs. Congratulations, you made it, Charlie!!!!

Danny, I hope you send a copy of that napping photo to everyone at the NICU! The best reward for all of their care!!!


He looks great, Danny. Just gorgeous. And I see that pudge coming in -- how wonderful is that? They get fat fast once they come home because they can eat all they want!

I'm glad your sweet boy is home. Much love, laughter and good health ahead to all of you.

Mazel Tov. You are both adorable.

I feel all of the above!!!
Is there anything left to say?
Life is so sweet with family and friends..those pictures are adorable!

This is wonderful! Look at the joy this baby boy is bringing to so many people. Enjoy your naps with him [I know you do!]. I miss napping with mine. I'm SO glad things are going well and your weekend was fun. Write about Charlie as much as you feel led. We love it!

A beautiful, beautiful thing.


I thought I'd mention that our son Jake went through NICU, did the CPAP (also a heart monitor that went off every 8 seconds or so.) Jake is now 5'2", 100 pounds, and away from home for the first time on his 7th grade class trip.

Way too quiet and peaceful around the house.

I have that same picture. I call it "Dead Guy With Baby Attached." In the pic I'm wearing a suit jacket and sweat pants. Because that was the only thing even remotely clean in the house.

Avoid gaining weight during this time on the theory that, "Oh, my God, I'm so tired I'm going to eat this whole bag of Pepperidge Farm." Turns out this is a bad idea.

CHARLIE!!! Too too cute. I miss you guys and wish you nothing but the best this apple and honey new year.

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