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August 30, 2009


pu pu pu

Dear Charlie,
What big eyes you have, my dear! I'm so happy you're eating a lot. Keep at it so you can go home with your parents very soon.

Julie, who can't wait to meet you

Go, Charlie, go!

Oh my gosh! He is SOOOOOOO cute! (pu pu pu) Hope he can go home *very* soon.

dad! thats the cutest picture i have seen of him yet!!!!

Oh the cuteness!

Such amazing progress! What a life Charlie has led already.

Great! Keep the good news coming.

it will be the best shana tovah v' mitukah present in the world! amen, let it be so! Hugs to you all from B'ham Susie

Oy, what a punim! pu pu pu!

Dear Danny,

Charlie is "king of the hill" as far as I'm concerned ... and this coming from a "Frank Lover"! He gets cuter every day - pu,pu,pu and I hope he will be home with you for the coming New Year which will be the sweetest for all of you.


Can't wait for that exciting moment when he gets to see the beauty of LA traffic first-hand!

Thisis such good news. I'm absolutely rapt for you all. Charlie is such a beautiful little boy! I could just eat up those cheeks! xx

Charlie is looking great!!! I hope the Chicago crowd gets to meet him next summer,since it looks like he has many admirers from your old hometown.

Put down the knitting, the book and the broom, it's almost time for a (pu-pu-pu) holiday!

He is a beautiful boy, and I can't wait to see him in his own nursery!

hooray! wonderful news!

Look at those beautiful big baby blues! I've been away for a few weeks, and it's great to see such wonderful news here. Go Charlie!

What a little cutie! So wonderful to hear the great news!

When I read "God-willing, pu pu pu", I can see and hear Mom doing that!

Charlie looks GREAT!

Mazel tov!

Love, your big brother

Charlie is adorable~such a sweet smile.
I'm so happy about all the progress and how beautifully you've weathered the ride.

Yea! I already want to celebrate for his departure.

I think he is looking like Judy.

maybe he will be home for your birthday! now that's a party! xo,m

Cutest picture ever and it's so wonderful to hear some silliness and - I hope - relaxation in your blog voice.

Oh those eyes! What a little doll!! I can hardly wait to see pictures of baby Charlie at home in his own nursery, snuggled in his daddy's and mommy's arms! (pu pu pu)

So HAPPY for you!!! Amazing progress! Charlie is so adorable and he already has his own fan club!

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I am happily going on a road trip and won't be able to read up too often but will try. I hope that dear Charlie is 'oot n' a'boot soon! Maybe I will come home to hear that Charlie at home, in his room and you will enjoy him and your less hectic lives filled with less transportation and more quiet times.

This is amazing news! He needs to get home ASAP so he can star in the next TWSS video. GO CHARLIE!

And happy birthday, papa.

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