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August 23, 2009


Look at his smile! I adore that.

Is it weird that I love him so much, from so far? If so, then okay, I'm weird. He lights up my world every time you post his picture, and I'm absolutely convinced that this little man is going to do great and be very loved throughout his life.

Hi, Smiley!

I can tell just from those photos what a great personality your Charlie has. He has such a cute smile and such big eyes. Is it my imagination, or does Charlie look like his cousin Spencer in the smiling picture?


I can't help but smile back.

I truly have PTSD from the PICU. I hope I never see this place again.

I like seeing him smile. It makes me wonder what he can possibly be thinking about at such a young age. Is smiling an inherent part of our nature?

i still love that youtube! so freaking cute.

i love the update, sounds so positive for your Charlie.

i'm sad to hear about the neighbor baby and, of course, the loss of oliver.

on another day, charlie looks positively RADIANT in these pics! He sounds like he is doing beautifully! Hooray, Charlie! =)

Hi Danny,

Can't wait for you or Kendall to stick a finger in your Charlie's mouth and have him "bite" you. He gets cuter by the minute.


He's absolutely adorable and precious. I hope he heals and you can bring him home soon.

That video is wonderful, thanks for posting the link.

He's just adorable!
I love those cute chubby cheeks.
Isn't it just the wildest thing that preemies don't start keeping their eyes open until after their due date?! My cousin's little girl was like that.
Praying for your family every day.
G-d Bless!

Sorry to hear about the other baby. Such a loss for that family. Charlie looks great in his photos. Thanks for the update.

I love that smile! It's going to leave me with a goofy smile on my face most of the day.

It's good to read his recovery from the last surgery seems steady. I'm hoping for a full recovery soon so you can finally bring him home.

Charlie looks so great!

I've had a lot of really bad things happen in my life, but I definitely have learned from all of them. The one lesson I seem to need to be reminded of over and over again, is that I need to appreciate all that I have. It seems like you are weighing all the good over the bad and keeping positive. I admire your strength.

Charlie looks fabulous and, if the axiom is true, your little guy is one tough cookie! He really does look great and it's so nice to see pictures of him showing off his personality :)

A few weeks ago, after a long absence from your blog, I wondered, What's up with Danny? And then landed smack dab in the midst of what you have been living and blogging about with achingly detailed candor. It's taken me a while to find my voice, and I apologize for my weakness. Your experience has drawn me back to the ICU at Tel Hashomer Hospital close to Tel Aviv, where last spring I joined (onsite and then electronically) my best bunkmate since age seven (at Hebrew-speaking Zionist Camp Massad, in the Poconos) while she kept vigil three months until her daughter was transferred to rehab, and from there, home. With her were other families also keeping vigil, including Israeli Arab parents of a young veterinary student. People say that in the Missile East, Israel's health care system is the great leveler, and that, facing life and death, patients and medical personnel "get it." We are one human family, and we cleave to our kin and our loved ones in identical ways. When I return to Israel soon, I will visit that Israeli Arab family who, when I called them from Atlanta on hearing of their son's death told me: "inshallah, please come to our home when you return." And I will. My message has been about me, about Israelis, and really about you and your darling family. I am rooting for you, as you know. Warmest regards from your cyberpal.

Charlie is SO cute! I can't even stand it! I just called the boys in so they could see Charlie's smile, and they asked if he was doing better. They simultaneously said, "awwww." He's precious.

I'm sorry about the baby girl. Her poor parents.

What a joy to see Charlie moving into the baby Buddha look.

When you go through something like this (Charlie and the baby next door) it really changes you, no? You are forever more sympathetic, empathetic and compassionate regardless of who you were when you began. It's been such a long horrible road and yet, there is hope, love and adventures ahead for us all and for that I thank you. I can not wait for your musings of Charlie, your family and how everyone adjusts to what will become your normal life.

Oh, what a happy, cutie! Brings tears of joy. Sending loving thoughts your way, every day.

This little fella is getting cuter every time you post a new picture! The Hicks family in Hendersonville, TN is praying for Charlie and for you and your family.

It's amazing to read all about the cyberprayer chain everyone has been doing around Chaim Charlie. ( I wonder how far it does spread globally) What a beautiful thing. And he does have a Buddha like smile.
Having taken a few days away from your blog, it was great to see his smiling face.
The prayers continue.

We are plotzing from his cuteness! Can't wait to hold him!
Alan, Sheila and Sarah

-- You are the best!

From someone who doesn't know either you or Kendall, but has enjoyed your blog for a long time, I hope you'll accept my deepest sympathies for the loss of your son Oliver, and all my best wishes for the continued flourishing of his darling brother Charlie. I think he looks very much like both of you, and appears to have a remarkable amount of personality for a little fella with an adjusted age of 11 days!

So sweet and such bright eyes!

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