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August 11, 2009


(Coming over from Naomi's)
Awww, he is just gorgeous! He'll be in my prayers tonight for a successful surgery tomorrow. Loved your thoughts on the Shrivers.

Thanks for posting the new photos and good luck with tomorrow's surgery. Charlie is definitely growing more and more each day. Wonderful.

The passing of Eunice Shriver this morning was another one of those "end of an era" moments for me. It is amazing to think of all the accomplishments in that one branch of that family. All social causes rather than arts galas and other "high-end" things.

I understand Sergeant Shriver has Alzheimer's now. What a shame.

A woman I knew as a child was a chef for the Shrivers for a long time and she had only good things to say about them. She always touted their good works and encouraged us (as young "Girl Scouts" about 35 years ago) to emulate them. If only! But inspiring us to volunteer did take hold for me.

I'm thrilled about Charlie's progress! I love the picture of Leah holding Charlie...the red-headed dynamos. I'll be thinking about Charlie tomorrow.

Your comment about Gloria Swanson's dressing room is hilarious. I agree, although the Shrivers are admirable, I can't imagine the pressure of living in that family.


Loved seeing the pics of Charlie, he looks wonderful! I will be praying for his surgery and quick recovery so he can come home asap! The day will come! I have seen it many times. Also enjoyed your thoughts on the Kennedy-Shriver families, you are a good writer. Have you written a book yet? Maybe you should...

Though your words and pictures soften my heart as always and I send my prayers to you all for tomorrow, forgive me for indulging in one moment of cynicism before I go to the bank to get some cash with the hope that the woman standing at the corner this morning is still there with her cardboard sign.

That picture of Charlie with the chubby, chubby cheeks....he looks so much like you to me in that. I don't know, just see so much Danny in him! (And that's a good thing.)

Dear Danny,

As far as I'm concerned, you rank right up there in the same league as the Kennedy's as far as your strength and inspiration to others who are in similar situations. My prayers are with Charlie, his doctors and you, Kendall and Leah for a successful surgery tomorrow. He is looking too cute for words; poo, poo, poo!


Yay Charlie, and look at how grown up (and proud) Leah is. Best of luck with the surgery. I'll be thinking of you.

Good luck with the surgery Charlie, and hope to see you off home with your folks very soon.

charlie is adorable!! we cannot wait to meet him!! please let us know when you are home. we'd love to bring over some dinner for all of you!! give charlie a big kiss. his playmate adele awaits his arrival home. we keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

with love, david, gisa, and adele

Re my earlier comment about being cynical -- doesn't belong with my appreciation of the open heart and generous spirit you are sharing with us here. I was in that moment, hurting for the hungry woman on the street corner, in contrast with Mrs. Shriver who had so much cash she never had to carry any. In the end the more important part of both your story threads, is the love.

Wonderful post Danny! So interesting and enjoyable to read. Also, it is a joy to read about precious Charlie's good progress, and I wish him a very successful surgery tomorrow with a smooth and easy recovery. My blessings for joy and good health go out to you and your entire family.

All the best,

Stunning, Danny. Your last paragraph makes the post.

So glad to hear of Charlie's improvement. My dad is Charles, too.

Bless your beautiful boy, hoping everything goes perfect today.

Charlie and Leah will change the world for the better by just being part of it.

Thinking of Charlie and wishing him well tomorrow. I look forward to hearing that everything went well. Love, Julie

My husband's family had someone who worked for them who had previously worked for the Kennedy family. They said there was lots of yelling and screaming in that household. it sounded just like my family. Amazing how we tend to forget the bad times but remember the good times after our parents pass away. I agree.. It's hard to believe Eunice's memory of her father never missing dinner.
I will continue praying for Chaim Charlie tomorrow especially. I hate operations. (I've had too many myself but not my brain, mine were all othopedic. As necessary as they are, they all suck.

Dear Danny,
There are five siblings in my family, and only one of them had a child. She was born with cerebral palsy. My sister had the good sense to push her and force her to lead a "normal" life, and to achieve as much or more than all of the other kids her age, which she has done. So, there's my advice to you. If it turns out that our Charlie has any intellectual difficulties (poo, poo, poo !), push him toward greatness.

I will be sending good thoughts and prayers for Charlie's surgery tomorrow!

It sounds like Charie is doing great! I'm sending good thoughts for the surgery today and a super-quick recovery so you guys finally get to take him home. I won't say more since I know you can be supersticious but your news has let me smiling this morning... um, I guess, my appologies to the Kennedy family for that.

Dear Danny,

I agree with a previous comment that you deserve credit for what you're contributing to the world. It's evident many people are touched by Charlie's journey. You are likely providing inspiration and support for others on a similar path.

Today, on your sister's birthday, I know there'll be extra special prayers for Charlie's surgery -- including mine.

Fake Grandma

Hey, I started a nonprofit; you think Sargent Shriver would let me, maybe, take a nap??

It is indeed the end of an era. And a new era begins for you, Kendall, Leah and Charlie today and everyday. May it be long and wonderful.

You've taught me a lot lately. About the Shrivers, your journey through loss as well as finding joy in the moments that truly count. Love knows no bounds and you prove it so gracefully when you write about your children.

Praying for a successful surgery today.

Thoughts and prayers with Charlie and your whole family today. Danny, you are such an amazing writer, thanks again for sharing this journey.

What a jam-packed, fascinating entry. Thank you.

Hoping, praying the surgery went well for Charlie. It is a good thing to love, to weep, to hope for the best when the health of a child is on the line. Nothing is more maddening than watching the one we love suffer.

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