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August 25, 2009


Good wee hours of the morning, Danny.

I'm sorry that you have to post this news but better you than CNN. You have informed me this morning because I did not realize that Ted Kennedy had felt so strongly about the need for universal health care as a social right vs privilege.

Perhaps he will serve as a good role model for those. What better legacy could anyone want?

Yours was the first report I read when I arrived at the office after hearing the news on NPR on the way in to work. Enjoyed reading and remembering about the legacy of Ted Kennedy. May a good health care policy be developed in his memory.

Even though I knew his death was inevitable, it doesn't make it any less sad. I knew I could count on you for a beautifully written post.

Yours is the best tribute today by far. Stay away from network and cable news coverage. It's as though the man had been senator only since the 2008 election. His civil rights contributions are barely mentioned, but the health care reform debate rages beneath. Well done, Danny.

The best tribute I've read. You manage to capture people so eloquently. Thanks!

Another fine tribute. I'm already missing Kennedy. It will be hard to replace him, but at least I'll have a hand in deciding who will fill his seat.

I hope Charlie is doing well.


Danny, I've read a lot of stuff on Kennedy this morning, but as always, you combine unique personal memories with impeccable research and come up with something quite special. Thanks so much.

Very nice and thorough. I learn so much from your tributes. Thank you.

I have to say I have mixed feelings about the the Kennedy family as a whole, but I always looked forward to Ted giving his speech at the convention every four years. As someone who believes we need health care reforn (I prefer single payer, but as a public option is supposedly controversial, that's probably considered downright communistic) I'm sad that he's not around to fight for it.

Dominick Dunne died too :( Great post.

I enjoyed reading today's post and learning more about Ted Kennedy and your connection through your mom's work.

Hope Charlie is having a good day..

I was sad to hear of his death. My condolences and prayers go out to his family.

Thanks for this tribute. Watching Chris matthews and the procession into the library.
I have to control myself or else i may take a chinatown bus to boston and get on that line perhaps tomorrow morning?
But instead I want to fight for demand that every american citizen gets the health coverage the same as those old blue dog democrats!!! (AND then, they get all that money from private insurance lobbyists!!!)
We must take up his cause and demand that we get universal health coverage.

It is a sad sad time. I wrote a little somethimg about Ted Kennedy myself....And I really do feel that this is the end of something that was so important in so very many lives---certainly mine. Having first become aware of Jack Kennedy in 1956 when he spoke at that convention, and the excitement of his electionn--The Breath Of Fresh Air that they brought with them--- these young vital people with little children were going to be in the White House...AMAZING and WONDERFUL...To the unbelievable horror of President Kennedy's assassination---Still a shocking event that seems MLK's assassination and then, Bobby Kennedy two months later---(I was at the Beverrly Hilton the night of the Primary having worked for Eugene McCarthy)..It was unimagineable...
And there was Ted Kennedy..."Unfinished" as my friend Hanna used to say about cerain young men....He certainly didn't seem ready to do much of anything from those early years...and then the summer of 1969...It seemed it was all over for him. Well, we were wrong. It was just beginning in certain ways....That he became one of the greatest Senators ever, is a real testement to how wrong we all were, and Thank God, he was so great! He got "Finished", and became the man he always was inside...It breaks my heart that he is gone. The end of these years of all the Kennedy men and women, except for Jean Kennedy. A sad sad time for our country, and for this amazing family.
A lovely tribute, Danny. And so personal, too. The connection to your Mom, and what this family did for your family.
Who will step up to the plate now? Well, I know this. No one should be counted out. No one.

I forgot to say that Ted Kennedy first talked publicaly about Health Care in 1962.
It was always his passion.

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