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August 21, 2009


I had forgotten all about the Charlie Tuna commercials. . .

I think about Charlie Miller every day though, and will celebrate roundly when he gets to go home!

Have you seen the YouTube ' Ouch, Charlie '?
It is soo funny. I put it on my blog months and months ago.

Poor little mate of Charlie's. My heart goes out to his little self, fighting so hard.

Your family is in my nightly prayers. Those little cheeks are so squeezeable! He gets cuter with each post. G-d Bless!

He's coming home soon! Now, don't start freaking over the responsibility of caring for your son without those wonderful baby-boomer nurses. Oy.

I am well beyond baby boomer age, so I know even better commercials. And I am willing to come over and oversee your every moment alone with Charlie. Of course, all my grandchildren are well beyond the neonatal stage, but I remember a thing or two.

Kendall & I will start our shift at our usual hour of one p.m. After an 8 hour nap, I will join you on your shift.

Oh well, dream on . . . .


Hope you've got that nursery ready, my friend!

I noticed the Charlie Tuna commercial had a copyright date of 1973 on it and the candy commercial was even older. Thanks for the view of long-forgotten childhood commercials. My 64-yr.-old boss is always peppering our conversations with Baby Boomer TV references. He calls me "Choo-Choo Charlie" whenever I wear this pink and white striped summer blouse with black trim. He was calling it the "Mike N Ike shirt" until I said I think you mean "Good N Plenty."

I am beginning to understand how the rest of our younger staff feels when he talks like that. The folks in their early thirties never seem to remember that "Book 'Em Danno," means reserve the conference room for an important meeting. No wonder so many of our meetings get held in hallways and other random places because the conference room is booked first by someone else.

Well, I'm glad to hear everything is progressing and hope your Charlie will be home soon! You remain in our thoughts!

I'm so excited to hear how well Choo-Choo-Charlie is doing!!! Yay!!! 45 oz -- that's quite impressive. Before you know it, he'll be such a big guy! =)

Love the video clips, too... brought a smile to my face.

Please keep us posted on Charlie's neighbor... makes me sad hearing what distress he apparently is in.

His resiliency is just unbelievable ... and so is yours. (Like you had a choice, right?? We find it when we have to.) What a relief! God bless you and Charlie!!! If he doesn't get home by your birthday, his homeday will be your new birthday.

Holy moly maloo. Charlie is doing great! He must be preparing for another growth spurt.
Good news.

Sign me up for a shift with Cynthia and Kendall .... I can't think of a sweeter or cuter baby whose diaper I would love to change. Remember, I'm a late sleeper, so I'll take a later in the day shift!

Keep on truckin', Charlie.


It's nice to read good news. (Evil eye, be gone!) I'm really happy about Charlie's appetite and the doctor's more definite prognosis. I'm sorry about the new baby; I hope things turn out all right.

I vaguely remember the Good 'n' Plenty commercial, but I remember the Star Kist ads very well. Thanks for the memories.


Of course I'm an old fart and can remember way before choo choo charlie (was an engineer). I still love good n plenty's tho, and turned my son into a black licorice addict as well.

Said son has been in Children's Hospital Boston since Sunday with no end in sight. Tonight after we left his room and were waiting for the valet parking, we saw a large family in the lobby all sobbing the ugly red nose cry. They must have lost a child, and my thought was immediately of Charlie, even tho he's 3000 miles away. There is never a day when I don't think about him, and I'd volunteer to sit if I didn't live so far away.

I remember all those commercials.

I hope Charlie's roommate pulls through.
Our dear boy is looking fab -- nice color and plumping up beautifully!

My stomach went into a knot as you described the scene in NICU bay. Hoping and praying that Charlie's bay-mate makes it. Sweet babies.

I almost remember Choo-Choo Charlie. I'm reaching for the memory and it may or may not be there [sometimes I create the memory if I want it badly enough :-) Pathetic.]. I DO remember Charlie Tuna. Haven't seen that commercial in years!

Charlie looks great! We'll continue to send good thoughts and abundant prayers!

Sweet handsome BIG boy.

(This is the part where I'd say something about coming home but you've made it all too clear that we're not exciting the Evil Eye these days.)

Danny, I want you to know Im thinking of you and Charlie everyday. I can only imagine the roller coaster of emotions that you and Kendall face going to the nicu everyday. I havent written since their birth, but my thoughts are with you all. Love Caren

Greetings from Chicago. I had a hard time reading today's update to my husband without crying. I am so happy that Charlie is doing so well and I am so inspired by your family. I will continue to pray for all of you.

Danny, if I've told you this story before, I apologize for repeating it, but when my son was a NICU baby, I became acquainted with the parents of the baby boy in the neighboring bay and we discovered we lived close to one another. The first year or so post-NICU, we were so overwhelmed by parenting, we barely saw each other at all, but as our boys became toddlers, we became friends. Fourteen years later, not only are we still friends, but our sons (tall, lanky teenagers now) are very close friends as well. They have never attended the same school and for three years didn't even live on the same continent but their friendship endured. They were part of our hospital's first NICU "graduating" class and the boys and their friendship were the the subject of a newspaper article years later. So your social butterfly Charlie may be making friends for life in the NICU.

Charlie the Tuna looms large in Thomas Pynchon's new novel, "Inherent Vice," according to the reviews.

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