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August 02, 2009


This is such lovely remembrance. Thank you for sharing. The power of a womanly love is such a beautiful thing!

Eshes Chayil is Hebrew, not Yiddish, and it is the text that any pious man and husband would read on shabbos night after the kiddush. You can read it to Kendall, and for your guidance, it is located in Proverbs 31-10 to the end of the chapter.

I have it sung, let me see if I can make it a mp3 for you to play to Charlie. It's never too early to remind our sons of the value of an אשת חיל !

Dear Danny,
Our Charlie's looking good !
Please label the pics of your relatives. I would like to know who's who. Thanks.

Still praying!
I'm so pleased that he's 5 pounds and 12 oz!
That's so great! G-d Bless!

Watching it with my mother. And she feels the same as Gordon. She wants to know who is who! Can never please a Jewish woman...

She sends regards.

The video clip of the matriarchs is fabulous. It's obvious they are caring for Oliver and are now boosting Charlie's recovery. You can just see it in the eyes of the women and the smile of the baby.

Fake Grandma

Okay, I added captions to the video as best I could. Just made me realize all the great women I left out because I didn't have photographs!

Charlie is looking great!! The women in your family were and are
BEAUTIFUL! Charilie is one lucky kid!

I see so much family resemblance among your kids and their ancestors. Leah looks a lot like Anne Korolnek (if I read the caption correctly), one of her great great aunts. Thanks for including Kendall's voice in the video. Charlie's continued weight gain is wonderful!


You are the Jewish Kennedy's.

Here is what I promised, Danny. I hope you enjoy it (it's a completely different style of course, and now I feel terrible that I may have interfered with your own post and wonderful tribute to the women in your life!).

And by the way, I was wrong, it is sung before kiddush, and not after.

Wonderful tribute video. Leah looks so much like her female relatives from previous generations!

And Charlie is getting so healthy. Terrific!

Wow Danny, you've got some great looking women in your family. You're mother was beautiful! I see where Leah gets it. Charlie looks so big and plump!

Your mother looks like a movie star...I see her in your sister and in Leah.

Charlie was born a very rich boy. I hope that as he grows, he will value and love the legacy of family as much as you and Kendall do.

Dear Danny,

What a legacy your Charlie has! The smile on his face tells it all and seeing and hearing Kendall holding him is beautiful. Keep on singing, tantas.


Danny, I backtracked your video from Charlie to Mom (Judy) when she was an infant in Anita's arms...they have one face!!! Take a good look...and what an honor to be among the family matriarchs, your loving cousin, Betty

Nice, Danny. Really nice.

Wow Danny:
Those red genes run so strong and deep in your family. Your son looks great and growing so big. Mazel Tov. How do you find the time to put all this together, do you ever sleep?

I loved the whisper of a grin on Charlie's face when you came back to him. He's a dashing little man, he is.

I am so glad to hear about Charlie's weight gain! He's sooo adorable!

Love the tribute video... what a wonderful gift for Charlie and for your entire family.

Amazing video family tree of powerful Jewish women. He's in good hands (which include yours, too).

Thanks, all. Gulp—I spelled my own sister's name wrong! It should be Susan Rae Miller Tweedy, of course! Sorry, Sue.

Hi Danny!

Checking in and have to add that Charlie is looking so handsome! You are creating the greatest tribute to Charlie and Oliver and as always I am so inspired by your gifts.

Ok, so, you know, the true "auteur" or "star" in our family is "Rockhawk." We went his little inside joke today via Amazon c/o Tony M. Mgmt. My girls took ownership of the one that was supposed to land in the vicinity of the stage in Bezerkeley and so it goes. I am hoping it will go from TMM to Rockhawk at home. Should land in NY in a week.

Our very best to you all! Sending love & light your way.

Charmaine, Avery & Lowry

Danny, I suspect you and Kendall will get sent this a million times, but just in case: Weird Al spoofs the White Stripes and pays homage to Charlie's Uncle Charles Nelson Reilly in his new video. I hope those of you who knew him find it a great tribute and not insulting:

Charlie looks wonderful! I love his cute little smiles. What a beautiful family of redheads!

Charlie looks great and so do both of you!

This is from today's Trib and I thought of you and Sue since there are Lounge Ax references in the article and in the comment section

Glamorous redheads, my God! And Charlie looking kissable!

Hi Danny! It's Sheila, your cousin! My mom(Marilyn) and I send our prayers and best wishes for you and your family! Charlie is beautiful! I'm so glad I got to see this!

What a WONDERFUL Group of women....What a Legacy! I loved hearing the Barry Sisters singing once again...I actually saw them perform in Las Vegas back in the 1950's....! PERFECT Music for this lovely rich Video!

Dear Danny! Thank you for sharing, we still are praying for your Family.God bless you.

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