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August 05, 2009


Wow - I am speechless - and crying

Wow, I cannot believe that fat face. I am speechless. The good news is you will never again be alone in planning Charlie's care. The bad news is you will never again be alone in planning Charlie's care. I kid you not, one Christmahanukwanzakah Jordan got a gift from the lady who had adult therapy around the same time Jordan had her infant OT. We sat in the waiting room with her at 1pm every Tues and Thursday for one year, and she brought Jordan a little baby doll. The friends you'll make, the relationships you'll build, all over Charlie and Oliver, just like you have because of Leah. Your baby boy is beautiful, Danny. Keep writing and I'll keep weeping. Thanks for the updates.

His progression is absolutely incredible to watch. I know some people do not photograph their babies in NICU because it is too upsetting. It makes me so happy to know that you have these records of his first 100 days.

How lucky Charlie is to have you for a dad and Kendall for a mom and how he will one day yell at you both for all these pictures taken of him as a baby. Some day in the not-too-distant future, you will all have a good laugh! Poo, poo, poo!


Gorgeous. One day at a time and there you are at day 100. And you know, a perfectly "normal" baby needs love, love, love and cuddling at this point in their life just as Charlie does - so no denial whatsover there on your part - just perfect parenting!

What a gorgeous little video! I think Charlie was absolutely beautiful from day one... what a miraculous little fighter he is! =)

What a milestone...and what a kid! It's amazing to watch his progression on the video. I feel privileged that you've shared the last 100 days with us in intimate detail.


Not sure if you've seen this, but I have a feeling you'll get a kick out of it.
Wierd Al does his White Stripes immitation on a song about Charles Nelson Reilly. So that's where Charlie gets his toughness!

I am kvelling...pooh pooh pooh. He is so ridiculously cute. I love his chubby little cheeks. He has come so far and it is a joy to see. I know that he has many, many more beautiful days ahead. Keep up the good progress, little man!
Lots of love to you all - Julie

Oh those cheeks!! Still praying!

What a beautiful baby boy. Cheers to 100 days, and many prayers for his upcoming VP shunt surgery.

Wonderful! Just wonderful to see charlie's incredible progress, thanks for sharing it with us!

Gorgeous video and congratulations on your beautiful chubby boy! My daughter was born 1 pound 6 oz and, as she celebrates her 8th birthday this month, it's so easy to forget those early days. Selfishly, I thank you for your video reminder of my own miracle girl; at the same time, I hope knowing about other micro preemies and their successful struggles gives you hope as you move through this journey. Good luck to Charlie and the rest of his family, and thank you for sharing your experience with a stranger.

Wow! Charlie's come a long way! Look at those chubby cheeks :)
Thought you might be interested in reading this
Sorry I don't know how to make it a hyper link :)

Yay Charlie! He is amazing, and so are you guys. What a stunning and unbelievable journey.

Dear Charlie,
You've come a long way, baby !

Dear Danny,
Besides the best of the best of care provided by the NICU staff, I honestly think that a big part of why Charlie has done so well, and progressed so far so fast, is the boundless love that you and Kendall have shown him. Every kid should be so lucky...

Happy 100 days Charlie sweetie. Thank you for sharing his beautiful video.

Six pounds. And he's been in the swing! So exciting. I don't think it's denial. I've done, and continue to do, the same.

It is so weird when you reach that 'Cheers' stage isn't it. Made me sad to leave the NICU in a weird way, yet the majority of me just wanted to hoof it on out of there at high speed and never come back.

Much love from one ex-King (well, ex-Queen) of the Hill of a NICU far, far away to the soon to be reigning champ of your NICU. Go Charlie!

I have been following your blog as it was sent to me from a friend, probably 98 days ago.

I have never commented before, but your video was absolutely beautiful and brought tears to my eyes.

My two daughters, 6 and 8 watched it with me and were cooing over Charlie.

I had a stillbirth in spring 2007 and my younger daughter said, is that what our baby was like. I told her, this baby is most certainly going to live!!

Amanda, from Northampton, Mass

Look at the cheeks in that picture! I want to reach out and pinch 'em.

The transformation over the last 100 days is incredible thanks for sharing that.

What a touching video. Charlie's progress is amazing. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to share your journey. Good luck next week. You'll remain in the thoughts of everyone here.

Yes, the NICU is a cocoon - one that allows the parents to go home and possibly, maybe, sleep through the night. THEN you bring that baby home and suddenly you think "NURSE! WHERE IS THE NIGHT NURSE?!!"


Congratulations, Charlie, on your 1st 100 days.

Danny, my heartfelt love continues to go out to you and Kendall and your children, though we have never met. As to whether you wondered if you are in denial or not...fuhgedaboutit! Whatever future challenges Charlie may face in the future, or you and Kendall as his parents, they will only be lessened by expecting the most, accepting what it, and loving each other throughout.

There is an example that I don't mean to apply to Charlie but I think has broad ramificatons. I worked with several old women 40 years ago that had a day-care activity program for "students" who were, at the time, described as severely retarded people. They ranged from older teenagers to people in their forties. Their families would drop them off for the day. Some of the students had never learned to speak, use the toilet, or did things like let their tongue hang out or pull their dresses up, etc. These two little feisty women would nail the, saying things like "A lady doesn't do that!", etc. And they taught them the social skills that had kept them isolated, to a certain degree. others learned to talk, and how to express what they wanted. One young lady would have conversations, real give and take, after only a year of a lifetime of not speaking.

While I was amazed at what the women accomplished, they easily explained that many family members are so guilty that they accept the child as they grow up without an idea that they could learn.

In my gut I look at Charlie's awakening self and can't see anything wrong with him. What's normal anyway? He may have to work harder at some stuff before getting it, but even that is in doubt. Keep treating him like a normal baby because he is.

I came to your blog by way of Kendall's book, and am privileged to have been included in your experience. Again, all my love and support goes out to you.

Mary Shannon Baim
Crested Butte, CO

I am delurking to say that video is amazing. To see how far he has come.. he is a true, true blessing. I feel love for him and he isn't even mine! Thinking warm thoughts for you and your family from Massachusetts.


6 pounds -- that's wonderful! Congratulations on all the milestones you've passed so far and the ones still to come. I can't imagine better parents for Charlie than you and Kendall.

Happy 100 days, Charlie! What a fighter, and what incredible progress.

Ya gotta quit makin' my eyes go all swimmy, Danny! Kudos et bon courage!

Dear Danny, Kendall, Leah and Charlie,
I'm in AWWWWWWWWW. What a terrifing, beautiful and amazing journey each and everyone of you have been on. I'm so touched everytime I read this blog. Charlie, you have the most loving parents, family members,and friends all cheering for you. It's great to be SOOOOOOO loved. Danny, Kendall and Leah thanks for sharing with all of us.

Oh, that video showing Charlie's progress was just extraordinary to watch! Thank you Danny for sharing Charlie with us. It is such a joy and relief to see how far he's come. I wish you and your family so much nachas from here on out!


So sweet, thank you for sharing that with us.
Grow big little man!

This is some of the most open, honest, writing I've ever seen. About one of the most difficult subjects imaginable.

This will be easy. Really. It will. All you do is bring an empty hockey bag when you leave, big enough for the smallest nurse. Voila!

My god, those cheeks. Those sleepy, post-meal eyes. And 'normal'... that's possibly the world's most laden and most empty word. You're treating that gorgeous boy just as you should. You're treating him just exactly like Charlie.

Congratulations! What a terrifying, miraculous, beautiful journey thus far. This arduous path has yet to give up all its secrets; still, the smell of blossoms along the way brings light to the shadows. Our hopes journey with you...

He's so beautiful, sweet and precious! I can hardly take it. That was powerful to see how much progress he's made in 100 days.

The fear of leaving the NICU sounds reasonable to me. I can only try to imagine.

This is so captivating, the beautiful boy, and the depth of love he's creating in his parents and others. Happy 100 [and 1] days!

This post made my day. Go Charlie! xo

He is so cute! I love all those hats. This is truly awesome - he's gonna be walking before you know it. :)

Danny, what a beautiful post, as are all of them. Thank you for sharing your roller coaster! Please send yet another "Happy 100 Days!" to your precious Charlie, and to all of you. Six pounds! How wonderful.

Oh, how wonderful to watch your baby's progress. I look forward to reading more and more about Charlie, the super baby. Thank you again and again for sharing your life with everyone.

I cried when we left the NICU. You will, too - with gratitude. And then, you'll bring him back someday, and you'll cry again - with gratitude. I can't wait for that blog entry.


Danny, a child's brain is a mysterious, elastic and sometimes wondrous thing. I know a girl who had a stroke right after she was born and lost the use of half of her brain. Eight years later, although she still has (and always will have) some challenges, she is doing great. If you met her, you would think of her as a "normal" kid. Charlie's future can't be foretold. Living in the moment is the only sane, sensible course of action.

Charlie's development will quite possibly be atypical, but that's not so important, as long as he's getting whatever help he needs. Obviously you and Kendall do provide that for him, and will continue to do so. Treat him like the normal kid he is! Every kid has his or her unique abilities and challenges, some more extreme than others. Charlie is taking you on a trip, an adventure, a long journey - buckle up :) Look at that sweet chubby face - who wouldn't follow him anywhere?

Wow! Charlie is such a beautiful boy and his spirit truly comes through in your videos. I can't thank you enough for sharing your experience-it is touching on so many levels. I keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Congratulations! I feel so grateful that you have let us experience the journey with you - it has been wonderful to watch his transformation into the beautiful chubby and alert little guy he has become. Here's to many many more hundreds of days!

What a fantastic journey dear little Charlie has taken and you all along with him. Beautiful Video Danny.....How WONDERFUL that you have been documenting every day of Charlie's journey and Charlie's progress...BRAVO, all around!

I continue to return back to your blog every couple of weeks to see how things are going. You amaze me Mr. Danny Miller. Thank you for sharing such personal thoughts and experiences with the world. Your son is a very lucky child indeed to have such wonderful parents. Congratulations to you, your wife, your daughter, and, of course, your dear son for achieving this hard fought milestone. I wish you all the best on your amazing progress! Much love!

Congratulations on 100 days! I love Charlie to pieces and plan to come out to CA as soon as I can to meet him (oh yeah, and to see you and Kendall and Leah, too). And thanks for the video: more tears, of course.

Charlie is so beautiful. I'm so glad he continues to progress and progress more.

wishing you all continued LO-HE-HA.


Happy Hundred and Fifth, Charlie!
Hope you're having a good week.


You, your wife and Charlie are amazing. I happened upon your blog recently and Charlie's story one of my favorite stories to follow now. He's absolutely beautiful and I love watching him grow. He'll be home before you know it - he's a fighter! As a mother to a preemie (who is healthy, happy and about to celebrate her 4th birthday) I am reliving the NICU days through you. One day soon enough NICU will be a thing of the past and you'll have your amazing son home with you jumping off furniture as if trying to give you a heart attack. :)

Yay for 100! He's getting to be a tank with giant squishy cheeks! I have an 8 month old at home and am already missing those infant snuggles and eyes that only hold love for Mommy and Daddy. You can see that in Charlie's eyes - what a lucky little boy he is to have you, Kendall and Leah. Just you wait...before you know it, he won't have time to snuggle because there will be places to crawl to and toys to play with (but that's just another phase of glorious baby life)!

I hope the surgery went well and look forward to hearing about Charlie's next 100 days. He's utterly beautiful!

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